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This is an infobox to go at the top of every mission article.

This code should be placed at the very top of the page.

As well as displaying data, it also sets some semantic properties and also automatically sets the category 'Missions in [game]"

Make sure every possible field is filled in:

{{infobox mission
| image = Image-Name-Only.jpg
| caption = Caption for image
| name = Name of Mission
| game = VC
| protagonist = Which GTA V protagonist is this for?
| for = [[Victor Vance|Vic Vance]]
| objective = A short description of the objective
| target = [[Vice City Mall]]
| location = [[Starfish Island]]
| fail = Death
| reward = $20,000
| unlocks = [[VCPD Cheetah]]<br>[[Keep Your Friends Close...]]
| unlockedby = [[Cap the Collector]]
| timelimit = 5 minutes
| achievements = 
| vehicles = List of special vehicles involved in the mission
| deaths = List of named characters that die or ''can die'' in the mission