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(When Roman called Niko about getting a new cab depot from with the insurance money, he clearly said, and I quote "Bellic Enterprises is up and running again". So it maybe a new cab depot, but Roman still uses the same name from the previous one.)
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{{Infobox Structures|
#REDIRECT [[Express Car Service]]
|games = [[Grand Theft Auto IV]]<br>[[The Lost and Damned]]<br>[[The Ballad of Gay Tony]]
|location = [[Algonquin]], [[Liberty City]]
|use = Taxi Depot
|height = Unknown
'''Roman's Taxi Depot, Algonquin''', is a building in [[Grand Theft Auto IV]], [[The Lost and Damned]], [[The Ballad of Gay Tony]] and [[Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars]]. The building serves as the new taxi depot of [[Roman Bellic]] after [[Express Car Service|his old taxi depot]] [[Roman's Sorrow|got burned down]].
Unlike its predecessor, which is located in [[Hove Beach]], Roman's new taxi depot is located in an unknown location in Algonquin. Also, instead of using black [[Esperanto|Esperantos]], it uses black [[Cavalcade|Cavalcades]]. After [[Broker Safehouse|Roman's apartment]] and his old taxi depot got burned down by "[[Russian Mafia|some Russian Killers]]" in the mission [[Roman's Sorrow]], Roman collected the insurance money on his apartment and taxi depot after the fire department claimed the fire was an electrical fire, although a [[Weazel News]] report clearly states that his apartment and taxi depot was destroyed by [[Molotov Cocktail]]s thrown by two Russians ([[Dimitri Rascalov]] and [[Ray Bulgarin]]). Shortly after the completion of the mission [[Blow Your Cover]], Roman uses the insurance money he obtained from his apartment and taxi depot to buy his new depot as well as buying a fleet of black Cavalcades. He later wins a lot of money gambling and uses the money to buy [[Middle Park East Safehouse|a new safehouse in Middle Park East, Algonquin]]. It is unknown what happens to the depot after [[Mr and Mrs Bellic|Roman's death]] in the [[Deal]] ending of GTA IV.
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