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'''Sonique - It Feels So Good'''<br>
'''Sonique - It Feels So Good'''<br>
'''Madison Avenue - Don't Call Me Baby'''<br>
'''Madison Avenue - Don't Call Me Baby'''<br>
'''Estelle featuring Kanye West - American Boy'''<br>
'''Estelle featuring Kanye West - American Boy'''<br> (apparently this song was supposed to be in GTA V. Seems like we both liked the American theme. Let's hope it isn't one of the added songs in the enhanced version, it's much more suited for Tool!)
'''September - Cry For You'''<br>
'''September - Cry For You'''<br>

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This is a personal project and I'm merely using this as a guide

This is a comprehensive list of story missions in the game Tool. There are 500 missions in total. All story missions are required to complete the game.

This is not a GTA fanfiction, it's simply a reference for an idea for a game with a GTA state of mind, like Red Dead Redemption.

Please be informed that this page is riddled with spoilers for a work of fiction that does not exist, yet...


South Yankton

A rough draft map of South Yankton, the setting of Tool, showing the 5 counties and their points of interest, as well as some of the roads. The starting point is directly above the "K" on the right. Obviously not set in stone, I now realize that New Gaspard should be much bigger than what is shown.

New Gaspard is the city-like blob in the upper center of the map. On the right side across the lake are the ruins of old Gaspard.

The smaller city-like patch on the left of New Gaspard is Quicksilver, a city based on Rapid City, South Dakota. Since anarchism Quicksilver has been inhabited by several people despite being in a ruined state. The city is not as desolate as old Gaspard, however it is nowhere near the grandeur of New Gaspard. This doesn't mean that a few independent businesses haven't sprung up in a heavily-protected corner of the town.

The large circle on the top-left is the bio-dome, a project built to preserve a large section of the Black Hills. This is where New Gaspard gets its water supply from. The dome is gradually becoming a get-away for New Gaspard citizens, especially the rich, which creates conflict with the ecosystem present in the dome.

Tool takes place in the year 2092, around 60 years after a world-wide war renders the Americas in an anarchistic state. The "old world" of the Eastern Hemisphere hadn't suffered as much physically, however the infrastructure of the countries had crumbled due to the wars, the aftermath, and the inexplicable water-freezing atmosphere that plagued the planet afterwards. Most people had immigrated to Europe and the coast of Africa, however a vast minority decided to stay behind.

The state of South Yankton, a predominantly mixed-grass prairie ecosystem, is based mostly on western South Dakota, with a bit of north Nebraska and east Wyoming making up the southern and western borderlands, respectively. Other influences include bits of California, Australia and the Middle-East.

Gavin Wright.

This took much longer than I expected to finish. Anyways, Happy December Holidays.

Pretty unexpected? Tell me about it. If you can name one other game where the main protagonist is a natural redhead (ginger) Caucasian human (that isn't hyper-sexualized), then you get one song request. ((obvious examples of this do not count)

Gavin Wright is a young man from the East coast of the USA. Born years after the fall of civilized life, Gavin grew up in a small New England community, where he quickly obtained a fascination and a hobby of fixing vehicles, starting with bicycles and moving up to gas-powered automobiles. Gavin competed in small local and long-distance races, living a content life, however the enticing lifestyle of the races held in South Yankton, the racing capital of North America, sent Gavin on a trek to the state in hopes of making a living out of his passion for racing.

Gavin, never a man of violence, enters the wasteland with a naive heart, however in time he gradually becomes desensitized after having no choice but to partake in the harsh realities of life in a lawless world.

The game is an homage to the biker culture, which grew in popularity in America in the 1960s and continued to the present. The setting is inspired by western South Dakota, a popular location for bike riders, largely due to the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally in the Black Hills.

The game also takes influence and imagery from 50s car culture, as well as the cyberpunk, hacker and rivethead cultures.

Kubrick County missions

Kubrick County is the eastern-most territory of the explorable game, and makes up the eastern portion of the great plains. It is a region with yellow prairies and numerous hills and cliffs.

Protagonist Gavin Wright arrives in the midwestern state of South Yankton, and tries to gain access to the city of New Gaspard to compete in professional races. Missions in this county involve Gavin's attempt to assimilate in this foreign region and gain allies that can help him become better and more knowledgeable in vehicle racing and maintenance, along with several obstacles that threaten him and his chances of competing. Many of these missions have Gavin as the driver with additional help as required.

Kubrick County is the eastern section of the great plains. There are 32 missions in the main thread in Kubrick County.


Gavin's father Dalton has called a friend of his (Clay) living in South Yankton and asks him to help his boy out by getting him settled in the state.

Name/Map Location Objective Significance Unlocks Synopsis
This Is Not Purgatory Drive Clay's pickup truck to his garage. Meet Lawrence and Victor. The starting mission. Introduces the player character Gavin, along with the characters Clay, Lawrence, and Victor. Driving tutorial. Gavin reveals he wants to compete in the races in New Gaspard. Gavin gets hired as garage employee. Supplier Maker
Kubrick County access
A bed in Clay's garage/home.

Supplier Maker

Drive Clay to the meeting place. Chase and kill the double-crosser. Drive back to the garage. First violent encounter. First chase. Locomotive Breath

Locomotive Breath

Fix Clay's pickup, and drive around the surrounding wasteland. Escape from the bandits. Car repair tutorial. Get a feel of driving around Kubrick County. First bandit encounter. Gavin, Get Your Gun

Gavin, Get Your Gun

Take Lawrence to the gun dealer, and test out the weapons. Gun tutorial. The character Kurtis is introduced. Kurtis' gun store is accessible. Yard Junkie (Clay)
Tanker Rigging (Lawrence)
Kurtis' gun store

Clay (C)

Clay is the owner of the Stillwater Auto vehicle repair shop. He speaks in a gruff southern-drawl.

Name Objective Significance Unlocks

Yard Junkie

Drive with Clay to a junkyard nearby, and kill all the bandits. Take some spare parts and drive back to the garage. First gunfight. One-Day Clearance

One-Day Clearance

Modify Clay's pickup. Drive to the abandoned convenience store for parts, defend Kevin's gang from bandits. Car modding tutorial. Introduces the characters Kevin, Oz, Audrey, Cisco, Clyde, Donna, and Nicole. Introduces the convenience store that Kevin and co. live in. Circle Jerks,
Medicine Men (Kevin)

Circle Jerks

Defend the garage from a motorcycle gang. First encounter with a motorcycle gang. Scrapper's Delight

Scrapper's Delight

Take a vehicle to the scrap heap and crush it. Kill the bandits with the crusher. Earning more of Clay's respect. Access to the crusher. Negotiator (Kevin)

Lawrence (L)

Lawrence is an employee of Clay's. He has an optimistic and charismatic yet reckless personality. Long black hair.

Name Objective Significance Unlock

Tanked and Rigging

Drive with Lawrence to a biker bar, and drink a few drinks. Steal the big rig. Evade the rednecks that throw dynamite at you. Lawrence learns that Gavin has never drunk before, and takes him to the bar in the town over. Mandatory drunkenness (somewhat of a tutorial). Lawrence gets the idea of stealing a semi parked near the bar, which belongs to a redneck gang. Gavin earns respect from Lawrence. Speed
Lawrence as a friend


Mod a car and race with Lawrence against other racers in the town. First race. Favorite Pass-times
Access to races in the town.

Favorite Pass-times

Coax out the farmer by blowing up his cows with dynamite. Knock out the farmer and take him back to the garage. The farmer is taken hostage. Slow Ride

Slow Ride

With the farmer tied to the car, drive with Lawrence and try to coax the farmer to tell the location of the parts he stole. Retrieve the parts. The stolen vehicle parts are retrieved. Rattle and Roll (Clay) (with Free Ride (Oz) and On Ice (Dana))

Kevin (K)

Kevin is the leader of a group of survivalists that live in a department store (similar to Wal-Mart or Target).

Name Objective Significance Unlock

Medicine Men

Go with Kevin and his men to the hospital in the town over. Find the medicine inside and head back to the store. Cisco can now be properly healed. Introduces the New Gaspard Police Force. It's An Improvement
Buyer Beware (Oz)

It's An Improvement

Modify your weapon with Audrey, and shoot targets around the store. Wreck a large section of the store and its wares. Weapon modding tutorial. Jailbreak


Use Kevin's modded vehicle to bust out his friend from a nearby prison complex. Kevin's friend Millie is broken out of prison. The NGPF will now investigate this event. Dawn to Dusk

Dawn to Dusk

Kill the cannibals living in the abandoned mansion using chainsaws. Kevin's son was killed by the cannibals living in the old mansion a while back. Kevin can now rest knowing his son has been avenged. Access to chainsaws. Cannibals are removed from the mansion on the plateau and will now ride around the wasteland attacking anyone (random world event). Negotiator (with Scrapper's Delight (Kevin))


Drive to the bar to make a deal. Save Kevin and the dealer (Dana) from the gunfight that breaks out in the bar. Drive back to the store with Kevin and Dana. Introduces the character Dana Meyer. Kevin gets vehicle parts from Dana. Around the Way (Dana)

Oz (O)

Oz is a vehicle dealer and part of Kevin's gang.

Name Objectives Significance Unlocks

Buyer Beware

Deliver the vehicle parts to the three locations, collect the pay. Chase and kill the bikers that don't pay up. Gavin earns respect from Oz. Free Ride

Free Ride

Steal a Sunset (sports car) from the Pauer mansion. Stealth tutorial. Introduces the Pauer family, the richest family in South Yankton. Rattle and Roll (Clay) (with Slow Ride (Lawrence) and On Ice (Dana))

Dana (D)

Dana Meyer is a young rebellious woman living in South Yankton. Aged 28 in the year 2092, she currently works for Charlie Borland, inventor and owner of Borland Motors, as an assistant/errand girl. Dana currently lives in Cosmo Bay, a town situated at the edge of the frozen lake, which receives lower-than-normal temperatures. Dana once lived within the walls of New Gaspard, and was more than glad to have gotten out of it 2 years ago, showing Gavin the two sides of the metaphoric coin (those that live outside try to get in, and vice versa).

