Payback (GTA IV)

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For Jimmy Pegorino
Location Jimmy Pegorino's House, Westdyke, Alderney.
Unlocks Entourage
Unlocked by Pegorino's Pride

Payback is a mission in Grand Theft Auto IV given to the player by Jimmy Pegorino.


Following the disastrous attempt by Pegorino to appease the Pavanos and The Commission with a tribute, Pegorino wishes to exert his revenge on the Pavanos. Having learnt the Pavanos are due to make a cash pickup in Alderney soon, he wants the player to "hit them hard", interrupting the pickup and killing all the Pavanos in the vicinity.


The first half of the mission will require the player chase a pair of Pavano goons in a black Coquette, who will predictably head to the pickup regardless. Drive to the diner on Mueri Street in Acter, and stop in the yellow marker. Ensure you are facing north/east when you drive into the marker, because you're going to chase the Pavanos, and this is the direction that the chase begins. During the cutscene, the Pavanos goons named recognize that you are representing the Pegorinos, so they attempt to lose you on the way to the meet when driving a black Coquette.

Chase the Pavanos through the various streets and alleyways, but don't shoot them, because you need them to lead you to the meet. Beware of the buses/vans/fences/scaffolding etc. which are designed specifically in this mission to disrupt your route. The chase ends at the AutoEroticar showroom in Alderney City. Use your vehicle as cover, and wipe out the Pavanos by launching grenades into the showroom, alternatively use a rocket launcher, or just shoot them all. Another way is to circle around the back of the block facing the auto showroom, there's a staircase in the middle of the block which you can use to pick off the goons, which will one by one come across the street to get you. Ultimately just leaving three characters standing still inside the showroom. The police soon join in the shoot-out. Finish the Pavanos; the player can then take the goon's Coquette to obtain and own the car, which will serve as a perfect getaway car. Lose your wanted level to complete the mission.


  • During the car chase sequence at the beginning of this mission, the Coquette you are following causes a car to spin out and collect two others as it careers across the road. One of these cars is a Comet, marking one of only a handful of times this vehicle is seen in single player. However, attempting to steal it will almost certainly give the Pavanos time to escape and consequently fail the mission. A Turismo can also be taken in the showroom.
  • Some characters with the Pavano's are actually the McReary's character models.
  • In the Liberty Tree's article on this mission, titled "Violent Shoot-out in Alderney City", the Alderney State Correctional Facility is shown in the article, indicating the arrest of Pavano family members. This is confirmed by Weazel News on the radio, thoguh curiously enough, it states the arrested will be sent to another facility due to the case being classified as terrorism.
  • After the mission Ray Boccino calls you and learns about Niko working close to Jimmy P, Kate McReary calls you and tells you she's been invited to Roman's Wedding, and U.L. Paper calls you to introduce you to Jon Gravelli.