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'''Brad Snider''': Get down there!
'''Brad Snider''': Get down there!
'''Michael Townley''': Alright, everbody pays attention, no one gets hurt.
'''Michael Townley''': Alright, everybody pays attention, no one gets hurt.
'''Trevor Philips''': Aarrgh! Open the door, or they'll get worse than hurt!
'''Trevor Philips''': Aarrgh! Open the door, or they'll get worse than hurt!

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Game GTA V
Location Ludendorff, North Yankton
Unlocks Franklin and Lamar

Prologue is the introductory mission of Grand Theft Auto V. The mission is set in Ludendorff, North Yankton in 2004, nine years prior to the events of the game.


The mission starts with Trevor Philips, Michael Townley, and Brad Snider holding up the office of an armored car firm. Trevor sets plastic explosives on the vault, while Michael and Brad force the office employees into a closet. After taking the money, an unaccounted for security guard takes Michael and holds him at gunpoint. The game prompts the player to switch to Trevor to free Michael.

After getting out of the building, Trevor, Michael, and Brad gun down local law enforcement to get to their getaway truck. During the chase, the hired getaway driver is shot in the head, forcing Michael to take the wheel, who then rams the police car off the road. A road block forces them to detour to a side road to face an oncoming train, which clips the rear of the truck. After abandoning the wrecked vehicle near a farm, Trevor states that they can still reach the chopper on foot, while Michael believes that they should stick to the original plan. While looking for the chopper, an unknown sniper ambushes the group and shoots Brad. When Michael checks on Brad, he gets shot and tells Trevor to flee. Refusing to abandon Michael and Brad, Trevor holds off the cops. During the standoff, Trevor spots a woman and holds her at gunpoint, demanding where the chopper is. After releasing the woman, Trevor flees through a hayfield.

The scene then shifts to a cemetery where the funeral of Michael Townley is being held; however, Michael, who is still alive, stands in the distance.


(Brad throws a woman to the floor) Brad Snider: Get down there!

Michael Townley: Alright, everybody pays attention, no one gets hurt.

Trevor Philips: Aarrgh! Open the door, or they'll get worse than hurt!

(Michael points a gun at a security guard)

Trevor Philips: Hey, hey, ah! Come on!

(The security guard opens the door)

Security Guard: Just don't do any...

Trevor Philips: Ah! Let's go! Shut up! Shut the fuck up!

(Michael moves towards the security guard)

Michael Townley: Hands behind your back.

(Michael searches the security guard)

Security Guard: C'mon mister, we're giving you everything you want.

(An employee goes to trigger the alarm)

Michael Townley: Don't even think about it.

(Michael kicks the security guard in the back)

Female Employee: I'll do it. I'll do it... Oh God.

(Brad heads through a door while Trevor pushes the female employee into an office)

Trevor Philips: Sit tight. I'll handle the plastic.

Michael Townley: Don't blow yourself up!

(Michael aims his gun at the hostages)

Michael Townley: Listen up.

Trevor Philips: In the back! Come on!

(The hostages begin moving into an office)

Male Employee: What's he doing? He's going to kill us in here.

Trevor Philips: Hurry!

Male Employee: Leave us alone.

Second Male Employee: We didn't do shit to you.

(Brad returns and Trevor shuts the office door)

Trevor Philips: All set. Phone it in.

(Michael gets his phone out)

Michael Townley: I'm making the call.

(Michael uses his phone to detonate the explosives blowing the vault open with the trio moving towards the vault)

Brad Snider: Alright! We going to do this, huh?

Trevor Philips: Haha! Show me the money!

Michael Townley: Slow and steady, T. Slow and steady.

(Michael enters the vault collecting the money and is joined by Trevor)

Trevor Philips: There's enough here for us all to enjoy!

Michael Townley: Depends on how you look at it.

(Michael begins to leave the vault as Trevor waits at the vaults door)

Trevor Philips: What's the hold up?

(Michael and Trevor leave the vault)

Trevor Philips: Coming out, B.

