The Puerto Rican Connection

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The Puerto Rican Connection
Manny Escuela talking to Niko Bellic about his new video.

Manny Escuela talking to Niko Bellic about his new video.
For Manny Escuela
Location South Bohan, Bohan
Reward $1,500
Unlocks The Snow Storm and Call and Collect
Unlocked by Blow Your Cover and Out of the Closet (only contacting Tom required)

The Puerto Rican Connection is a mission in Grand Theft Auto IV given to Niko Bellic by Manny Escuela.

After the Mission

Upon completion of the mission, two events occur after a period of time:

  • Niko receives an anonymous text message directing him to meet somebody in south Algonquin. This launches "Call and Collect".
  • Niko receives a phone call from Elizabeta Torres asking Niko to get to her place right away to stop a fight she's having with Little Jacob. This launches "The Snow Storm". Despite the urgency of the call, there is no rush to actually trigger the mission.
  • Note: If you wish to go on further dates with Michelle, you must do so before launching "The Snow Storm", as the ability to date her will not be available (for reasons that will soon become clear) afterwards.

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  • The mission is an obvious homage to the film The French Connection, in which Gene Hackman, playing a New York cop, chases a hitman on an elevated train in identical fashion.
  • The train travels on the left hand side of the track instead of the regular right hand side, something that also happens in the mission Three Leaf Clover.
  • On its way, the train passes Hove Beach station, but will not call there.