Strawberry Ave

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Strawberry Ave in Los Santos, GTA V.

Strawberry Ave is a street in Los Santos, which runs from Chamberlain Hills in the south west to Textile City in the north east where it eventually becomes the Los Santos Freeway going into Blaine County. The street runs through the Strawberry, Davis, Legion Square, Mission Row and Pillbox Hill neighbourhoods. There are connections to Adam's Apple Blvd, Atlee St, Capital Blvd, Carson Ave, Davis Ave, Forum Dr, Innocence Blvd, Integrity Way, San Andreas Ave and Vespucci Blvd, while travelling underneath the Olympic Freeway. Access to the Strawberry Station of the Los Santos Transit metro system, going to Puerto Del Sol and north Pillbox Hill, can be accessed from the street. The avenue is controlled by The Families in a Davis and Strawberry.

Events of HD Universe

The protagonist of GTA Online brings Leroy back to his business on Strawberry Ave after rescuing him during Caught Napping. Al Di Napoli is also kidnapped on Strawberry Ave having driven through Pillbox Hill Medical Center and crashing his car during Vinewood Souvenirs - Al Di Napoli. Two random encounters occur along Strawberry Ave, one of which unlocks Patrick McReary for the heist missions throughout GTA V.


Businesses and places

Name Location Street Type
The Ace Hole Textile City
Aguila Burrito Strawberry Innocence Blvd Food and drink
Alesandro Hotel Textile City Hotel
Alfonzo's Appliances Strawberry Furniture
Car Tune Network Strawberry Garage
Celtica Hotel Pillbox Hill Hotel
Checkout! Strawberry Innocence Blvd Supermarket
Children of the Mountain Fellowship Strawberry Forum Dr Cult
Cool Beans Mission Row Food and drink
Crazee Fashion Strawberry Clothing
Crucial Fix Coffee House Pillbox Hill San Andreas Ave Food and drink
Discount Store Strawberry Innocence Blvd Clothing
Dollar Pills Strawberry Pharmacy
DVD Peliculas Mexicanas Textile City Entertainment
Edzell Foundation Youth Center Strawberry Youth center
Elkridge Hotel Mission Row Atlee St Hotel
Family Dental Strawberry Innocence Blvd Healthcare
Finger Rings Textile City Jewellers
Foxy Phones Textile City Phones sales
Foxy's Textile City Theatre
G&B Textile City Clothing
Gabriela's Market Strawberry Forum Dr Supermarket
Gloria's Fashion Boutique Strawberry Clothing
Hair and Make-up Textile City Beauty salon
Hair and Nail Studio Strawberry Beauty salon
Instant Shoe Repair Pillbox Hill Vespucci Blvd Clothing
J's Bonds Textile City Bail bonds
Krapea Textile City Furniture
Leroy's Electricals Strawberry Electricals
Limey's Mission Row Vespucci Blvd Food and drink
Liquor Beer & Wine Strawberry Food and drink
Los Santos Theatre Mission Row Theatre
Lucky Plucker Davis Food and drink
Mattress, Sofas, Furniture Strawberry Furniture
Medical Equipment Textile City Healthcare
Mosley Auto Service Strawberry Davis Ave/Carson Ave Garage
Nail Bar & Spa Textile City Beauty salon
New Do Barber Shop Strawberry Barbers
Noodle Exchange Mission Row Atlee St Food and drink
Pawn & Jewelry Strawberry Pawn shop
Pescado Azul Textile City/Pillbox Hill Food and drink
Pharmacy Textile City Pharmacy
Phones and Things Textile City Phones sales
Pillbox Medical Center Textile City Integrity Way Healthcare
Ring of Fire Chili House Davis Innocence Blvd Food and drink
Robert Dazzler International Jewelry Exchange Mission Row/Textile City San Andreas Ave Jewellers
Schlongberg Sachs Pillbox Hill Adam's Apple Blvd Bank
Shenanigan's Bar Mission Row Food and drink
Strawberry Station Strawberry Under the Olympic Fwy Metro station
Suds Cleaners Strawberry Innocence Blvd Cleaners
Suds Law Laundromat Strawberry Laundromat
The Taco Farmer Strawberry Carson Ave Food and drink
The Tahitian Strawberry Carson Ave Residential
Timmy's Flowers Davis Macdonald St Florist
Totally Rental Strawberry Entertainment
The Vault Mission Row Adam's Apple Blvd/Vespucci Blvd Nightclub
Vinewood Records Textile City Integrity Way Music
Wigs Strawberry Hair
Xero filling station Strawberry Capital Blvd Filling station