Street Sweeper

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Street Sweeper
For Manny
Location Bohan
Reward unknown
Unlocks The Puerto Rico Connection


Once you arrive at Manny's place in Bohan, a cutscene will play, informing you that there's an important job waiting for you. Notice the LCPD police officer at the beginning of the cutscene.

The cutscene will end with you on the street; find a car and drive east across Bohan to an auto-body shop on Windmill Street. Be careful, though - a collective of armed criminals will immediately start firing at you when you arrive. Take out as many of them as you can from your car, but do not focus exclusively on them. Two of the criminals will get in a car and drive away - chasing this car is your first priority.

Stay close to the car, doing whatever you need to do to get it to stop moving. The game will instruct you to fire out the window of your own car. You may also try crashing into the other car. Either way, you need to kill the two criminals inside, so whether you shoot them directly in a drive-by or damage the car enough so that it catches on fire and forces them out does not matter. One of the criminals will have a gun, though, and he will be shooting you, so take any necessary precautions.

Once those criminals are dead, drive back to the auto-body shop and kill any enemies you missed before. When you have killed the last of them, Niko will call Manny and inform him that the hit is complete.