Hang on a second.... Dana Meyer... Dana Carvey and Mike Myers... clearly this is a Wayne's World reference!

Nope, just pure coincidence.

Name Objectives Significance Unlock

Around the Way

Take Dana back home by crossing through the canyon. Gavin takes Dana back to Cosmo Bay. The canyon that must be crossed is home to a gang of dangerous criminals. The acoustics of the canyon will alert the entire gang if any gun is fired, so Gavin (the player) will choose between either going stealthily or loud. The character Charlie Borland is introduced. Biker Women From Venus

Biker Women From Venus

Race Dana on motorbikes. Just a friendly race between Gavin and Dana. Also a way of exploring the land around the town. On Ice
For the Good of the Company (Charlie)

On Ice

Reclaim the stolen parts from the bandit hideout in the boat on the frozen lake. Chase and evade bandits across the lake. Introduces the ice vehicle parts. The city of New Gaspard and the ruins of old Gaspard are seen up close. Rattle and Roll (Clay) (with Slow Ride (Lawrence) and Free Ride (Oz))
, Dana as a friend

Charlie (C)

Charlie Borland is the owner of Borland Motors, and a freelance inventor. Voiced by Woody Harrelson.

Name Objectives Significance Unlocks

For the Good of the Company

Steal the vehicle parts from the train headed to New Gaspard. Borland Motors gets some high-class vehicle parts. Midnight Toker

Midnight Toker

Find Charlie's brother Emmett. Follow the directions of an acquaintance of Emmett's. The character Emmett is introduced. Strange Brew

Strange Brew

Take Charlie and Emmett back to the barn where Emmett was found. Find the secret laboratory hidden underneath. Emmett makes some strange liquid. Gavin encounters liquid water for the first time in his life. Swimming tutorial. Gavin learns how to swim. They're Just Smaller
Sweet Leaf (Emmett)

They're Just Smaller

Race miniature cars against others around the town. Just a fun spin on racing. Raining Blood (Dana) (with Legalize It (Emmett) and Going Places (Clay))

Emmett (Em)

Emmett is Charlie's botanist brother, who makes a living growing and selling marijuana.

Name Objectives Significance Unlocks

Sweet Leaf

Find plants in the wilderness for Emmett's drug recipe. Emmett now has the supplies he needs. Introduces the plant-gathering side-objective. Legalize It

Legalize It

Deliver drugs to a biker clubhouse with Emmett. Kill all the NGPF officers that set up the sting. Emmett was supposed to make a huge sale to some of his regulars. However, the deal ends up in an NGPF sting, and the duo finish off the ambush. Emmett and Gavin decide to smoke the weed after. Despite being hesitant at first, Gavin smokes weed for the first time. Mandatory first time getting high (after post-mission cutscene). Raining Blood (Dana) (with They're Just Smaller (Charlie) and Going Places (Clay))
A free joint from Emmett any time Gavin wants.


Name Objectives Significance Unlocks

Rattle and Roll

Use the minigun on Clay's pickup to defend the convoy. Clay can safely deliver the supplies to the town. Going Places

Going Places

Win a race at the Outer Limit Speedway and get sponsored by Stillwater Auto. Gavin's first big-time race. Gavin gets sponsored. Raining Blood (Dana) (with They're Just Smaller (Charlie) and Legalize It (Emmett))


Name Objectives Significance Unlocks

Raining Blood

Kill off the troublesome bikers in the town. The "epic battle" mission that leads to the next act. Into the Void


Charlie has just finished an invention he had been making for Kevin. He decides that Gavin is the man to send to sell it to Kev.

Name Objectives Significance Unlocks

Into The Void

Get sponsored by Borland Motors via Charlie. Deliver the package Charlie gives to Gavin to Kevin. After getting arrested by the NGPF, escape the New Gaspard prison with Eddy. Escape through the sewers and through the marketplace. Ride to the rebel hideout on hoverbikes. Gavin's second sponsor. Gavin comes into possession of the Magnet Glove, which was intended to be sold to Kevin, and hides the small package in his jacket. Kevin and the rest of the group get arrested by the NGPF prior to Gavin's arrival with the package, and Gavin gets arrested upon arrival at the department store. The NGPF prison is entered. Gavin sees the breath-taking city of New Gaspard for the first time. Access to New Gaspard (but Gavin cannot exit the city just yet). The poorest level of the city is witnessed. Bizmark's rebellion is introduced, as well as the characters Eddy and Bizmark. Gavin enters New Gaspard. Bizmark tells Eddy of his mistake of freeing the wrong prisoner, and forces Gavin to help them find the true vehicle mechanic. New Moon Rising (Eddy)
Access to New Gaspard, and the rest of Fisher County.

New Gaspard/Fisher County missions

Gavin, now inside the city of New Gaspard, has found himself working for a rebellious group aiming to take down the corrupt government that runs the city. Gavin also works to try and get Kevin and his gang out of the city prison, as well as find a way to take part in the competitive races in the city.

New Gaspard is a cyberpunk-influenced city, which is protected from the outside wasteland by an impenetrable force field. The force field also functions as a barrier against the water-freezing atmosphere of the outside world, which allows for artificial rain to be produced within the city limits.

Fisher County is the northern/northeastern region of the state, and makes up the northern part of the great plains. There are 37 missions dedicated for New Gaspard and Fisher County (26 in New Gaspard, 5 in Gaspard ruins, and 6 in the rest of Fisher County). These missions consist of minor objectives which will take you around the city and meet its diverse locals, as well as the surrounding plains and the desolate ruins of the old city of Gaspard.

Eddy (Ed)

Eddy is a newly recruited member of Bizmark's rebels, who mistakenly breaks Gavin out of the New Gaspard prison.

Name Objectives Significance Unlocks

New Moon Rising

Fix the vehicles in the rebel's garage. Drive to the illegal parts dealer and buy the parts. Evade the police. Gavin's first job for the rebels. Introduces the poorer part of the city. Introduces the more advanced NGPF that patrol the city. Hand Signals
No More Lies (Bizmark)

Hand Signals

Test out the Magnet Glove in the scrapyard. Disrupt the police blockade in the city. Evade the police. Gavin remembers the package he meant to deliver to Kevin. Introduces the Magnet Glove ability. Magnet Glove tutorial. Gavin rebels and causes trouble for the NGPF for the first time. Pedal to the Metal
Gangster's Wasteland (Malcolm) (with White Hawk Can't Jump (Malcolm))

Pedal to the Metal

Join Eddy and his friend Rufus at the diner. Steal the bicycles. Ride to Rufus' bicycle shop. Introduces the character Rufus. Bicycle-riding tutorial. Introduces Rufus' bike shop. Constant Motion (Rufus),
Blueprints Brothers (Bizmark) (with No More Lies (Bizmark))

Bizmark (B)

Tycho Bizmark (tai-ko) is the leader of a gang of rebels that plan to overthrow the corrupt New Gaspard police force. Gavin works for him in order to free Kevin and his gang, find the vehicle mechanic that was taken by the NGPF (the one that Eddy mistook Gavin for), and overthrow the corrupt officials in the city.

Name Objectives Significance Unlocks

No More Lies

Burn down the propaganda posters and fliers. Bizmark mentions Zeke, the vehicle mechanic that Eddy was supposed to bust out of prison. Gavin agrees to help out Bizmark's cause. Bizmark sees Gavin as a rookie recruit, and sends him out to do rookie work. Blueprints Brothers (with Pedal to the Metal (Eddy))

Blueprints Brothers

Sneak into the industrial warehouse. Take photos of the floor plans of the New Gaspard prison, as well as Nero's Paradise night club. Gavin takes photos of the floor plans of two locations that will play roles in later Bizmark missions. Just a Friend

Just a Friend

Meet Malcolm in the basketball courts. Drive to Malcolm's house. Chase down the mobster. The character Malcolm is introduced. Malcolm is going to help Gavin find Zeke. White Hawk Can't Jump (Malcolm)
At All Costs (Lex) (with The Hot Seat (Eddy))

Rufus (R)

Rufus is a bearded cowboyish white man that owns a bicycle shop in New Gaspard. Gavin works with/for him in order to get better vehicle parts.

Name Objectives Significance Unlocks

Constant Motion

Test ride the different bicycles. Test out the brakes on the 5 newly built bicycles by going down the ramp. Gavin gets hired by Rufus to work at the bike shop. Introduces the different properties and characteristics of different bikes. Made in Gaspard,
The Hot Seat (Eddy)

Made in Gaspard

Take the phony bicycle part to the DNA examiner. Locate the parts thief and get the stolen parts back. Gavin working for Rufus ensures that Gavin will be getting some nice vehicle parts, as well as sponsorship. In it to Win It (Lex) (with One-Hour Photo (Lex))

Eddy (Ed)

Eddy has pulled some strings and has found a way for Gavin to have his voice heard on-air.

Name Objectives Significance Unlocks

The Hot Seat

Go to the Acropolis Radio Station. Get interviewed by the radio DJ. Acropolis Radio HQ is visited, which is an anti-establishment punk rock organisation. Radio DJ "Slumdog" is seen in person and properly introduced. Gavin is interviewed on air. The interview is aired to make people aware that Gavin is trying to compete in the races. The interview is spread and gets the attention of a New Gaspard official. At All Costs (Lex) (with Just a Friend (Bizmark))
Eddy as a friend

Lex (Lx)

Lex Palinski is a city official, and is interested in having Gavin compete in the races after word of his interview has spread. Gavin works for him in exchange for getting into the racing league.

