Safehouses in GTA Chinatown Wars

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Safehouses in Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars has become much more useful than in previous Grand Theft Auto games. Safehouses can be acquired through missions or through purchases. When the player purchases a safehouse, the player can use the touchscreen to sign a deed confirming the purchase or void the deed to cancel the purchase. Safehouses not yet purchased are indicated by a blue house icon in the radar. Purchased safehouses are indicated by a green house icon. Safehouses that the player encounters can be viewed in the PDA.

The functionality of the interior of the safehouses differs dramatically from previous games. The player can use the touchscreen to browse around the safehouse. Along with the introduction of drug dealing, every safehouse has a stash box in which the player can stash collected drugs to free up space in the holdall or prevent the drugs from being taken by the police when busted. The whiteboard is used to replay previously completed story missions and to input cheats in the iPhone/iPod touch versions. The laptop is used to upload stats using Nintendo's Wi-Fi connection, viewable on the Rockstar Social Club. The couch or chair is used to save the game to restore the player's health, remove wanted levels, and advance the game by six hours. The door is used to exit the safehouse. Rewards in the form of objects can be seen placed on selves and on tables for the player to view.

A new feature to the safehouse is seclusion. During certain missions or hijacking certain vehicles with valuable contraband or weapons, the player must go to a secluded safehouse in order to search for them. Some safehouses include garages. Garages can only store one vehicle at a time.

Owning all twenty-one safehouses will reward the player with the Jeweled Key to the City and a step closer to completion.

Acquirable safehouses

Location Garage Secluded Unlocked by
Cerveza Heights, Dukes Yes Yes Yu Jian
Lancaster, Algonquin Yes Yes Carpe "Dime"
South Bohan, Bohan No No Raw Deal
Lower Easton, Algonquin Yes No Missed the Boat?
Northwood, Algonquin Yes No Grave Situation
Meadow Hills, Dukes Yes No Wilhelm's third encounter
Star Junction, Algonquin No No Scratch Cards

Purchasable safehouses

Location Price Garage Secluded
BOABO, Broker $10,000 Yes No
Colony Island, Algonquin $11,000 Yes Yes
Firefly Island, Broker $7,000 No No
Hove Beach, Broker $8,000 Yes No
Hove Beach, Broker $8,000 No No
Little Bay, Bohan $12,000 Yes No
Middle Park, Algonquin $8,000 No No
Northwood, Algonquin $9,000 Yes Yes
Rotterdam Hill, Broker $8,000 No Yes
South Slopes, Broker $12,000 Yes Yes
Steinway, Dukes $15,000 Yes No
Suffolk, Algonquin $9,000 No No
The Meat Quarter, Algonquin $9,000 Yes No
Varsity Heights, Algonquin $8,000 Yes No