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  |grand theft auto: ol = O
  |grand theft auto: ol = O
  |grand theft auto: online = O
  |grand theft auto: online = O
|6 = VI
|gta 6 = VI
|vi = VI
|gta vi = VI
|six = VI
|gta six = VI
|gta: 6 = VI
|gta: vi = VI
|gta: six = VI
|gta6 = VI
|gtavi = VI
|gtasix = VI
|grand theft auto 6 = VI
|grand theft auto vi = VI
|grand theft auto: 6 = VI
|grand theft auto: vi = VI
  | {{{1|}}}
  | {{{1|}}}
}}<noinclude>{{lowercase title}}{{doc}}</noinclude>
}}<noinclude>{{lowercase title}}{{doc}}</noinclude>

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This template is used for converting any type of GTA game name, finding which game is being referred to, and providing the Game ID for it.

For example, inputting any variation of "GTA 3" or "Grand Theft Auto: III" or "3" will produce the output "III".

If you want a different game name format, you can instead use {{GameLong}}, {{game}} or {{condensed}}. Those templates actually use this template to figure out which game is being requested.


There is 1 parameter. You can input virtually ANY variation on a game name, whether long or short form, or any other incorrect form.

It will output the relevant game ID. The game IDs are: 1, L69, L61, 2, III, VC, SA, A, LCS, VCS, IV, TLAD, BOGT, V

To request the game ID for the input "Three" just use:

{{id | Three}}

This will then work out that you mean Grand Theft Auto III and output the correct game ID of: III