Name Objectives Significance Unlocks

At All Costs

Kill the washed-out racer. The character Lex Palinski is introduced. Gavin is closer to professionally competing in the New Gaspard races. Bizmark warns Gavin of Lex, saying he should kill him now when he has the chance. Gavin dismisses Bizmark's advice. One-Hour Photo

One-Hour Photo

Take photos of a racer to blackmail him. Gavin unknowingly removes another racer from the competition. In it to Win It

In it to Win It

Win first place in 5 of the New Gaspard Grand Prix races. (This mission can overlap with others) Gavin finally competes in the professional races, the reason he came to South Yankton in the first place. The Gentle Art of Making Enemies

The Gentle Art of Making Enemies

Avoid Lex's gang's gunfire. Escape through the gator-infested sewer. The races are revealed to be fixed and Lex's offering of allowing others to race is a scam. Gavin seeks revenge on Lex Palinski. Gavin tells Bizmark of the conspiracy, and Bizmark prepares for the upcoming assault. E.M.P. (Bizmark) (with Home Away From Home (Kevin))

Malcolm (M)

Malcolm Styles is a young man living in the ghetto of New Gaspard, usually plays basketball with his mates. His gang has dissipated in the past year, and he has some heat going down with the mobsters of the city. Gavin works with him to get a police radio and a police disguise.

Name Objectives Significance Unlocks

White Hawk Can't Jump

Learn how to play basketball with Malcolm. Win against a one-on-one with Malcolm. Win the game against the rival team. A rival basketball player was not satisfied with the outcome of yesterday's game, and confronts Malcolm at his apartment "requesting" a rematch. Gavin just so happens to walk in on the confrontation and is asked by Malcolm to help him out in two ways. Basketball minigame is introduced. Gavin learns how to play basketball. Gavin befriends Malcolm. Gangster's Wasteland (with Hand Signals (Eddy))

Gangster's Wasteland

Shoot up some rival gang hideouts. Rescue Malcolm's mate in the frozen canal. The character Dino Viscotti is introduced. Dino is an underling of Aldo Russo, the Don of the Russo mob which operates in downtown New Gaspard. Dino gives Malcolm information on the whereabouts of his kidnapped mate. Malcolm shows Gavin around the neighborhood and tells of how controlling the NGPF is. The rival gang, which has its headquarters in the abandoned floodworks of a frozen canal, is introduced, which plays a greater role in The Unwritten Hitlist. Malcolm respects Gavin a bit more. Rakim in the Free World

Rakim in the Free World

Drive with Malcolm and pick up Darnell from the police station. Take Darnell to his parent's house. Kill the bandits in the house. Malcolm is shown to be an experienced graffiti artist. The character Darnell (Rakim) is introduced, who is released from a 10-year incarceration. Darnell subtlely reveals to Malcolm that he has changed his life in prison and asks to go by the name of Rakim. Darnell's parents' house had been overrun by bandits in the 10 years he was in prison, and no trace of his parents is found. Darnell decides to live in the house. Malcolm says that Rakim will be alright, and suggests that Gavin should try to help him out Radio Free Yankton,
False Profits (Darnell/Rakim)

Radio Free Yankton

Steal the police radio and escape the NGPF on the metro. Aero vehicles ("flying" vehicles) have a very different biology from non-aero vehicles, and cannot be hot-wired to start up. Gavin and Malcolm need to use one, and Gavin learns to use his glove to turn one's ignition. The ability to start aero vehicle engines (and other vehicles in general) with the Magnet Glove is introduced. First time driving an aero vehicle. Using the Magnet Glove to latch onto magnetic objects is introduced. Gavin now has the police radio that can be used to find the missing Zeke in What's the Frequency, Gavin? Sheepskinning (wih Paid in Full (Darnell))
What's the Frequency, Gavin? (Bizmark)

Darnell/Rakim (DR)

Darnell was an unrelenting gangster when Malcolm was a young boy, however was incarcerated for 10 years for a crime he did not commit. During his time, he had converted to Islam and changed his name to Rakim, believing that his wrongful sentence was due to negative karma. After being released from prison, Rakim finds that his parents are gone, and reflects on his life and his actions that led to his life being the way it is.

Wait a minute... one character that converts to Islam while in prison... and another character named Malcolm... surely this must be a Malcolm X reference!

Nope, just pure coincidence.

Name Objectives Significance Unlocks

False Profits

Go to the underground racing arena. Do a favor for Phil. Clues will lead to Gavin and Rakim finding the man that framed Rakim. Gavin is introduced to the underground racing track. Doing the favor for Phil will have him help Rakim in return. Paid in Full
Access to underground racing arena.

Paid in Full

Drive to Wasteland Land. Take a tour of the park. Find and kill the man that framed Rakim. Introduces Wasteland Land. Wasteland Land is an amusement park in New Gaspard, that aims to show citizens how life is like living in the outside wastes, in a milder and family-friendly tone. Each section of the park represents one county of South Yankton, and serves as a sort of foreshadowing of the counties Gavin has yet to visit. Now that Rakim has had closure, he can return the favor to Gavin in Sheepskinning. Sheepskinning (Malcolm) (with Radio Free Yankton (Malcolm))


Now that Rakim has had closure, he is ready to return the favor to Gavin.

Name Objectives Significance Unlocks


Steal the police uniforms Malcolm and Rakim help Gavin break into the police academy and steal police uniforms for the mission Break Out!. Break Out! (Bizmark) (with What's the Frequency, Gavin? (Bizmark))


With Malcolm and Rakim's help, Gavin has the equipment needed to find the missing vehicle mechanic and free Kevin and his gang.

Name Objectives Significance Unlocks

What's the Frequency, Gavin?

Use the radio signal to find the vehicle mechanic (Zeke). Radio-tuning tutorial. The character Zeke is introduced. Zeke is rescued and can now fix the Vulture (helicopter) for use in the mission Lounge Act. Bizmark can now help Gavin in freeing Kevin and co.. Break Out! (with Sheepskinning (Malcolm))

Break Out!

Use the police disguise to bust Kevin and his gang out of the New Gaspard prison. Kevin and co. have been busted out of prison. Home Away From Home (Kevin)


Kevin and his gang have been busted out of the New Gaspard prison. It's not safe back at the store, so Gavin will have to find a new place for them to stay.

Name Objectives Significance Unlocks

Home Away From Home

Drive back to the store with Kevin and his gang. Drive to the biker hangout so Kevin and co. can live there. Kevin and his gang will now live with the Iron Horsemen Motorcycle Club in Fisher County, in exchange for their vehicle-maintenance services. Introduces the character Jake Tipton and the other members of the IHMC. E.M.P. (Bizmark) (with The Gentle Art of Making Enemies (Lex))
A bed in the Iron Horsemen MC hangout.


Bizmark had warned Gavin of Lex, now Gavin wants Lex dead. The following missions will help in bringing him to justice.

Name Objectives Significance Unlocks


Sneak into the shield generator and plant the EMP charges. The city of New Gaspard is protected by an electromagnetic field, generated in a building in the industrial district. Gavin places EMP charges that will be used to disable the shield in the next mission Lounge Act. Lounge Act

Lounge Act

Enter the Nero's Paradise night club and fight the guards. Kill Lex Palinski. Escape from the club via the Vulture (helicopter) piloted by Zeke. Lex Palinski is killed, so Gavin has his revenge. The death of Lex alerts other city officials and makes them go into hiding. After escaping from New Gaspard, Zeke lands the Vulture in the ruins of old Gaspard. The characters Kris and the rest of the rebels are introduced in the aftermath cutscene. The rebel hideout in the ruins is accessible, as is the entire ruins itself, although is full of hostile officers. Gavin sees no reason to stay, and contemplates on leaving back to the East, stating that he should have never come to South Yankton, and prepares to leave. One Man Short (Kris)

Kris (Kr)

Several of Bizmark's rebels work away from the rebel base, out in the wasteland. Kris is the leader of the group that set up camp in the ruins of old Gaspard in Fisher County. Gavin works with them in order to diminish and overthrow the police force presence in Gaspard and eventually the rest of the wasteland.

Name Objectives Significance Unlocks

One Man Short

Scout the ruins of Gaspard and kill NGPF officers. Destroy the tanks. Chase down the officers on bikes. Bizmark tells Gavin that he has played a vital role in the rebellion within the previous weeks, and convinces him to fully join the rebels, although Gavin decides to stay away from the city for a while. Gavin gets a feel of the action in the Gaspard ruins. The rebels destroy a few NGPF tanks, weakening their offense. The officers on bikes must be killed before they reach and alert the NGPF base. Shock Block,
It's Not a Motorcycle, Gavin (Jake)

Shock Block

Plant bombs on the 5 power generators hidden throughout the ruins. The NGPF base in the ruins is powered by 5 guarded power generators. The bombs will be detonated in the mission Make Peace Through War. Smuggling Act

Smuggling Act

Drive across the Trans-Gaspard Bridge in a stolen NGPF truck and sneak past bridge checkpoints with Bizmark, Zeke and other rebels to New Gaspard. Drop off the rebels at the hideout. Load up supply crates into the truck. Drive back without causing any suspicion. The bridge connecting New Gaspard with Gaspard is accessible. Gavin uses the NGPF uniform he stole earlier in Sheepskinning in order to sneak past the guards at the checkpoints. Bizmark, Zeke and the rebels involved in Lounge Act are taken back to New Gaspard. Arrested Development

Arrested Development

Disrupt the construction of the wall by killing the workers and destroying the cranes. Escape through the tunnels with the flamethrower. The wall is an impenetrable barrier that surrounds the perimeter of the city center. However, it's not quite finished, and this mission will prevent the completion of the wall, leaving a gap to cross into. Make Peace Through War (with Dunk Tanked (Jake) and School's Out (Mr. Mars))

Jake (J)

Jake Tipton is the president of the Iron Horsemen Motorcycle Club. Gavin works with him to learn the ways of the biker gang, and to build allies for the future attack on the New Gaspard city officials. He is voiced by Jason Lee.

