Pump Action Shotgun

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The Pump Action Shotgun is one of the many shotguns available throughout the Grand Theft Auto series of games. The shotgun is modeled after the real Mossberg M500 series of shotguns. It is seen in different configurations in each game. In Grand Theft Auto 3, it is black with a polymer pistol grip. In Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, and Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas it is similar, however with wood stocks and a full rifle style butt. In Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories it is essentially the same as the Vice City version, but featuring a long under-tube. A unique quality attributed to the shotgun is that is fires several projectiles at once, and at close range, it can disable even the most armored targets, and another advantage is that it can be purchased as most Ammu-Nation stores for a cheap price. A large disadvantage with this shotgun is that the player cannot run with it due to its length, and weight, and due to the pump mechanism has a very slow rate of fire, thus cannot be used effectively against multiple enemies.