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A few users (including myself) are working together to make a plethora of quizzes on Grand Theft Wiki. To help us, go here, or to give feedback on the quiz below, go to the talk page




Quiz 1

1. In the mission "A Dish Served Cold", who is killed by Niko?

a) Pegorino
b) Packie
c) Derrick
d) Dimitri

2. Why does Francis McReary ask Niko to kill his brother Derrick?

a) He doesn't like him
b) He is afraid that Derrick is going to kill him
c) Derrick has committed recent crimes, and it is up to Francis as a police officer to serve justice
d) Derrick knows too much and 9s threatening his chances of becoming police commissioner

3. How did Roman survive when he arrived in Liberty City?

a) Bought an apartment
b) Slept in his taxi for one year
c) Slept in his office for two years
d) Lived with Mallorie

4. If you take Kate to a fast food restaurant on a date, which of the following could she possibly say?

a) Burgers, my favourite!
b) Great, a heart attack!
c) Chicken on a stick, what kind of food is that?
d) Oh, you like kids food? How old are you, 6?

5. In the "Revenge" ending to the storyline, what is the name of the final mission?

a) A Revenger's Tragedy
b) A Dish Served Cold
c) Mr And Mrs Bellic
d) Out Of Commission

6. In the "Deal" ending to the storyline, what is the name of the final mission?

a) A Revenger's Tragedy
b) If The Price Is Right
c) Mr And Mrs Bellic
d) Out Of Commission

7. As you head to kill Dimitri if you chose the "Revenge" ending of the storyline, you get a text message from Roman saying not to go for revenge, what else does he say?

a) Mallorie will have a heart attack when she finds out!
b) This wasn't Kate's idea was it?
c) If you take the money, we could move to Vice City!
d) For the love of money Niko, don't take the revenge!

8. What is the name of the mission in which Niko, Packie, Gerry and Michael rob the Bank of Liberty?

a) Packie And His Bank Robbers
b) The Bank's Bad Luck
c) Three Leaf Clover
d) Five Minutes, One Million Dollars

9. Which of the following characters has NOT been to prison?

a) Elizabeta
b) Packie
c) Gerry
d) Mallorie

10. What is the name of the final person to assign missions to Niko?

a) United Liberty Paper
b) John Gambettie
c) John Gravelly
d) Richard Gambettie

Quiz 2