Shoreside Vale Tunnel

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Shoreside Vale Tunnel
The Shoreside Tunnel in GTA III, under construction.
Location: Shoreside Vale
Use: Transportation.

The Shoreside Vale Tunnel is a road tunnel, located north of Shoreside Vale in Liberty City. This appears only in Grand Theft Auto III and Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories, since in Grand Theft Auto Advance does not appear, because the game is viewed from a top-down perspective and is replaced by road.


In all appearance, the tunnel of Shoreside Vale has a route under the mountains of the island, with an entry in Cedar Grove and one in Cochrane Dam.


In 2001 (GTA III) the tunnel is closed, probably because it is under construction. The reason may be that the tunnel under construction is the piles of dirt and there are signs at both entrances of the tunnel, but the strange thing is that after these ruins, the road is solid as if the tunnel was already almost complete. If the player were to cause an explosion on the items, it will still be blocked.

In this appearance the two channels are divided tunnel and follow paths to the north of the city, extending at least twenty feet in the mountains before coming to a stop. But the funny thing is that beyond the end of the tunnel there is nothing. Also as seen through the radar they appear to lead up towards the city limits (edge of the gameworld) but they don't. It would also appear that the tunnels connect to each other (as seen in the interior, however they don't). The tunnels are in no way accessible, as there is an invisible wall around the tunnel entrances.

GTA Liberty City Stories

The second appearance of the tunnel and where most stands out is in GTA LCS (1998), where this is already open. Now the channels are connected and related to the neighborhoods of Cedar Grove and Cochrane Dam, but in the middle of the tunnel there is a small road that is closed. Unlike the first appearance, the walls of the tunnel now are rocky and it has good lighting.