(Michael and Trevor leave the vault and Michael is held at gunpoint by a second security guard)

Second Security Guard: Give it up! I got him!

(The second security guard takes Michael's mask off)

Second Security Guard: I saw your face. I'll remember you.

Michael Townley: You forget a thousand things every day. How 'bout you make sure this is one of 'em?

Second Security Guard: I see it in his eyes. He's crazy.

(Trevor shoots the second security guard, killing him)

Michael Townley: Fuck! You didn't have to do that!

Trevor Philips: Let's get going. There'll be time for grieving later.

Michael Townley: Yeah, you got that right.

Trevor Philips: Come on!

(Michael, Trevor and Brad head toward an exit with Michael and Brad taking cover)

Michael Townley: I'm setting the charges. They're on a timer, so brace yourselves!

(Michael plants the explosives, which detonate)

Trevor Philips: Fan-fucking-tastic.

(Michael, Trevor and Brad head towards their planned escape exit)

Michael Townley: Oh fuck. You hear that? Sirens. Fuck the cops. T, hit the shutter switch.

(Trevor presses the shutter switch causing the shutters to rise)

Trevor Philips: What's this? Local resistance?

Michael Townley: It ain't supposed to go down like this.

Trevor Philips: It never is. Come on. Go.

(Michael, Trevor and Brad begin shooting at the police officers)

Michael Townley: What the fuck is this?

(Michael, Trevor and Brad continue shooting at the police officers)

Trevor Philips: Don't be as dumb as you look.

Brad Snider: I ain't laying down for them.

(Michael, Trevor and Brad continue shooting at the police officers)

Michael Tonwley: Drop it, prick.

(Michael, Trevor and Brad continue shooting at the police officers)

Trevor Philips: Get out the way!

(Michael, Trevor and Brad continue shooting at the police officers)

Michael Townley: Fuck these guys!

(Michael, Trevor and Brad continue shooting at the police officers)

Michael Townley: Get down!

(Michael, Trevor and Brad kill the remaining police officers)

Michael Townley: We got a window - let's go!

(More police officers turn up and are shot at by Michael, Trevor and Brad)

Trevor Philips: Can't be many more cops in this town.

Michael Townley: Bring 'em. This is fucked, man. The thing is blown.

Trevor Philips: I got my share. It's still wide open!

(Michael, Trevor and Brad continue to shoot the arriving police officers allowing them to get towards their getaway car)

Brad Snider: Car's up here! Let's go!

Trevor Philips: Move! Come on!

Michael Townley: Kid mighta bailed. This wasn't in the job description.

(Michael, Trevor and Brad continue to make their way to the getaway car, killing arriving police officers)

Michael Townley: Come on.

(Michael, Trevor and Brad kill the last police officers)

Michael Townley: Let's move! Come on! Let's go! Let's go!

(Michael, Trevor and Brad near the getaway car and kill more arriving police officers)

Michael Townley: Get in here.

(Michael, Trevor and Brad enter the getaway car)

Getaway Driver: Hey. What took ya so long?

Trevor Philips: Shut the fuck up and drive.

(The getaway car pulls away)

Brad Snider: Did you see that shit? I fuckin' put that bitches face against the glass.

Michael Townley: Yeah, you're a real stallion.

Trevor Philips: Bahbahbahbahbahbahbahbahbahbah.

(A police car begins chasing the the getaway car)

Getaway Driver: Aww fuck! How'd that happen?

Michael Tonwley: Go! Go! Go! Go!

Getaway Driver: Fuck!

(Trevor Philips begins shooting at the pursuing officers)

Getaway Driver: Jeez I think they're gonna...

(The police kill the getaway driver)

Michael Townley: Aw, fuck. Local yokel's bought it.

(Michael pushes the getaway drivers corpse out the drivers door and moves into the driving seat)

Brad Snider: That guy's a dick...

(Michael rams the getaway car into the side of the police car)

Michael Townley: Fuck you too.

(The police car is forced into a tree and explodes)

Michael Townley: Fuck you!

Trevor Philips: Wooo!

Brad Snider: Wooo!

Michael Townley: Yeah.

