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This is a vehicle side mission which is started by entering a vehicle rather than going to a phone. It is recommended you do these missions to help build up your points though.


Enter the yellow Taxi in north Park. Bubby's wife, Skye, needs to be picked up from her friend's house in central Estoria. After picking her up, you must take her to pick up her "personal trainer" in southeast Brocklyn. Once the trainer is picked up, you have to take them to the Mon Signor hotel in central Kings.

Text Strategy


N/E, E big, bridge, S bridge, W small, S small.


S, E small, S bridge, W big, follow S big to end, W big.


E, N big, E big, N big to Garage. END!

Video Strategy (External Link)

If the directions were confusing, here is the video:

Taxi by SilentPhill's GTA 1 Let's Play on YouTube