The Bus Assassination

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The Bus Assassination is a mission in Grand Theft Auto V given to protagonist Franklin Clinton by Lester Crest from a public payphone in Hawick, Los Santos.

The Bus Assassination
Game GTA V
For Lester Crest
Target Isaac Penny
Location Hawick Ave, Hawick, Los Santos
Fail The Bus is destroyed
Isaac Penny escapes
Reward $7,000
Unlocks The Construction Assassination
Unlocked by The Vice Assassination



Franklin answers a public payphone in Hawick and Lester Crest tells him his next target is Isaac Penny, a 'ruthless vulture capitalist' about to purchase Vapid Motor Company resulting in thousands of employees losing their jobs. Lester tells Franklin that Penny takes the same bus to and from his office everyday and that he could take over the route. Lester suggests that Franklin not purchase any Vapid stock until the purchase falls through before Franklin hangs up. Franklin drives to the Dashound Bus Center in Textile City and enters the bus, driving out of the bus center. Franklin then drives the bus on its normal route stopping at Strawberry Ave, San Andreas Ave, Adams Apple Blvd and San Andreas Ave again where Isaac Penny gets on the bus. Franklin tells him it will cost him $1.50, which Penny calls a 'fare hike' and gets off the bus. Penny then steals a womans bike as she uses an ATM and cycles away with Franklin giving chase in the bus. Franklin warns the passengers to hold on as he kills Penny by driving the bus into the bicycle Penny is riding. Frankin gets out of the bus and leave the area as the bus passengers continue screaming after it was used to kill Penny. As he escapes he phones Lester and informs him he has killed Penny.

Secondary objective

Objective Description
Hit and Run Kill Isaac Penny using the bus.


  • The bus passengers respond to Franklin's driving if he crashes into other vehicles or objects.
  • One passenger complains that an Up-n-Atom burger box filled with vomit is under his seat.
  • The player can make more money by investing in Vapid Motor Company after the missions completion and selling the stock roughly two in-game days later.
  • The LSPD are far more visible during the mission than in normal gameplay.

Video walkthrough

Xbox 360 Version - GTASeriesVideos


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