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*Liberty City Sawmill, [[Callahan Point]].
*Liberty City Sawmill, [[Callahan Point]].
*Import/Export garage, [[Portland Harbor]], after completing all vehicles on the list.
*Import/Export garage, [[Portland Harbor]], after completing all vehicles on the list.
*A unique black Rumpo in the mission [[Under Surveillance]].
'''GTA San Andreas'''
'''GTA San Andreas'''

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The Rumpo is a van that made it's first appearance Grand Theft Auto III. As of 2009, the Rumpo has appeared in the following games:



The Rumpo is an average-sized van capable of carrying four passengers (two in the front, two in the back). It is common and can be found in most areas in the cities in which it appears, but like all vans, it tends to be most common in industrial areas. In GTA III and GTA Liberty City Stories, the van appears to be based on a first generation Dodge Ram Van. A modified version of this van is used by the Southside Hoods gang.

From Grand Theft Auto: Vice City onwards, the Rumpo is very different, taking on the design originally sported by the Pony (see 'Naming confusion' section below). Rumpos typically sport a variety of company logos (eg. Final Build Construction).


When originally introduced in GTA III, the Rumpo is fairly fast, but with average handling and a tendency to two-wheel and tip over under rough cornering

The redesigned Rumpo from GTA Vice City onwards handles much like the smaller Pony, but is slightly slower and quite a bit heavier. Also, because of it's height and stiff suspension it has a nasty tendency to jolt around and even tip on bumpy roads. Despite it's weight it's not particularly good at ramming things, so all of these factors combine to make the Rumpo a vehicle to avoid if you can help it.

All Rumpos are also front-wheel drive (except in GTA Advance, which does not specify).


Naming confusion

There is some confusion regarding the names and designs of the Rumpo, the Burrito and the Pony throughout the GTA III era.

In GTA III, the Rumpo chiefly resembles a Dodge Ram Van; in subsequent games, however, the Ram Van-derived vehicle is named Burrito. In GTA III, the Pony is a large van with an elevated roof; in GTA Vice City and GTA San Andreas, the Rumpo inherited this design, and the Pony was given a new one.


  • The GTA Vice City and GTA San Andreas renditions of the Rumpo feature a cosmetic glitch in which any Rumpo using a Pay 'n' Spray will emerge with its front bumper facing in the opposite direction, towards the rear. The problem can be remedied simply by parking the vehicle in a garage, leaving the garage so that its door shuts, then returning. This glitch is also present in GTA Vice City's Pony.
  • The Rumpo plays the following radio stations when entered:



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