Radio Stations in GTA Chinatown Wars

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Radio in Chinatown Wars is substantially stripped down from that found in previous games, due to the size limitations of the Nintendo DS cartridge. There are five radio stations, yet none of these feature any voice tracks, being purely instrumental. Radio stations in cars can be changed through buttons on the touch screen. Interestingly, the radio stations from Grand Theft Auto IV are advertised on billboards throughout the city, yet none are accessible to the player.


A dub radio station, playing primarily reggae-inspired beats.


A station playing electronic and club tunes.


A station playing hip-hop and other such music.

Truth & Soul

A jazz and funk station.

Prairie Cartel

A station playing mostly rock and indie music.


All stations are assigned a rating from zero to five stars, depending on the amount of time the player spends listening to them. These can be views by accessing the radio player in the PDA.