Peyton Phillips

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Peyton Phillips is, in 1992, the co-host of the I Say/You Say program on WCTR and the husband of Mary Phillips. He is voiced by Paul Ames. He is partially based on James Carville, a news commentator and advisor to Bill Clinton's 1992 campaign, who is married to his conservative counterpart Mary Matalin.

Phillips is a staunch Liberal, so Liberal that he occasionally preaches Communism. He's at least bi-curious, as he admits to having slept with his show's producer, and having once participated in a threesome with his wife. Peyton is often victimized by Mary, a staunch Conservative, on air because of his political views, which almost always differ from hers. He says on air that his dream world would be living in a commune with other people in matching jumpsuits growing potatoes, a stereotype of Russia under Communist rule.