Pogo the Monkey (game)

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Pogo the Monkey is a video game advertised on various radio stations in Grand Theft Auto III. An arcade machine featuring the game can also be found in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City. As the game's title suggests, the main character is Pogo the Monkey.

Radio commercial

Female Announcer: We've got a new friend for everyone! He's got fur and a tail. He gets into lots of trouble, but he's a bouncy little fellow, cause he's got springs for legs! Pogo the Monkey, the best new video game for the whole family. Boy: I love you Pogo. You bounce! Female Announcer: Help Pogo escape from the evil research laboratory, where the mean old scientist genetically altered him. Uh Oh, the pharmaceutical scientists are gonna get you Pogo! Boy: Here you go Pogo! Have a gold coin!

Female Announcer: Good thing Pogo has a Banana Cannon. Those nasty scientists deserve to die. Now get the shampoo manufacturers before they squirt it in your eye! Boy: Here you go Pogo, have a diamond! Female Announcer: You'll guide Pogo through tons of fun adventures. Including saving Timmy who fell down the well! Timmy: Help! Boy: Here you go Pogo, have a big watch! Female Announcer: Rescue that cat out of the tree with your Banana Cannon Pogo! Boy: Here you Pogo, have a fast car!

Female Announcer: And help Pogo to his final mission, to storm the White House with his friends and become president of the United States. Pogo the Monkey is the game kids are sure to stare at for hours! Everyone loves Pogo! Idiot Gamer called Pogo "The Best Springing Simian Game since Bouncing Bananas!". Buy the game Pogo the Monkey today! Right Pogo? And coming soon...Pogo the Monkey card game, Pogo the Monkey plastic dolls, Pogo the Monkey quilt covers and Pogo the Monkey car covers. For the dad who has everything, why not a Pogo the Monkey tie and Italian sports jacket, for the lady in your life why not Pogo the Monkey chocolates and hygiene products: “So she smells like a real monkey”. And for kids, a life size living breathing springing monkey, all available at pogothemonkey.com


  • In The Well Stacked Pizza Co. restaurant in Little Haiti in GTA Vice City, there are two arcade machines; one of them features Pogo the Monkey.
  • Similarly in the Kaufman Cabs headquarters in GTA Vice City there are two arcade machines, one of which contains Pogo the Monkey.


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