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Hey there!

Status on Grand Theft Wiki: On and off due to frequent problems outside of the internet world.

GTA Games I currently Own:

  • GTA 1 (Play Station)
  • GTA London 1969 (Play station)
  • GTA 2 (Play Station)
  • GTA III (Mac)
  • GTA Vice City (Mac) (PS2)
  • GTA San Andreas (Mac) (PS2)
  • GTA Vice City Stories (PSP)
  • GTA Episodes From Liberty City (Xbox 360)

Todo.png To-do list for User:Montario: edit · history · watch · refresh
  • Expand the Apple Mac Article
  • Create the Article Market (GTA 1)
  • Categorize images
  • Apply Copyright templates on images
  • Expand the wiki's help section
  • Add 'Character' section for all rural areas in The State of San Andreas
  • Create the page Missions in GTA London 69

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