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This documentation is imported from Template:About/doc

This article is about a the location. Did you mean the game GTA San Andreas, or the city San Andreas in GTA 1.

This template is to be used at the start of articles, where the title may be confusing, apply to other pages, or where the user may have been looking for a different article. This template is designed to remove any confusion and help the user find what they're looking for.

One example is the San Andreas in GTA 1 article - which a user would have found by clicking on the a link to 'San Andreas' without realising it took them to the GTA 1 page. Some users may be looking for the San Andreas

This template is used at the very top of the page to explain the article, explain the alternative articles, and help the user find what they need.

The code is simple:

{{also | This article is about ABC. Did you mean [[XYZ]]? }}

The things you should put in the text are:

  • '"This article is about XYZ"'
    • Use a simple, short, concise explanation of the article, compared to the
    • Examples would be 'This article is about the character' or 'This article is about the vehicle in GTA 1'
    • Explain what is different to the alternatives
  • For the other one, see [[link]]
    • Use a short explanation of the alternatives, and how they're different to the main article
    • Examples: "For the game, see GTA San Andreas
    • When you link, use the shortest link possible, but expand redirects, like the above link: [[Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas|GTA San Andreas]],
    • You can also use 'Did you mean' and end with a question mark