Trevor Philips Industries

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Trevor Philips Industries
Game GTA V
For Tao Cheng
Objective Defend Trevor's meth lab from the Aztecas
Location Sandy Shores
Fail Tao Cheng dies
Tao Cheng's Translator dies
Chef dies
Unlocks Crystal Maze
Unlocked by Mr. Philips

You may be looking for the gang of the same name run by Trevor Philips.

Trevor Philips Industries is a mission in Grand Theft Auto V given by Tao Cheng to Trevor Philips.


Trevor goes inside the Yellow Jack Inn to meet with his Chinese contact, Tao Cheng; however, since Tao cannot speak English, Trevor has to speak with his translator. After seeing Tao's erratic behavior, Trevor decides against working with the Chinese; however, Tao's translator convinces him to reconsider.

Trevor takes Tao and his translator to the meth lab. Trevor calls Chef to tell him that they are on their way to the lab; however, Chef warns Trevor that the Aztecas are on their way as well, looking for revenge for Trevor pushing Ortega's trailer into the river. Upon arriving, Trevor puts the Chinese in the ice freezer outside of the lab while Trevor and Chef go inside to deal with the Azetcas. After holding off the Aztecas, Trevor lets Tao and his translator out of the freezer, and the two leave the area.

Secondary objectives

Objective Description
Body Count Kill 32 enemies.
Unmarked Complete the mission with minimal damage to health and armor.
Scrap Man Destroy 6 vehicles.
Time Complete the mission within 4 minutes and 30 seconds.

Video walkthrough

Xbox 360 Version - GTASeriesVideos


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