The Cousins Bellic/Walkthrough

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The Cousins Bellic
Driving around Hove Beach
Game: Grand Theft Auto IV
For: Roman Bellic

The following is a walkthrough for the mission "The Cousins Bellic" in Grand Theft Auto IV.


  • Go to the apartment.

After the introductory cutscene in which Niko Bellic and Roman Bellic enter Roman's Taxi, the gameplay begins.

You are now in control of the car. A series of tutorials are shown explaining the basics and features of driving. You are in East Hook and have to drive to the Hove Beach Safehouse in Hove Beach. Just follow the GPS route, which takes you right next to Roman's cab depot. When you arrive to the apartment, a new cutscene begins. When it ends, you will complete the mission. Some tutorials about save points and mission markers are shown.

Get out of the apartment to trigger more tutorials. Then head to the "R" in the radar to start the next mission.