Name Objectives Significance Unlocks

It's Not a Motorcycle, Gavin

Ride with the IHMC to the Salvage Drive. Kill the enemy gang that crashes the event. Jake sees potential in Gavin, and asks him to join on their ride to a salvage drive (a sort of spare parts trade event). Gavin rides with an actual biker gang, and becomes closer to being a member of the gang. Tiptoe


Ride to the bar. Shadow a duo of rival bikers. Survive the gunfight in the canyon. The rival club have stolen several high-tech bikes from the IHMC. This is simply getting them back. Jake mentions his son Izzy in the pre-cutscene, saying how he hasn't been very good in school lately and has gone off to who-knows-where. In the aftermath cutscene, Jake tells Gavin to go to Izzy's school and find him. Gavin becomes a "hang around" for the IHMC. Dunk Tanked
Pedaffiliated (Mr. Mars)

Dunk Tanked

Chase and take command of a tanker rig. Drive it up the mountain and ditch the tank as it drives off the cliff. The enemy clubhouse is situated at the base of a mountain. The tanker plummets down and blows the clubhouse up. Make Peace Through War (Kris) (with Arrested Development (Kris) and School's Out (Mr. Mars))
IHMC Hangaround Side Missions

Mr. Mars (MM)

Mr. Mars is an obese, middle-aged school professor and principal of Foxfoot School, as well as the teacher of Jake's son, Izzy.

Name Objectives Significance Unlocks


Drive the school bus and pick up kids at several stops. Defend the children from bandits. The character Mr. Mars is introduced. Gavin does a favor for Mr. Mars, which will also help him find Jake's son Izzy by asking the kids where he can be found. Gavin learns that Izzy is always hanging around with the skaters at a New Gaspard skate park. Wild in the Streets (Izzy)

Izzy (I)

Isaiah "Izzy" Tipton is the teenage son of Jake. A troubled youth that cuts class in favor of skateboarding in New Gaspard and playing guitar. Jake is disappointed by the lifestyle Izzy chooses to live, and would rather have Izzy be a biker like himself.

Name Objectives Significance Unlocks

Wild in the Streets

Teach the punks some skateboarding skills. Out-perform the punks in skateboarding. Evade the enemy punks with bombs by riding through the streets, protecting Izzy. Skateboarding tutorial. The character Izzy is introduced, although he was mentioned before. Gavin is a skilled skateboarder, and teaches the punks a thing or two after being taunted. Izzy gets persuaded by Gavin to go back to school. Mr Wright (Mr. Mars)
Skateboard Competitions

Mr. Mars

Name Objectives Significance Unlocks

Mr. Wright

Teach the students about weapon safety. Advanced weapon techniques tutorial. School's Out

School's Out

Kill the bandits in the school. Bandits have broken into the school and have caused havoc in the hallways and classrooms. Izzy is among the students trapped. Make Peace Through War (with Arrested Development (Kris) and Dunk Tanked (Jake))


Name Objectives Significance Unlocks

Make Peace Through War

Assault the NGPF base in the ruins. Chase down Noe Stallone with Kris as she drives the minigun truck. Fly with Zeke in a Vulture and shoot down Noe's Vulture. This is the epic battle that consists of the rebels removing the NGPF occupation of the ruins. The character Noe Stallone is introduced, who is a city official and head of the NGPF. Noe survives the Vulture crash, and calls the NGPF officers to retreat to Andrew County. Kris and the rebels are successful, and set base in Andrew County. Cheap Thrills
Access to the Badlands/Andrew County.

Badlands/Andrew County missions

Things have taken a turn for the worst for Gavin. The dream of living a life of luxury by competing in the New Gaspard races is shattered as the races have been revealed to be part of a conspiracy aimed at entertaining the masses, thus leaving actually-skilled racers unnecessary. Gavin, seeking revenge, joins Bizmark's rebellion in an effort to hunt down the men responsible for the corruption of the city, and the only way to them is through the Badlands of Andrew County. The Badlands offers a variety of missions to help Gavin and the rebels break through the NGPF blockade that blocks the entrance to Rumme County, as well as gain more allies for the upcoming war. Missions in the game will have Gavin explore the rugged terrain of the Badlands, get exposed to Native American cultures and lifestyles, and help a heavy metal band play a show in the largest bar in South Yankton.

There are 20 story missions in Andrew County.


Name Objectives Significance Unlocks

Cheap Thrills

Go to the Gun and Aid supply store in the Badlands. Ride with Aaron on his horse to the radio towers and sabotage the signal. Kris explains to Gavin that the barrier that blocks the entrance to the Black Hills (Rumme County) is the same type of wall that surrounded the city center in Gaspard. The only difference is it's completed, which means it's impenetrable to any known force, leaving the gang to figure out how to cross. The character Aaron Picotte is introduced. Horses are introduced, although Gavin does not have the ability to ride them yet. Bad Religion
Wherever the Wind Takes You (Aaron)

Bad Religion

Set up bombs in a church in Fisher County. Wait for the disguised NGPF members to set up their meeting. Blow up the church and kill the surviving officers. Although the NGPF presence in Fisher County (minus New Gaspard) is non-existent, a few members had secretly tried to set up meetings disguised as church masses. The character Wei Lung is introduced, who is a high-ranking member of Bizmark's rebellion. Lost Keys (with Dig it a Hole (Vincent)

Aaron (A)

Aaron Picotte is a Native American of the Lakota peoples living in the Badlands of Andrew County. Aaron is a cheap and stingy early-20s man that tries to get everything free in life. His grandfather has told him stories of how back in the day, Native Americans got free healthcare and aid, however Aaron has taken the stories too far and aims at trying to live a life with everything freely given to him, something he sees as his birthright. Aaron and the rest of the Native Americans dislike the use of gas-powered vehicles, using horses or human-powered vehicles in favor of them. Gavin helping Aaron will actually help Gavin and the gang find a way to get past the barrier.

Among Aaron's relations are his 70-year old grandfather Dakota, who lives a life based on traditions and values, and his uncle Reggie/Tȟatȟáŋka, a man that invites young non-native women in participating in "ancient native traditions" that are clearly false and highly perverted and inappropriate, yet he is able to trick and persuade the gullible girls into thinking the acts performed are traditions hundreds of years old and to take part in his sexual "ceremonies".

Name Objectives Significance Unlocks

Wherever the Wind Takes You

Ride the Whirligig (flying contraption) with Aaron and snag some buffalo in the badlands. Aaron's village is introduced. The character Dakota is introduced, who is Aaron's grandfather. Dakota mentions an ancient machine he once saw as a kid, which will later be revealed to be the Behemoth. The character Reggie is introduced (going by the name of Tȟatȟáŋka), whom Aaron asks for permission to use the Whirligig. Whirligig tutorial. Introduces buffalo hunting. Mutant buffalo are introduced. Ecological Footprint

Ecological Footprint

Learn how to ride a horse. Follow the NGPF Vulture with Aaron. Kill the officers at the outpost and steal the supplies. Horse riding tutorial. Horses can now be ridden. In this mission, Aaron shows the extent of his anti-gasoline lifestyle by tying the car to the horses and dragging it to the destination. On a Real Horse

On a Real Horse

Ride on horses with Aaron and with the War Pigs MC and set up a decoy for NGPF officers. Kill the officers, and chase two officers on hoverbikes with Aaron by using one of their hoverbikes. The War Pigs Motorcycle Club is seen for the first time. Aaron has some friendly ties with the WPMC, and this mission helps out both groups by getting some hover bikes and other supplies. Hoverbikes are seen and used for the first time. Guided by Voices
Appealing to the Masses (Jake)

Guided by Voices

Ride with Aaron and Dakota to the cave. Ride down the river on a raft while defending against an enemy tribe. Follow Dakota to the burial ground. Liquid water in nature is first seen. Dakota will communicate with the ancient spirits that will reveal the location of the Behemoth. In reality, the "spirits" are holographic projections that show the creation of the Behemoth, talk about its purpose, and show where it was kept, which is in a buried laboratory that functioned before the war. The Best Things in Life
Dig it a Hole (Vince)

The Best Things in Life

Assault the reservation bureau. Chase down Maxie Paddington and bring him back alive to Aaron's village. The reservation bureau has oppressed the Natives for too long, and Aaron has now coaxed the bureaucrat Maxie Paddington into allowing Natives to settle anywhere. Beasts of Burden (Vincent) (with The False Kind (Izzy) and The Only Good Worm (Vincent))


Jake has heard word of Gavin's presence in the Badlands, and is thinking of using Gavin to help the IHMC gain some allies in Andrew County.

Name Objectives Significance Unlocks

Appealing to the Masses

Ride to the War Pigs Motorcycle Clubhouse and propose a partnership with the IHMC. Ride to the Javelin and witness the Nuclear Fleas performance. Steal a limousine from a bandit-infested junkyard. Jake wants to establish ties with a biker gang in Andrew County. The War Pigs MC is properly introduced, led by Isidrio Benitez. The WPMC have a share in the income that comes into the Javelin, the largest bar in South Yankton, which generates greater income thanks to the Nuclear Fleas, a live band that plays every week. The Fleas are about ready to quit the Javelin gig, leaving Isidrio worried that income might suffer. The Nuclear Fleas are introduced, and tell Gavin that their last show will be held next week, and want a replacement band to be their opening act. Gavin becomes an associate of the IHMC. I Wanna Rock (Izzy)
IHMC Associate Side Missions (after Hangaround side missions have been cleared)

Jake tells Gavin to ask Izzy for help with this situation, knowing that Izzy is into "that sort of stuff".


Izzy is doing much better now that he's getting his life together. Now finished with school, he's taken up residence in his dad's old home in the Badlands, and wants to form a heavy metal band.