(Michael begins to drive the getaway car to their escape route)

Trevor Philips: Come on! Let's get to the chopper!

Michael Townley: If we move quick, we can beat the train.

(Michael drives the getaway car towards the waiting helicopter as police cars drive towards the crime scene)

Brad Snider: Cops. Coming our way.

Trevor Philips: Be cool... They ain't made this car yet.

Michael Townley: We're getting there!

(Michael, Trevor and Brad see a police road block)

Michael Tonwley: Shit! Shit! Shit! Road block!

Trevor Philips: Go right! Beat the train, man!

(Michael turns right and the car is hit by a train while going over a level crossing)

Trevor Philips: Arrgghh! Arrgghh! Jesus!

(The car stops next to a tree having been hit by the train)

Michael Townley: You guys alright?

Brad Snider: Fuck!

Trevor Philips: Come on! Ditch the car, alright? We can go this way to the chopper.

Michael Townley: No, hey! Stick to the plan.

Trevor Philips: What?

Michael Townley: Stick to the fucking plan! Come on.

(Michael, Trevor and Brad start heading to where the helicopter is supposed to meet them)

Brad Snider: Where the fuck's the chopper? Fuck me, fuck, fuck!

(A sniper moves into place)

Michael Townley: I'm going to check around back.

(The sniper fires a shot, which hits Brad. Trevor heads for cover while Michael stays with Brad.)

Trevor Philips: Run! It's the fucking Feds! Someone must have fucking talked!

Michael Townley: Alright. Brad's gonna be fine but we gotta get out of here.

(The sniper fires a second shot, which hits Michael)

Michael Townley: Aw, fuck! I'm hit! Ah, Jesus. T, you gotta get out of here.

Trevor Philips: Ain't gonna leave you Mikey!

Michael Townley: Go! God, I'm not gonna make it. Fucking gonna bleed out. Aw, go...

Trevor Philips: Noooo!

(Trevor starts shooting at the arriving police officers)

Trevor Philips: Fuck you! Fuck you! Fuck you! Fuck you!

Police Officer: Police!

(Trevor continues shooting at the police officers and federal agents)

Trevor Philips: Come on! Come on!

(More police officers and federal agents arrive and Trevor begins to retreat spotting someone running away)

Trevor Philips: Hey! You! You, hey!

Pedestrian: Oh, oh, oh God!

(Trevor chases the pedestrian who trips over)

Pedestrian: Oh God. Don't shoot! Help! Help please!

Trevor Philips: Where's the chopper?

Pedestrian: I don't know what you're talking about!

(Federal agents begin to move in with Trevor grabbing the lady around the neck)

Trevor Philips: Fucking stay back! You come near me, she's fuckin' dead! Stay back!

(The pedestrian escapes Trevor's grip and Trevor begins to run away)

Pedestrian: Oh, God, help me! Help me! Oh!

Federal Agent: Go! Go!

(Trevor escapes into a fog covered field. The screen fades to black and returns at the Ludendorff cemetery)

Ludendorff Reverend: Michael was not always a good husband. Not always a good citizen. He did not die a hero's death. But he was a man. Our Lord was crucified with two thieves so perhaps we should not judge.

Amanda Townley: Michael...

Ludendorff Reverend: We are born of sin, and we die in sin...

(The camera shows Michael, who is still alive, watching his own funeral)

Ludendorff Reverend: and in this Michael was like anybody else. Father... we do not know your infinite mysteries. But we know... that you'll show great mercy to our friend.


  • Michael uses a regular mobile phone in this mission instead of his iFruit Phone as smartphones were not as prevalent in 2004 and the iFruit Phone's real-life counterpart, the Apple iPhone, wasn't introduced until 2007.
  • Ludendorff's police cars are based on the Albany Esperanto, a vehicle otherwise unavailable in GTA V, and the Declasse Rancher XL. The use of 1980s era police vehicles during the 2000s may indicate that Ludendorff's police force is severely underfunded.
  • Michael, Trevor and Brad had managed to steal $179,500 from the business.

Video Walkthrough

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