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Suffolk as seen to the west at Feldspar Street, at the border with Little Italy.

Suffolk is a seven-block neighborhood in Algonquin, Liberty City. It is located in Downtown Algonquin, bordered by Union Drive West to the west (Castle Garden City), Garnet Street to the north (The Meat Quarter and The Triangle), Columbus Avenue to the east (Lower Easton), and Feldspar Street and Frankfort Avenue to the south (Little Italy).

Character and influences

Based on SoHo in New York City, Suffolk is an affluent neighborhood characterized by its low-rise cast iron buildings (based on many real-life counterparts in SoHo). Similar to neighboring Little Italy, a number of Suffolk's streets are constructed from cobblestone, similar to certain streets in SoHo.

The "Suffolk" name may be interpreted as a reference to the common practice of naming new settlements and regions in the Thirteen Colonies (including New York state, which Liberty City State is based on) after existing locations in England. Suffolk is a real-life county in England; naturally, the name was eventually carried over to a number of then British-ruled locales in North America, including Suffolk County in Long Island, New York state.


The neighborhood is served by the Liberty City Subway system. The Suffolk station, located at the intersection of Garnet Street and Denver-Exeter Avenue, is served by the K/C Algonquin Inner Line. The station is popular as it is located directly underneath the Rotterdam Tower.

Points of interest

  • Jeff's third and final random character mission is located in Suffolk, at Denver Avenue and Feldspar Street, bordering Little Italy.
  • Another of the random characters, Sara, is located in front of a Didier Sachs at Back Passage in Suffolk.
  • A moderately large LCPD station at Frankfort Avenue and Feldspar Street. The station is a complex of two buildings, one smaller structure facing Frankfort Avenue, and a larger, newer 8/9 storey building fronting Feldspar Street. The newer extension appears to be similar in design to the skyscraper housing Jerkov's in Hatton Gardens. Skeletal remains of an older building may also be spotted at the western side of the complex.
  • An unnamed church at Liberty Lane in west Suffolk, where the funeral of one of the McReary brothers (either Francis or Derrick) is held and where Roman and Mallorie get married at the end of the game. The church comes complete with an interior accessible only in cutscenes during the missions, as well as a small cemetery in the rear. Both the church and cemetery are deemed as "endangered" landmarks threatened with demolition for the construction of condos.[1]