Name Objectives Significance Unlocks

I Wanna Rock

Drive with Izzy to his old friend's house. Help Izzy play his guitar louder than Riley. Izzy will help Gavin in his quest to get an opening act for Nuclear Flea's farewell show. The character Riley Stubbs is introduced, the lead singer and guitarist for a band that consists of some of Izzy's old friends. Riley is commanding and rude, making the other bandmates hate him. Riley controls the band and makes them play generic metal, making Izzy realize their wasted potential. Can't Keep a Good Man Down

Can't Keep a Good Man Down

Kidnap Riley from his house and stash him in Izzy's basement. The kidnapping of Riley will now allow Izzy to sing and play guitar for the band. By suggestion of Izzy, the group decides to name the band "Iron Horsemen". No Fancy Stage Aesthetics

No Fancy Stage Aesthetics

With Izzy and his two bandmates, steal flamethrowers from the arsenal, steal searchlights from the military base and steal dry ice barrels from the underground lab. These materials are going to be used for stage purposes. The flamethrowers are for pyrotechnics, the searchlights are for spotlights, and the dry ice barrels are makeshift fog machines. No War For Heavy Metal

No War For Heavy Metal

Witness the bands' performance. Survive the mosh pit while making your way from the crowd to backstage. Defend the stage from Riley and a gang of bikers backstage. Riley Stubbs dies. The Nuclear Fleas leave the Javelin, leaving Iron Horsemen as their replacement for the weekly act at the Javelin. Izzy is finally content with his life, and his father is now slightly acceptant of the life he chose. The War Pigs MC, seeing that their financial problem is solved, can now acknowledge the IHMC as allies. The False Kind (with 21st Century Demo Man (Dustin))
Izzy as a friend


Vincent Doolittle is a prospector/miner that works in the badlands. Gavin works with him in order to find the Behemoth.

Name Objectives Significance Unlocks

Dig it a Hole

Ride to the excavation site. Kill the giant worms in the site. The giant worm creatures are encountered for the first time, and they've overtaken the excavation site Doolittle was working in. The Only Good Worm
Lost Keys (Kris) (with Bad Religion (Kris))

The Only Good Worm

With the help of Wei Lung and his team of rebels, enter the giant worm cave and venture inside to kill the queen. Drive the Badger (digging machine) out to the cave entrance. The Badger, a high-powered digging machine, is now back in Doolittle's possession, which will be used to find the Behemoth. Beasts of Burden (with The False Kind (Izzy) and The Best Things in Life (Aaron))


Name Objectives Significance Unlocks

Lost Keys

Go to the motocross track. Race on motocross bikes through the course. The keys to the hauling truck have been misplaced, and Gavin cannot use the Magnet Glove on the rusty ignition. The hauling truck will be used to transport the Behemoth easily. Kris suggests searching for them at a motocross track. The characters Dustin and Shelly are introduced. Dustin, Clay's brother, owns several extreme sports facilities in the Badlands, and asks Gavin to help put on a show at each venue. Also the characters Denzel and Hoffman are introduced, two stoner alien-hunters that work for Dustin. (The names Dustin and Hoffman are purely coincidental). Crawling to the Top (Dustin)
Motocross races

Dustin (Du)

Dustin is the owner of several extreme sporting facilities in the Badlands. He is also Clay's younger brother, and asks Clay to pursuade Gavin to do a solid for him.

One of Dustin's employees is named Denzel.

Now hold on for just a moment... Denzel... Denzel Washington.... this just must be a Malcolm X film reference!


Name Objectives Significance Unlocks

Crawling to the Top

Race to the top of the mountain with the Rock Crawler. Gavin does more extreme sports jobs for Dustin. 21st Century Demo Man
Rock Crawling races

21st Century Demo Man

Ride the monster truck in the arena and put on a show. Chase down Hoffman and Denzel through the arena and out into the badlands. Destroy the stoners' car fort. Chase them through more badlands. Monster truck tutorial. Gavin's final job for Dustin. Gavin finds out that Hoffman had found the keys, and decided to keep them from Gavin after Gavin had taken his job. Gavin chases Hoffman and Denzel, however during the chase Gavin loses control of the monster truck and drives off a cliff, losing them. The False Kind (Izzy) (with No War For Heavy Metal (Izzy))
Monster Truck demo challenges


Gavin phones Izzy and asks for his help with getting the keys from Hoffman and Denzel back. He also asks Aaron to help.

Name Objectives Significance Unlocks

The False Kind

Use Aaron's Whirlygig with searchlight and track down Denzel and Hoffman's van. Use the Magnet Glove to "levitate" the van and bring it to Izzy's underground hangar. Denzel and Hoffman, avid alien-hunters, are scared shitless by Gavin and his pals. In the hangar, Izzy and the bandmates use their fancy stage aesthetics to mock an alien encounter. The band begins playing, and Gavin threatens the confused duo. Hoffman gives the keys to the hauling truck. Beasts of Burden (Vincent) (with The Only Good Worm (Vincent) and The Best Things in Life (Aaron))


Name Objectives Significance Unlocks

Beasts of Burden

Enter the unearthed laboratory and find the Behemoth with Dakota. Bring power to the Behemoth and guide it to the exit. The Behemoth is now in possession of the rebels. Another Bolt in the Wall (Kris)


With the Behemoth, the rebels now have a way of destroying the wall that blocks their path to the Black Hills. Thanks to Gavin's efforts, the Native Americans, the Iron Horsemen MC and the War Pigs MC also help out in the assault.

Name Objectives Significance Unlocks

Another Bolt in the Wall

Lead the convoy to the canyon. Assault the NGPF checkpoint in the canyon with your allies, while protecting the truck with the Behemoth. Protect the behemoth as it makes its way to the wall. The epic battle that leads to the next act. A sizable chunk is created in the wall, thanks to the Behemoth. The Behemoth gets destroyed shortly after, and the NGPF retreat into the Black Hills. The rebels set up base in the small settlement of Buffalo Loon on the Buffalo Loon statue. Burning Desire
Rumme County/Black Hills access

Black Hills/Rumme County missions

These series of missions take place in the most major area of the game: The Black Hills. Gavin will find himself trekking across a vast forest region, complete with renditions of Mt. Rushmore (Mt. Borglum) the Crazy Horse statue (Buffalo Loon), and the towns of Sturgis (Willcox), Deadwood (Copse), Lead (Stone Fallows), Rapid City (Quicksilver), Keystone (Westpoint), and Custer (Benteen), in order to find the New Gaspard city officials that have fled to the region, as well as become a full-fledged member of the Iron Horsemen Motorcycle Club.

Missions here will involve bike riders, gold diggers, a nature-loving neo-hippy, a war over the limited supply of hoverbikes, modern cowboys, NGPF officers, Natives, lumberjacks, and many many mountains.

There are 40 story missions in this region.


Name Objectives Significance Unlocks

Burning Desire

Take Jake to the Biker Association in Fort Rapid. Drive to the IHMC clubhouse in the Black Hills. Jake drives in a car to Gavin's location at the broken wall, saying the car is Izzy's. The Black Hills is introduced by Jake, as is the Biker Association in the city of Fort Rapid. A nice view of Mt. Borglum greets the two as they drive through the woods. Jake sees the Association as an elitist club and will attempt to gain their favor. Gavin becomes a prospected member of the IHMC. Higher Ground
IHMC Prospect Jacket outfit
IHMC Prospect Side Missions (afer Associate side missions have been cleared)


Kris' squad has taken a heavy toll in the battle in the Badlands, and decide to lay low for a while. Kris phones Gavin and informs him to meet in the town of Buffalo Loon in the western Black Hills.

Name Objectives Significance Unlocks

Kris 1

Something Kris, Wei Lung and the other rebels will be hiding out in the town of Buffalo Loon for a while. Introduces the character Ginny, Kris' mother, who lives in a shack in Buffalo Loon. Ginny was never happy with Kris' rebellious nature, seeing it as a sort of phase (and unaware of the violence Kris has gotten involved in), and believes that Kris has decided to settle down and give up her old "attitude". Ginny is also happy that Kris has made lots of new "friends", thinking the rebels are average wastelanders. Higher Ground
IHMC Prospect Jacket outfit
IHMC Prospect Side Missions (afer Associate side missions have been cleared)

Ollie (Ol)

Ollie Huber is a middle-aged neo-hippy that is head of a sustainability village in the Black Hills bio-dome. Was once a blood thief in New Gaspard.

Name Objectives Significance Unlocks

Gain Trust and Get into the Bio-dome

Ride bicycles to the Bio-dome. Introduces the character Ollie Huber. The Bio-dome is accessed for the first time. No gas-powered vehicles are allowed in the dome perimeter. Ollie's village and the villagers are introduced. Do Village Chores for Ollie

Everything Zen

Move stuff around on wheelbarrow. Water plants. Plow fields. Gavin experiences life on a farm. Ollie 3


Name Objectives Significance Unlocks

Jake - becoming a full member of the club

Ride with the gang to the bar in Copse. Survive the brawl between the biker clubs. What seems to be an assault on Gavin by an unknown party turns out to be the entire bike gang playing a small prank on him as they inform him on his full membership with the Iron Horsemen Motorcycle Club. The gang goes out to celebrate at a local bar. At the bar, after some heavy drinking, a rival bike gang shows up at the bar, where a brawl ensues between sides. Jake asks Gavin to escape with him as the others fend them off for a bit. The two rest at a cliff before the rest of the crew shows up, and the entire collective share stories til dawn. It's Jake's story where Gavin learns of Jake and Izzy's past, as well as how he rose through the ranks of the club before becoming the president. Next Jake

Winston (W)

Winston Pauer is the richest man in South Yankton, a self-made millionaire that funds the New Gaspard races. Gavin had recently stolen a vehicle of his back in Kubrick County with Oz, and now he demands some sort of payback. Gavin gets a phone call from a man telling him to meet at a disclosed location.

Name Objectives Reward Unlocks


With Oz, find the Sunset (sports car) that was stolen in Free Ride. Gavin gets kidnapped by Winston and his goons, and finds out that Oz had been kidnapped before him. Winston Pauer is officially introduced, as well as his Black Hills mansion. Gavin and Oz will be under heavy surveillance by Pauer and his goons, threatening to kill them if they don't pay back, giving them no choice but to work for him. Winston's mansion will play a vital role in a much later mission. Gavin repays Winston Pauer for his crime. Winston 2


Izzy has become a somewhat irresponsible rock star and is having a bit too much fun.

