The Da Nang Thang

The Da Nang Thang
Game GTA San Andreas
For Wu Zi Mu

The Snakehead

Headline text

==have armor before mission you can have knife & machine gun==
Location Woozie's Office, San Fierro
Reward $15000 and + Respect

The Da Nang Thang is the before to last mission played for Wu Zi Mu in San Fierro.



Woozie wants to end the war between the San Fierro Triads and the Da Nang Boys. To do this, you'll have to attack the Da Nang Boys' HQ, a freighter anchored out in the San Fierro bay, free the Vietnamese prisoners the Da Nang's have captured and kill the Da Nang leader, The Snakehead. ps.have armor because you can only have a knife and machine gun

The Mission

When the mission starts, you'll be in a helicopter, wielding a Minigun. Guppy will pilot the helicopter to the Da Nang freighter and you'll have to shoot all Da Nang Boys you see; once you reach the freighter, aim at all targets you can see, since if you do this, there will be less targets when you enter the freighter.

After a while, an RPG will shoot down the chopper, killing Guppy and leaving you without all your weapons but a knife. Swim to the freighter and get to the target. When you get there, you'll climb into the freighter and a distracted guard will be in front of you, sneak behind him and stealth kill him, then take his rifle. Now comes the hard part, use the rifle to kill a Da Nang Boy nearby and take his Tec-9, start killing Da Nang Boys and take their ammo or unless the mission is impossible.

When you make it to the inside of the freighter, make your way to the container where the Vietnamese refugees are being held, killing Da Nang Boys along the way. When you get to the container, blast open the padlock and the refugees will come out, they will tell you to go kill The Snakehead, who is on the bridge, and then to meet them at the life boats. Get out of the inside of the freighter and get to the bridge, kill any guards you see, and then get up the stairs to The Snakehead's room.

When you arrive at The Snakehead's lair, he'll toss you over a katana and you'll have to fight him with it. It's practically not a fight, since you can kill The Snakehead with three or four katana slices. Once the snakehead is dead, go to the life boats and meet the refugees, who'll thank you for your help and will escape in a dinghy and so will you.


(Woozie's Office) (Carl arrives at the office as Woozie and Carl is leaving)

Carl: Woozie, my man!

Woozie: CJ, you caught me on the way out.

Carl: Business?

Woozie: This is the big one, this is gonna seal my place in the Red Gecko Tong. But something's come up and I've got to sort it out myself.

(Woozie's cell phone rings)

Woozie: Excuse me.

(Woozie picks up the phone)

Woozie: Little Lion, what's the news? Damn. Why today of all days? Take Guppy and go check it out.

(Woozie hangs up)

Woozie: The Da Nang Boys are arriving today on a container ship today. Little Lion's gone check it out - I really have to go too.

Carl: Hey man, look, don't even trip. I'm gonna handle this one for you, alright?

Woozie: Thanks, my friend. Your friendship has been invaluable to me.

Carl: Thanks man. Where are the other guys?

Woozie: Oh, they're getting a helicopter to do a couple of fly bys of the ship. Look, if everything goes well, I'll call you in a week or so and invite you to my new spot.


(Carl climbs onto the helicopter)

Guppy: Hey CJ. What are you doing here?

Carl: Just bumped into Woozie on the way out. He filled me in, thought I might roll with you.

Guppy: Well we ain't rolling...We're whirling! Strap in and strap up!

(The Helicopter takes off and flies towards the freighter until it reaches it, evvely it's shot down and only Carl survives the crash landing in the water)

Carl: Damn! Lost everything but my blade.

(Up in the freighter)

Da Nang Boy 1: Do see any survivors?

Da Nang Boy 2: Na. Nobody is surviving that.

(CJ arrives, kills all guards and makes his way to the refugee container, where he releases the refugees)

(Refugee container)

Refugee: Please, the Snakehead tricked us, we're prisoners. Please help us escape! The Snakehead is up on the bridge...

(Carl makes his way to the bridge, kills The Snakehead's guards and goes to The Snakehead's room, when he arrives, The Snakehead tosses Carl a sword)

The Snakehead: Enough! We settle this here!

(Carl kills The Snakehead, destroying the Da Nang Boys, then he heads to the life boats and climbs into a dinghy)

(The Life Boats)

Refugee: Thank you for everything!

(The Refugees sail away to safety)

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