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This friend of my nephew's wants to be big time gangster like he see in movies. Meet him, will you.

Hook up with the wannabe gangster.

I don't trust my girlfriend with none of these date raping Liberty City cab drivers. Pick her and take her where she want to go.

Escort Petrovic's girl.

I bring my mother to Liberty City and all she does is drink and play bridge. Shit, it makes her happy so who cares, right? Pick up her bridge partners and take them where they play.

Take the bridge partners to the game.

I went to Autoeroticar dealership and he tell me that there is a waiting list for SuperGTs. The person to being me one will be rewarded.

Steal a SuperGT for Petrovic.

I have been given a kind gift by an old friend from back home. He knows these sniper rifles are good but not good enough to reach him over there. Please, help yourself.

Help yourself to a sniper rifle.

Some freaky hitmen are in from out of town, They're trying to whack out crew. Get them first.

Get to the hitmen first.

I want protection money off every business in this area. Man who owns vending machine company thinks he is exempt. Destroy his machines.

Destroy the delivery of vending machines.

The stupid Angels of Death have been annoying me. The head of this organization has a bike he calls Sexy Charlie. Destroy it.

Destroy the biker's chopper.

I want sexy car for myself and stupid Vanya steals whole transporter load of them. Come take one if you want.

Take one of Vanya's cars.

My nephew's crew is going to steal some flat screens, but they need some vans to do it with. Damn family, eh? Bring vans to him.

Steal the vans for the job.

I knew I should only invest my money in more drugs and pussy. I gave cash to a yuppie hedge fund and they rip me off. Make sure the manager and his traders can't do anymore deals.

Close down the manager and his traders.

Vanya is drunk out his brain on Cherchenkov. He can't kill nobody when he's that drunk. Take him somewhere to dry out.

Take Vanya somewhere to dry out.

We will teach this shit for his reluctance to cut us in on the cars he has stolen. He is moving them out of the city. Either bring them to me or destroy them.

Steal the stolen cars or destroy them if you can't.

So, some hacker gets into my computer and sees my private files. Bring me his laptop and wipe his circuitry while you're at it.

Kill the hacker and take his laptop to Petrovic.

I had to whack Ivo last night. It wasn't pretty, but these things happen, yes. If someone wants his car, they can have it.

Take Ivo's car.

The LCPD are launching simultaneous raids on out operations. Make this difficult for them.

Stop the LCPD.

We have gained the attention of a federal government surveillance crew. Grind them to dust for their impertinence.

Take out the surveillance crew.

The politician will not be bought. Stupid man has principles. See if they are still there when you have destroyed his campaign posters and killed his campaign manager.

Destroy the campaign posters and take out his campaign manager.

This twenty-four hour rave culture is something I will not understand. My nephew says that they have run out of ecstasy at a party. Please drop some one before everyone comes down.

Deliver the ecstasy.

New people have just arrived from the homeland. You pick them up, show them what happens in American.

Pick up the recruits.

Some ugly bikers have been fucking with our crew. Now it is our turn to be fucking them them. Go!

Go and fuck with the bikers.

An associate has turned against the Organizatsiya. He must be silenced before he testifies.

Silence the associate.

Thieving punks have no respect for nothing. They steal my Cognoscenti last night. I have tracking device in it and I watch them drive in circles. Get it back for me.

Return the Cognoscenti to Petrovic.

A guy I pay in LCPD tells me the Feds are watching the cars we have stashed our smack in. Only we cannot afford to leave them alone. You must take the cars anyway and deliver them.

Move the cars with heroin in them.

My girlfriend blew her yoga instructor. Now we must blow him up. I have filled a vehicle with explosives, put it in position for me.

Put the rigged vehicle in position.

Poor Anton was killed by some monsters. They tell me that all is left is his head.

Kill the scum who did this then bury Anton's beautiful head at sea.

Kill Anton's murderers then bury Anton's head at sea.

Shit, that idiot Vanya did not manage to kill that rat, Anton. He is being taken to a hospital in an ambulance, Destroy it before they get there.

Stop Anton getting to hospital.

Some local businesses are refusing to pay protection money. Show them what they need protection from. Destroy their vans and take out their employees.

Destroy the vehicles and take out the workers.

Crazy bikers are up all night on meth. They getting too fucking lazy to run their own stills even. Bring them some crystal to keep them quiet.

Take some crystal to the bikers.

I just bought a new car, but I feel common. Everybody is driving these Sultans. Go and destroy some of them so mine looks more impressive.

Get rid of the other Sultans.

Cops are seizing out illegal booze, they will soon discover that is mostly paint thinner. Destroy it all before they can.

Destroy the illegal booze.

The Angels of Death think they are so clever. So what if the blew up out meth lab? They won't be so happy with themselves when you have killed them and brought me the chapter leader's bike, will they?

Wipe out the bikers and steal the chapter leader's bike.

Boris the rat has returned to Liberty City. He thinks that all has been forgotten between us. Punish him for his stupidity.

Exterminate Boris the rat.

Young Vasil has turned into a rat. He is meeting with his federal government handlers. None can survive.

Take down Vasil and his fed handlers.

I though accountants were too boring to steal, I was wrong. Close the books on this number cruncher.

Audit the accountant.

A prototype gun has arrived from the Motherland. Made of strong Russian steel. Take it to the buyer.

Deliver the prototype gun to the buyer.

It is time to deliver out bribes to the dirty fat cops in the area. So nice to know that this country is just as corrupt as homeland.

Deliver the bribes to the dirty cops.

Some peasant dealer and his crew think they can rip me off. Me, Kenny Petrovic! Kill them all.

Wipe out the dealer & his crew.

Vanya is burying the bodies of a stickup crew we had to get rid of. Only, we can't leave the heads on because we don't want them identified. Come get the heads and drop them in river, okay?

Get rid of the decapitated head in the river.

Our men in the field are running low on supplies. Go out to their cars and bring with you a re-up of marijuana.

Deliver a re-up of marijuana to the dealers.

My stupid nephew and his friends have screwed up a robbery they did not have permission for. Bring them to me for a talk.

Convey Petrovic's nephew and his friends to him.

A Triad hit squad killed Georgi. They shall pay for this. Kill them all.

Hit the Triad hit squad.

Some girls from the gentleman's club I own went back to a bachelor party and men are refusing to pay and getting violent. Kill the cheap shits, take the girls somewhere safe.

Take down the bachelors and rescue the girls.

Why do they force me to do this? I do not like killing. These dumb Irish hoods, they want to take out territory. Kill them all.

Deal with the Irish hoods.

I am investing in a classic car, only these American geeks look after their too well. Destroy some other Voodoos so the value of mine increases.

Destroy the Voodoos.