Name Objectives Reward Unlocks

Save Izzy

Ride quickly to Izzy's location in a log cabin in the central mountain. Save Izzy from a drug dealer and his henchmen. Escape on ATVs down the mountain. Izzy phones Gavin and urgently asks for help, as it turns out the woman Izzy had spent the night with was in a relationship with a huge drug lord. After evading, Gavin scolds Izzy for his reckless behavior and says he didn't help Izzy way back in New Gaspard for him to become this type of person, prompting Izzy to reassess his life. Next Izzy

Dalton (DW)

Dalton Wright, Gavin's 49-year-old father, visits South Yankton in an attempt to convince Gavin to go back home. Word had spread of the rebellion across the U.S., and Dalton was worried that Gavin might get into trouble. Clay phones Gavin and tells him that Dalton came over and is waiting at the Keyhole bar. I swear if this game is made 10 years from now then Seth Green has to play this dude.

Name Objectives Significance Unlocks

Tour Guide

Ride with Dalton to a nice spot in the Black Hills and have a little chat. Gavin and Dalton talk about the past few months and their respective affairs. Provides much back-story to both Gavin as well as the setting and time of the game. Dalton 2


Name Objectives Significance Unlocks

God Bless You, Please

Crash the Biker Association in Quicksilver. Kidnap Sonny Robinson and take him to the IHMC clubhouse. Jake has had enough and is now going to do what he's always wanted to do: Kill Sonny Robinson, head of the Biker Association. As Sonny is tied, Jake insists Gavin help in killing Sonny, however Gavin tries to reason with Jake and tell him that killing him won't solve anything. Jake questions Gavin's loyalty and begins to wonder if Gavin is a threat to him. Sonny is imprisoned in the IHMC clubhouse. Saint Mark's Bistro

Jake phones Gavin and says he can hardly control himself while in the general vicinity of Sonny, and tells Gavin to finish his business with Sonny quickly.

Sonny (S)

Sonny Robinson has been taken hostage by Jake and Gavin, and is held in the clubhouse jail cell. He has some more intel on the whereabouts of the remaining city officials.

Name Objectives Significance Unlocks


Do Because Stuff


Name Objectives Significance Unlocks

South by Southwest

Ride to Borglum with Jake. Go into the mayor's office with Jake. Evade the NGPF troops by reaching the top of Mt. Borglum. Kill the NGPF squads. Chase Jake through Borglum. Chase Jake on motorcycles, avoiding Jake's gunfire. Chase Jake through the Black Hills and the Badlands. Chase Jake and Izzy into Jayne County. Jake asks Gavin to accompany him to the town of Borglum, making Gavin question as to why they are going there since the town and the rebel hideout had been taken over by the NGPF. Jake is revealed to have ties with the NGPF and the New Gaspard government, however Jake's point of view sees them as the good guys. Gavin kills Drew Brown in a Mexican Standoff, while a confused Jake watches. NGPF officers are alerted of the assassin and chase after Gavin to the top of Mt. Borglum. After seeing Gavin kill Drew Brown, a man he was very good friends with, Jake finally sees Gavin as an enemy and antagonizes him. Gavin tries to talk to Jake and tell him of the situation, however Jake believes Gavin is trying to kill him. Jake takes Izzy from their home in the Badlands and tells him to shoot Gavin as he gives chase. In the small town of Fort Clifford in Jayne County, Izzy is ordered by his dad to shoot Gavin, which he has no choice but to do so, however the shot is not fatal. Gavin wakes up 3 days later in the care of an elderly woman and her young adult granddaughter in Fort Clifford. The characters Estelle (old woman) and Nelly (young woman) are introduced. Everyone thinks Gavin is dead, and that Izzy is the one that killed him. Debt to Society (Estelle)
Hostility (Izzy)
Access to Jayne County

Alright, for all the loyal fans out there, I will be working on this soon.

I'm stumped as to what to do here (in the Rumme region).

Some events to use:

These pertain to the Black Hills/Rumme County strand:

  • One government official is living in the Biodome, and the only way in is with the help of environmentalist hippy Ollie Huber, who runs a sustainability village within the dome.
  • Jake's motive for getting the War Pigs MC as allies was to steal their supply of hoverbikes. Jake's friend Drew Brown (a New Gaspard official) gave Jake orders to find a way to steal the hoverbikes from the War Pigs MC. Luckily for Jake, Gavin happened to appear. The hoverbikes, which are enhanced versions of city hoverbikes and are illegal outside of the city, are planned to be issued to the NGPF, for use in New Gaspard as well as the rest of South Yankton.
  • Lemmy, an IHMC member, is involved in an accident and gets medical help at the IHMC Black Hills lodge. Jake uses this to his advantage, and lies to Gavin, saying members of the WPMC had ambushed Lemmy. Jake suggests that Gavin help bring justice by stealing their supply of hoverbikes. Gavin says Jake is overreacting and this is probably just a misunderstanding, however agrees to go talk to Isidrio Benitez (WPMC president).
  • Gavin gets involved with a family living in the western-most portion of the hills: The Rickerman family, and has to deal with their rebellious teenage members. Reggie Rickerman, one of the teenagers, is a mission-giver, along with Barney Rickerman, his brother. And there's Nicole Rickerman, their sister. (Maybe Lemmy is the patriarch of the family and asks Gavin to help them. Or Kris informs Gavin that the family plays an important role (they have something or they are in control of something) and Gavin needs to be on friendly terms with them Maybe).
  • Gavin steals a shipment of water from a truck that makes deliveries to New Gaspard. The city gets its water from the Bio-dome in the Black Hills, which is used for drinking, bathing, and most importantly the artificial rain. However Gavin's attacks on the water shipments eventually halts all water-shipping into the city until the culprits stealing the water are caught. This means that the city will get limited water supplies until Gavin is caught. The world is just so gray and gray.
  • A rebel hideout is within Mt. Borglum, hiding behind the faces of the presidential busts. The hideout is assaulted by NGPF soldiers and is taken over by the NGPF. Drew Brown will head this division, leading to Jake and Gavin's confrontation in South by Southwest.
  • One town in Rumme County has little-to-no knowledge of automobiles, preferring to live life similar to the old west lifestyle (horse-riding, primitive electrical equipment, old-west-period weaponry). This area is pretty much Red Dead Redemption-ish. Possibly the Rickermans live in this town, and a few of their kids are meddling with automobile technologies, worrying their parents as they could be exposed to the dangers of advanced technologies. Gold miners play a role here.

And these pertain to the following strand (Jayne County):

  • Dalton is kidnapped by Jake and makes him bait for Gavin.
  • Several IHMC members join Jake, as he tells them that Gavin has forced him out of the club, and tells them that he (Jake) will relocate the "real" club to the town of Landon for the time being, and will plot to retake the clubhouse from Gavin.

Missions to Add in Rumme County

1. Kris - involving the slums of Mt. Borglum.
2. Kris - involving Kris' mother Ginger being a nuisance.
3. Kris - something that isn't filler.
4. New Character that's leader of Rumme operations in Mt. Borglum, something involving the bio-dome and water supply of NG
5. Meeting Rickermans
6. Rickermans 2, stealing the water
7. Rickermans 3, the yellow bug drive into the steel mill.
8. Involving the Satan's Spire climb.
9. NGPF raid of Borglum
10. Hoverbiking in forest (stop if you think you've heard of this before).

Jayne County missions

Gavin's quest of bringing justice to South Yankton has taken an interesting turn, as Jake is revealed to have ties with several New Gaspard city officials. Gavin's acts of justice against the officials has antagonized Jake, leading him to abandon his position as IHMC leader and begin working for the few remaining officials out of paranoia. Gavin wakes up from injuries sustained out of Jake's betrayal in the care of a kind elderly woman and her granddaughter.

Jayne County is a mostly desert-inspired region, taking much inspiration from science fiction deserts, such as the desert planets Arrakis of the novel Dune and Geonosis of the Star Wars franchise. Sand dunes and red rocks abound here, and the only two towns in this county are Fort Clifford (the town where Gavin is shot), which has a very ancient middle-eastern influence, and Landon, the town that had become occupied by the New Gaspard government and that Jake will now come into control under government supervision.

There are 50,000 story missions in Jayne County.

Estelle (Es)

Estelle is kind and elderly woman living in an apartment in a small town in Jayne County, along with her granddaughter Nelly. Gavin does favors for her in exchange for helping him with his injuries. Nelly believes she is taking care of the old and frail Estelle, however Estelle is more than capable of taking care of herself, showing a proficiency with weapons and combat. It's Estelle that is taking care of Nelly, however her old age means her time will soon be up.

Name Objectives Significance Unlocks

Debt to Society

Take Estelle to the park. Feed the birds. Gavin repays Estelle for her kind deed. Gavin believes that doing these favors are pointless. Estelle is revealed to be a former outlaw gunslinger. Something More Comfortable

Something More Comfortable

Take Estelle to the mall. Use a disguise and avoid the NGPF. Escape the mall with Estelle. The mall is heavily guarded by NGPF officers, which means Gavin needs a disguise to hide his identity. On the drive to the mall, Estelle mentions that her granddaughter will need someone to take care of her, and suggests Gavin take Nelly out on a date. She mentions that Nelly has needed someone to watch over her ever since her mother was taken by government officials to an underground bunker, and Gavin wants as much info on that bunker, and Estelle says that Nelly might know something about it. Estelle gives Gavin Nelly's number. Breadbasket
Small Talk (Nelly)


Steal an NGPF supply van. Estelle shows her violent side and helps Gavin get supplies from the officers. Somethin'

Gavin phones Nelly and asks to hang out, and Nelly says to pick her up at noon of the following day. The mission Small Talk is started automatically.

Nelly (N)

Cornelia "Nelly" is the granddaughter of Estelle. Estelle has asked Gavin to do her the favor of taking Nelly on a date. Nelly's mother was taken to an underground bunker, a location Gavin has yet to know of. Phoning Nelly will begin her mission.

