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Discuss what weapons you see in the trailers and screenshots here.

You don't have to circle the weapon, cropping the image is fine. It's best to do it from the 1280x720 video.--spaceeinstein 20:00, 4 November 2011 (GMT)

Should Weapons From Concept Art be put into Consideration?

I'm not so sure on the topic of weapons from the artwork being identified as 'confirmed' weapons in the game. An instance would be IV, where we saw a SPAS-like shotgun (similar to the one from SA) in an art, yet it did not appear in-game. I'm not so sure if this will be the case with V. -TheJustinAllenK (talk|edits) 09:50, 20 November 2012 (UTC)

Probably it was made just for the artwork,since in real life there's no way that an AR rifle configurated like this can operate (there's no gas system).--XOMeGa (talk|edits) 14:44, 20 November 2012 (UTC) -- moved this to the discussion

Weapons from the Gameplay Video?

I noticed a few weapons in the gameplay video that were not listed here. I don't have the capability to screenshot so I'll list what I saw. The video I'm referring to: [1]xHcvug3WI

  • 0:53 A buck knife is stabbed into the table.
  • 1:38 The guard on the right is wielding a Desert Eagle.
  • 1:40 Our protagonist is using some sort of machine pistol, possibly a Steyr M1912.
  • 1:43 Some sniper rifle, possibly a SR-25's derivative.
  • 1:45 Sniper rifle in action.
  • 1:50 Machine pistol in action.
  • 1:55 Some assault rifle in action, possibly a bullpup weapon.
  • 1:59 Possibly the same weapon from the 1:55 mark, looks more like an TAR-21. {EDIT: In the newest GTA Online gameplay vid, this rifle was named 'Advanced Rifle' on the weapon wheel.}
  • 2:54 The scope of another sniper rifle, presumably a bolt action rifle.
  • 3:09 The machine pistol is back in action, so are two other weapons wielded by the goons (the goon in the front seems to be wielding an MP5-esque weapon while the guy in the back seems to have a Glock).
  • 3:12 Goon on the right has an AK-47.
  • 3:14 The machine pistol is named AP Pistol in the new inventory wheel. Several weapons appear in the inventory wheel including Pipe Bombs, a MGL (Possibly a Milkor), a Carbine Rifle (it's name and designation suggests that weapon customisation is confirmed with it having a 'Grip' and 'Extended Clip' subtitle), what looks like a LMG (seems like an Ultimax 100), a combat shotgun (looks like a modified Remington 870) and a Sniper Rifle (Looks an awful lot like the AWP). There is also a parachute in the bottom right of the wheel.
  • 3:20 A better view of the Carbine Rifle, confirming that it is a PSD M6. Also, weapons seem to have moving models.
  • 3:24 Another handgun, similar to the AP Pistol.
  • 4:02 Might be a reincarnation of the old Tear Gas from SA.
  • 4:06 The AKs in the protagonists' hands, note the furniture and the silencer.
  • 4:13 One of the protagonists is wielding what looks like a SPAS 12 while the rest seem to be wielding the PSDs.

Aaaaaand that's all I've got. I'd like to see someone get these on the GTA V page. --Teokaijie (talk|edits) 14:28, 2 August 2013 (BST)