The Bar

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The Bar
The Bar in GTA Advance.

The Bar in GTA Advance.
Game GTA Advance
Type of business Bar
Owner(s) Jonnie
Location(s) Red Light District, Liberty City

The Bar is a bar owned by Jonnie located in the Red Light District of Portland, Liberty City in Grand Theft Auto Advance. The bar is the setting of Jonnie's missions in GTA Advance.


The bar, which was established between 1998 and 2000, was owned by Jonnie. It can be assumed that The Bar was financially unsuccessful and Jonnie took money from Uptown Yardies leader King Courtney, some of which he lent to others, such as Vinnie. The bar also suffered from competition, mainly from the Diamond Sky, which received major damage at the hands Mike in an attempt to help The Bar. Mike also took other jobs from The Bar, including collecting ingredients for a special brew made from "highly volatile stuff" and "persuading" a senator to defeat a bill to ban smoking inside bars. Jonnie, however, is later killed by Vinnie, Mike's former partner who was believed to be deceased, after Jonnie had been investigating his apparent death. The bar, by October 2001 is demolished.