Name Objectives Significance Unlocks

Small Talk

Take Nelly to the cliffside diner. Follow Nelly's directions to the bunker entrance. Gavin asks Nelly about the whereabouts of the underground bunker. Nelly takes Gavin to the cave she remembers from her youth. Something
Nelly as a friend


A voice message left on Gavin's phone by Izzy shows Izzy's apology to Gavin for shooting him, and that Jake has taken over the town of Landon by orders of the New Gaspard government. Phoning Izzy will reveal more info on the situation at hand.

Name Objectives Significance Unlocks


Drive to Landon disguised as an exterminator (gas mask soldier). Shadow the government officials Izzy apologizes to Gavin in person, and tells him that everyone thinks he's dead by Izzy's hands. The town of Landon is taken over by Jake by orders of the New Gaspard government. Izzy and a disguised Gavin go to Jake's office in the town bar, where they see a changed and slightly paranoid Jake running the town, asking what Izzy's been doing. Jake mentions that he should keep Izzy umder strict surveillance. The two gov officials taken hostage by the rebels. Next Izzy... maybe...


Name Objectives Significance Unlocks

Trash the place

Assault the town of Landon and capture Jake in his office in the bar. Trash the bar. Jake is captured and tied up to a chair, allowing the oppressed citizens of Landon to exact revenge. Gavin gives Izzy a baseball bat and the two begin trashing the bar in which Jake had operated from, in celebration of the liberation of Landon, causing others to join in. My Father's Keeper

My Father's Keeper

Save Izzy from the burning jailhouse. Chase after Noe's convoy on motorcycle. Ride back to Landon. Izzy is in the jailhouse, trying to convince his father to see the positives of the side Izzy has now joined, however Jake is unmoved, stating reasons as to why he won't be joining with Gavin and co. Gavin finds Izzy in the jailhouse and tells him to join him and the others at the bar, prompting Jake to swear at Gavin for "taking his boy down the dark path" and away from him. Noe Stallone and his NGPF brigade blow up the jailhouse and free Jake from his cell. Gavin saves Izzy from the flames and chases after Noe's convoy, and fails in stopping them. Noe takes Jake back to New Gaspard, unbeknown to Gavin. Homecoming


Load up an RV and drive with Izzy to the rebel hideout in New Gaspard. Gavin discovers that Noe and Jake have gone to New Gaspard, and phones Bizmark, informing him that Gavin is returning to NG. Gavin and Izzy make a subtle return to New Gaspard. Izzy decides to join the rebels. Raptor Hunt (Zeke)

Return to New Gaspard

Gavin and Izzy relocate back to the city where it all began. Still on the hunt for Jake, Gavin and Izzy hide out at the rebel HQ, and ally with Bizmark and the newly-promoted Kris.

There are 99 story missions for Gavin during his return to New Gaspard.


Bizmark has tasked Gavin to help Zeke with various missions in weeding out any more NGPF officers outside the city.

Name Objectives Significance Unlocks

Raptor Hunt

Fly the Vulture with Zeke to the top of Mt. Borglum (Mt. Rushmore spoof). Rappel down the faces of the Presidents and plant bombs in their nostrils. Infiltrate the NGPF base within the mountain and drive the officers out of the mountain. Gavin drives a Vulture for the first time. The NGPF officers abandon their base within Mt. Borglum. The faces of Mt. Borglum have been blasted off. Zeke 2

Zeke 2

Andrew County shit More death Next

Melanie (M)

Melanie is a mysterious character that calls Gavin on his phone and asks to arrange a meeting.

Name Objectives Significance Unlocks

Melanie 1

Go to Melanie's apartment. I don't care what Gavin does, this mission is just to introduce this awesome character and important plot point. Melanie is seen for the first time. Introduces Melanie's son, Todd. Todd is a potty-mouthed yet polite 8-year old that never leaves his mother's apartment, playing video games all day. Melanie tells Gavin that she knows where Jake is, however won't be so willing in revealing where he could be found, and reveals to Gavin that she is the mother of Izzy. Melanie had gotten word of Gavin's arrival with her son, hinting that Bizmark is the one who told her via phone. Revealing that she had faked her death and had let her son be raised by the bikers, Melanie tells Gavin that she and Jake were the creators of the rebellion that is now lead by Bizmark, however could not handle the changed Jake that had gotten involved with the government. Melanie tells Gavin of a super-weapon she had built years ago, a weapon that could only be activated by one person's genetic coding, and that Jake had spent years searching for this one person. After a long conversation, Melanie subtly hints that Izzy is the one with the genetic code. Junkie For Your Love,
Natural Born Killer (Grigori)

Junkie For Your Love

Take Todd to his father's house. Something else. Melanie asks if Gavin could take her son Todd to his father's house so he could stay there for a while. Victor is revealed to be Todd's father, and has made a nice living in New Gaspard selling heroin.

Grigori (G)

Grigori Poboisk is a Russian hacker living in a New Gaspard apartment. Grigori is a neat-freak germaphobe, who lives with his unhygienic uncle Feliks. Gavin works with him in order to hack into the New Gaspard government computer system and compete in the races once again.

Name Objectives Significance Unlocks

Grigori 1

Take a shower at the bathhouses, and pick out a clean outfit, and return to Grigori's apartment. Go to The Wires cyber club and talk to a man named Syd regarding a piece of equipment Syd had borrowed from Grigori. Dance with Trisha while waiting for Syd to return. Follow Syd's friend Peter to the LOCATION OF BETRAYAL (or maybe not betrayal, I dunno, still working this scene out). The character Grigori Poboisk is introduced, and access to the bathhouses is unlocked. Grigori will not let Gavin inside his apartment unless Gavin takes a bath and wears clean clothes. The character Syd is introduced, who is an untrustworthy rival hacker that frequents The Wires cyber club. The character Trisha is introduced, who hangs out with Syd's gang at The Wires, and who takes an interest in Gavin when he first arrives at the club, convincing him to dance with her on the floor. The character Peter is introduced, the timid and stalwart "sidekick" of Syd, who is a tech-geek and surveillance expert, yet is very shy and hardly speaks. In return for Gavin's favor, Grigori is going to hack into the government network and help Gavin bring down some more officials. Natural Born Killer

Natural Born Killer

Sneak into Buck Burns' apartment and steal his racing uniform. Escape the apartment and kill Buck. Grigori has hacked into the racing network and has found one of the racers hired by New Gaspard to keep other racers from winning: Buck Burns. Gavin sneaks into his apartment and steals his racing uniform, but accidentally awakens him, prompting a vehicle chase through the city, ending in Gavin killing Buck in a secluded street (this is the point where Gavin feels absolutely no remorse in killing someone). Gavin will now impersonate Buck Burns, and Grigori will give Gavin some personal info about Buck in order for him to impersonate him better. Grigori says he will remind Gavin of his racing schedule, in a post-mission phone call. Grigori 3
New Gaspard Grand Prix races (4 races)

This Ain't a Race, It's an Arms Scene

Win the final race. Kill the official at the awards ceremony. Escape the NGPF. Gavin kills some government official, the reason he was competing in this set of races was to get close to this official. The government will now look into this event and eventually trace it back to Grigori's apartment. Something


Bizmark will have Gavin become a part of the NGPF, giving him a new identity and record to do so.

Gavin goes through NGPF training under the name Conrad Einstein.

Trisha (T)

Trisha Mann is a high-class citizen of New Gaspard and a member of Syd's cyber gang.

Name Objectives Significance Unlocks

Double Date

Go to Trisha's apartment. Drive a hover bus and locate and pick up cloned Trishas. Kill the clones by destroying the bus. Trisha meets Gavin at a club in the city and gives him her number, suggesting to call her so they can do something sometime. Gavin phones later the next morning and goes to her apartment. Gavin gets high with Trisha. Trisha is revealed to be involved with cloning, being an expert and having several clones acting as servants and spies throughout the city. What differentiates clones from the seed person is that clones are devoid of hair. Trisha states that clones have a tendency to go rogue, prompting her to send Gavin to round them up and/or kill some. Trisha 2

Peter (P)

Peter Walsh is the shy and timid friend of Syd.

Name Objectives Significance Unlocks

Peter 1

Use the remote-controlled buggy to sneak into a corporate building and take pictures with the on-board camera. After discovering the location of Melanie's super-weapon, Gavin asks Peter for help in sneaking into the corporate building that is housing it. Gavin now has an idea of the layout of the building, as well as a view of the super-weapon and where it's being kept. Brain in a Vat

Brain in a Vat

Make your way through Peter's simulated reality tests. Peter has an idea in getting through to the super-weapon, however wants to make sure Gavin's mind is capable of going through with it. One part of this mission has Gavin thinking he's turned into a cat, and players get to play around (as a cat) inside his fake owner's home. Phasma in Machina

Phasma in Machina

Take control of the robot and make your way through the corporate building. Carry the super-weapon back to Peter's, avoiding military gunfire. Peter links Gavin's mind to a high-tech robot he built in order to assault the high-defense corporate building. The super-weapon is now in Gavin's possession, however is in a shut-down state and is simply taking up space in Peter's apartment.

Some Bizmark missions go here.

Jake phones Gavin in a standalone cutscene, telling him that he's kidnapped his father Dalton. Before letting Jake give his demand, Gavin assumes that Jake wants the super-weapon in exchange, leading to Jake and the NG government know that it was Gavin that stole the super-weapon. Jake demands for both his son Izzy and the super-weapon to be handed over at the same time in exchange for Gavin's father alive.


Gavin sees no choice but to go along with the trade, and goes to Bizmark in an attempt to convince him to along as well.

