Sexual References

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There are a wide range of Sexual References and jokes throughout the entire GTA series of games.

These can be names of companies, vehicles, characters, places or any object; and can be

Some examples include:

List of Sexual References


  • The yellow notebooks carried by male students of Liberty Campus feature scribbled drawings of urinating male genitalia.

GTA Vice City

  • During night, a pattern of lights can be seen on the Vice Point Langer building. When viewed from certain perspectives, and at a certain time (23:00 - 00:00) the pattern resembles a penis.
  • Located on Starfish Island, a pool can be seen in the shape of a female body.
  • On the roof of the Cherry Popper Ice Cream Factory, there are two dome shaped scoops of ice cream. The domes resemble woman's breasts. Also the name cherry poppers is slang term for first loss of virginity of a woman.
  • Gruppe Sechs is a security organisation in Vice City, and is pronounced 'group sex'. It's also based on Gruppe Sieben, hence the name.

GTA Liberty City Stories

  • Advertisements for the play The Third Leg can be seen throughout the city. "Third leg is slang for a long penis, which the poster depicts.


A "Hot Coffee Shop" sign, a clear reference to the Hot Coffee controversy.
  • As with previous games, the number 69 is used on various occasions in Liberty City, one such instance being on the Fire Trucks. 69 is a reference to the sexual position of the same name.
  • The outside sign for the Memory Lanes bowling alley depicts a bowling pin with two bowling balls on either side of it. Inside, however, the sign is only a neon outline, and resembles a crude drawing of male sex organs.
  • In many spots around Liberty City, there is rubble on the ground; in some of this rubble, you can see a purple dildo sticking out. This is the same dildo used as a weapon in GTA San Andreas.
  • There are signs scattered throughout Liberty City that say "Hot Coffee Shop", clearly a reference to the Hot Coffee sexual content and controversy from GTA San Andreas
  • Looking at the golf courses carefully from a height reveals that they are penis-shaped.
  • A brand of beer in the game is called "Dusche Gold". "Dusche" is German for "shower", so it translates into "shower gold", a reference to "golden shower", the act of urinating on someone.
  • Another beer brand is named "Pißwasser", "wasser" being German for "water" and "ß" is a German letter for "ss". An advertisement for Pißwasser shows a woman with the bottle in her mouth as if in an act of fellatio.
  • The logo for AutoEroticar is a car resembling a penis.
  • In East Island City, there is a building called the National Union of Contemporary Arts, within which is a statue of what looks like a stick figure man with an erection.
  • In Middle Park there is a monument that resembles male genitalia. According to a plaque at its base, it is called "Le Knobeliske" and was presented to Liberty City by C. Shutchomouf in 2007.
  • At The Airport a yellow sign on the runway says: "Caution Watch Your Blast"