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The following article is the mission script for the mission Riot for lawyer Ken Rosenberg in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City.


Ken Rosenberg: Avery, it goes without saying...Tommy! Tommy! Any progress? No, no, no - tell me later, tell me later. Tommy, this is Avery Carrington - I believe you met at the party?

Tommy Vercetti: Not in person.

Avery Carrington: Howdy.

Ken Rosenberg: Avery here has a proposition.

(Tommy leans over towards Ken, quiet voice)

Tommy Vercetti: Haven't we got other things on our minds?

Ken Rosenberg: I'm trying to keep the wolves from the door, so could you please cut me some slack? I'm stretched like a wire and even if I'm dead by the end of the week, I'd like to think that I didn't die poor.

Avery Carrington: Now just calm down, both of you. Son, you help me and any greaseballs giving you a hard time, I'll see to it they take a long dirt nap.

Tommy Vercetti: OK. What could I do for ya'?

Avery Carrington: This delivery company's got its depot on some prime land. They won't sell. They're hanging on like a big old prairie rat, so we gotta go in there and smoke that vermin out. Head on down there and stir up a hornet's nest. The security will have their hands full and then you can sneak in and put 'em out of business.

Ken Rosenberg: And you could drop by Rafael's for a change of clothes. You might be there a while, but yeah, go for it.

Tommy Vercetti: Should be a riot.

Avery Carrington: If the balls drop like they should, stop by my office sometime...

(Tommy leaves Ken's office)

Tommy Vercetti: Who are these pricks anyway? Lawyer pricks, rug-wearing pricks! I'm surrounded by pricks!

(Tommy drives to Rafaels, changes into some coveralls and drives to the Spand Express depot)

Security Guard: Please disperse. The management will discuss grievances in the proper matter.

Security Guard: Please disperse. This is inappropriate!

Security Guard: Please disperse. Go back to your homes!

Security Guard: Please disperse. You'll end up living on the streets!

(Tommy starts a riot. Spand Express workers begin fighting each other)

Security Guard: Sticks out boys, let's crack some commie skulls.

Post mission phone call

Juan Cortez: Hola, is this Mr. Vercetti?

Tommy Vercetti: Yeah.

Juan Cortez: This is Cortez. You were at my party?

Tommy Vercetti: Yeah, I remember.

Juan Cortez: Mr. Vercetti, it was a most unfortunate incident happened with your business deal.

Tommy Vercetti: I know.

Juan Cortez: I want you to know me, and my people are doing thier utmost to get to the bottom of it. If you'd like to talk to me more privately , you can find me at the boat, eh? Good day, senor.