Triangle Building

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This article is about a building based on the Flatiron Building. For the building based on the Transamerica Pyramid, see the Big Pointy Building.
The Triangle Building as viewed to the northwest.

The Triangle Building is a landmark building located in its namesake district The Triangle, Algonquin in Grand Theft Auto IV. The Triangle Building is bordered by Garnet Street to the south, Hematite Street to the north, Burlesque to the west, and Columbus Ave to the east, and stands at a height of 285 feet.


The Triangle Building is the in-game version of the Flatiron Building located in the New York City district of Flatiron District, and as such, is designed as a slender skyscraper with a three-sided floorplan from top to bottom, contributing to its peculiarity and resulting in the building serving as a draw for sightseers. describes the building as "reportedly the most photographed building in the world", famous largely for its "funny" shape and thought to be built by "some really feminine dudes". Viendemerte, Rusty Brown's Ring Donuts and an Al Dente's restaurants (with "Grand Opening" banners on the window) are depicted to be operating at the base of the building.

Contrary to the real-life rendition, the Triangle Building points south, when the Flatiron Building points north.