The World's a Stooge

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The World's a Stooge
Game GTA Chinatown Wars
For Rudy D'Avanzo
Reward $1500
Unlocks Evidence Dash
Unlocked by Steal the Wheels


(A meeting with D'Avanzo)

D'Avanzo: You did great. The recording from Capra's car proves he's been talking to the Feds. A lot.

Huang: Can I have that recording?

D'Avanzo: Why? You don't trust me? I'm telling you what it says.

Huang: Trust? In this town? Don't be ridiculous. I need to clear things with my boss.

D'Avanzo: Sure, I'll get you a copy of it, little man just as soon as you've whacked all the rats named on it.