Rumpo Rampage

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Rumpo Rampage is a side mission in Grand Theft Auto III. It involves guiding an explosives-rigged RC Bandit around Wichita Gardens in an attempt to destroy gang cars, in this case, Hoods Rumpos, in an allotted amount of time. To start the mission you must enter a TOYZ van which is located in Wichita Gardens, literally around the corner from your safe house. You can activate the bomb by using the fire button, or by driving into the wheels of the target car. During the mission, you are exempt from police attention, so you can also kill bystanders, including cops without gaining a wanted level. However, any wanted level you had prior to starting the mission is reinstated, so it's best not to start this one with four stars or more; the van also isn't the best getaway car and will go on fire from a few hits in the back!