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Merging with Brian Jeremy?

I think this article could do with merging with Brian Jeremy, for a few reasons. Mainly because almost all of what is on this page is already covered over there, and the things that aren't could be added there and be made into its own subsection on that page. I don't feel like the small amount of info available on this subject needs its own article. Also, there is no official name for this either which would make it harder for people looking for it as they won't know what to look and search for. A natural starting point in their search would be Brian Jeremy's article and as I said, this information is already there. For these reasons, I think that this page should be made into a redirect and that the information on the two pages should be merged on Brian Jeremy's page. Opinions? Andreaz1 (talk|edits) 22:51, 24 January 2013 (UTC)

I say go for it.Gtajesus (talk|edits) 20:45, 25 January 2013 (UTC)