Name Objectives Significance Unlocks

Homicidal Tendency

Go to the skate park and prevent Izzy from shooting the skate punks. Go to the skate shop to get Izzy a new board. Test out the hoverboards in a secluded public square. Gavin attempts to convince Bizmark to go along with the trade, and during the conversation Gavin hatches a plan, telling Bizmark that Izzy is the one with the genetic code to activate the super-weapon, and says that while delivering the boy and the weapon to the NGPF, a surprise attack can be initiated by Izzy. Gavin is told that Izzy had said he was going to the skate park he would frequently go to. Gavin arrives just in time to calm Izzy down and talk him out of massacring the skate punks that had always abused Izzy, showing that Izzy has always been a confused and troubled youth. Gavin takes Izzy to the nearby skate shop in an attempt to cheer him up, however the two agree on getting a pair of expensive hoverboards from the shop. After trying them out and having fun around the city, Gavin tells Izzy of his importance in the days to come, telling him that Gavin's father has been kidnapped by Izzy's father and that a trade is going to take place, and also subtly hints that Izzy is the sole person capable of operating the super-weapon. Gavin tells Izzy to be at the rebel HQ in the morning. Like Father, Like Son (Noe)


Name Objectives Significance Unlocks

Like Father, Like Son

Escort Dalton through the prison and into the delivery vehicle. Witness the trade go awry. "Chase" Dalton and the two rebels through the waterways. Drive the escape vehicle back to the rebel hideout. Noe Stallone agrees to the trade. Gavin messages Bizmark to execute the plan. Gavin (as Conrad Einstein) takes Dalton Wright out of his cell and into the delivery vehicle. Conrad is told by Noe that if anything goes wrong, he is to kill Dalton immediately. Noe does not accompany the officers, much to Gavin's chagrin. The vehicle along with an army of NGPF officers go to the meeting place, which is in the underground waterways. Conrad holds Dalton at the trade, appearing to be the one to hand over Dalton to the rebels, whom in turn have Izzy holding the super-weapon. Izzy begins walking toward the NGPF, however stuns both sides as he activates the weapon and begins shooting the NGPF. Both sides trade fire, with Izzy being unstoppable. Conrad feigns being subdued by two rebels, who take Dalton away, having Conrad chase them to a secluded area. The rebels stop, and Conrad removes his helmet revealing himself to be Gavin to Dalton. Dalton is more amused than shocked, and the four fake a chase through the waterways. The four escape in an aero-vehicle back to the HQ. After chatting for a while, the other surviving rebels return, sans Izzy, saying that he went missing while massacring the NGPF. Knowing that Izzy could not have been captured, Gavin orders a search to be held. Chosen One (Izzy)


Name Objectives Significance Unlocks

Chosen One

Go to the skate punk club house. Chase Izzy through the streets on hoverboard. Fight Izzy using the Magnet Glove without killing him. Take Izzy back to the HQ. Gavin assumes Izzy is going to kill the skate punks, and goes to their club to warn and offer protection against Izzy. The de facto leader refuses protection and underestimates Izzy's ability to kill them, telling Gavin to get lost. Gavin tries to come up with any last resort, however gives up and begins to walk away. Gavin just misses Izzy arriving on hoverboard, weapon in hand, Kubrick staring at the club house. Calling the punks out of the house, Izzy lets them laugh and ridicule him one last time before vaporizing their limbs with the weapon. Gavin hears this and stops Izzy before killing any more punks, using the magnet glove to manipulate the weapon (the weapon is encased around Izzy's arm, making it similar to an arm cannon). Izzy warns Gavin to stop, even going as far to threaten on using the weapon against Gavin. Izzy discovers that the weapon has its own magnetic powers, using it to cancel Gavin's glove. Before displaying his frightening powers and almost considering killing everyone in the vicinity, Izzy runs off on his hoverboard. Gavin takes the vaporized leader's hoverboard and gives chase. After a magnetic battle in the busiest walkway in downtown, Gavin subdues Izzy, and calms him down. Izzy, ashamed of what he's done, agrees to go with Gavin to the HQ. At the HQ, Izzy states never wanting to use the weapon ever again. Gavin orders for the weapon to be locked away. You Got What I Need (Bizmark)


Name Objectives Significance Unlocks

You Got What I Need

Go to Malcolm's house. Steal money somehow (rob a bank, rob a club, rob something). Gavin tells Bizmark of another plan that will finally rid them of Noe Stallone. Gavin visits Malcolm, asking him to pose as a gang that will be "selling" the weapon and a "captured" Izzy to another gang. After some convincing and consideration, Malcolm finally agrees, however says that he's no longer in the gang life and has no gang. Gavin suggests hiring random mercenaries to pose as gang members, however lacks money to do so. Malcolm suggests stealing money. Gavin does so with someone's help. Gavin then asks Malcolm if there's a gang out there that they can pose as. Malcolm suggests Calvin Devereux's gang in a heartbeat. Noe last (Noe)


Name Objectives Significance Unlocks

Noe last

Raid Calvin's gang's hideout, killing all the members including Calvin. Scout ahead to find a hiding/sniping position. Assassinate Noe Stallone. Chase Jake in aero-vehicle. Conrad persuades Noe Stallone to accompany them on the sting. The NGPF crew kills Calvin Devereux's gang and assumes their role in the trade. Gavin volunteers to scout ahead to see if Malcolm's "gang" is anywhere near, however uses that as a ruse and instead hides in a nearby abandoned building, ditches his NGPF uniform, and waits for the right time to assassinate Noe with a sniper rifle during the trade. In the trade, Izzy is handcuffed with the weapon strapped to his back. As soon as Noe's head explodes, both sides trade gunfire, with Izzy dropping down to take cover. During the fight, Jake appears out of nowhere and nonchalantly picks up the cuffed Izzy in the midst of gunfire and carries him off, not before tossing a grenade at the rebels. Gavin sees this and chases after them through the busy streets of downtown. He fails. Fuck I wrote all this shit in one sitting. It took more than 3 hours. I'm tired. We Built This City (Charlie)

Gavin for some reason thinks Charlie can magically help him in his situation.


Gavin phones Charlie Borland and asks him to go to New Gaspard in order to help with the operation there, telling him to meet at the Springfield Diner. Charlie brings Dana and Emmett along.

Name Objectives Significance Unlocks

We Built This City

Drive Charlie's van and take Charlie, Dana, Emmett and Grigori to the rebel base. Go into the burning rebel base and find Bizmark and Eddy, shooting any NGPF officers in your way. Escape the burning base with the two and drive Charlie's van with everyone in it to Zeke's hangar, avoiding the officers on the way. Escape from New Gaspard on Zeke's Vulture and land at the IHMC clubhouse. In the pre-mission cutscene, Gavin sits alone at a diner. Grigori appears and sits with Gavin, pretending to be alright, however it turns out that the NGPF had pinpointed his address and evicted him from the premises of his apartment, and tells Gavin that they had killed his uncle Feliks. Gavin assures Grigori that he will be avenged. Charlie, Dana and Emmett show up at the diner and Gavin fills them in on the situation. The gang discovers that the NGPF have found the location of the rebel base and have destroyed it. Gavin, Charlie, Dana, Emmett, Grigori, Eddy, Bizmark and Zeke all relocate to the IHMC clubhouse. Bizmark has been seriously injured during the raid of the rebel base. Most of the rebels have been killed, captured, or MIA. The Vapors! (Bizmark)

Final Missions (Fisher County)

With Gavin, Charlie, Dana, Emmett, Grigori, Eddy, Bizmark, Zeke, Kevin (and his gang) and the remaining IHMC members all under the roof of the clubhouse, a plan will be devised that will finally bring justice in South Yankton. Gavin has been unanimously chosen as the de facto leader of the collective. Bizmark is badly injured from the incident back at New Gaspard, however still has his voice of command.


Name Objectives Significance Unlocks

Domino Effect

With a disguise, sneak into New Gaspard with Dana. Ride to Dana's old home in the city. Beat up the offendor in her apartment complex. Ride to Acropolis Radio. Ride back to the IHMC clubhouse. From the clubhouse, the gang discovers, via radio, that the New Gaspard government has labeled the rebellion and any involved in it as terrorists, however also discover that Acropolis Radio has been spreading the truth of the rebellion and of the entire operation as a whole. Gavin is tasked to go talk to Matt the DJ, and Dana tags along. Dana had planned on visiting her old apartment, however the events leading up to their escape from the city had prevented that. At her apartment complex, a person from Dana's past shows up and loses his temper, and Dana shares personal info with Gavin after a scuffle, teaching more about her past. Dana is also friends with Matt, which allows easy access to the radio station and the DJ. Gavin speaks with Matt, and learns that his voice is causing several other imitation rebellion groups to be formed throughout the city. Back at the clubhouse, Bizmark believes the same could be done outside of the city, and tasks Gavin with finding stations in the outside to help spread their intentions and cause.

The following 3 missions can be done in any order, and after each one Gavin will phone Bizmark telling him what station is now spreading the word.
Muffler FM
Inferno FM
Black Hills Broadcasting
Friends with Benefits (Kris)

Muffler FM

Do a favor for Murphy, the Muffler FM DJ. Muffler FM will spread the word of the rebellion. Something

Inferno FM

Do a favor for Siouxsie, the Inferno FM DJ. Inferno FM will spread the word of the rebellion. Something

Black Hills Broadcasting

Do a favor for Greg, the Black Hills Broadcasting DJ. Black Hills Broadcasting will spread the word of the rebellion. Something


Name Objectives Significance Unlocks

Hook Up

Steal the high-performance computer from Winston Pauer's mansion. Grigori will now have a computer that he will use to hack into government computers in order to manipulate the entire city. Winston Pauer dies. Something


The plan is set and Gavin and the entire gang will now execute it.

Name Objectives Significance Unlocks

Who Will Save Your Soul?

Ride to New Gaspard with the crew. The longest mission ever. You cannot imagine my excitement in making this thing a reality. meh

Radio Stations

It's probably asking for too much, but this is pretty much how I envision the perfect soundtrack for the game.

Muffler FM

Genre: Biker rock, blues rock, various rock genres
Station HQ: Kubrick County
DJ: Murphy "Sixgun" Fonda

Steppenwolf - Born to be Wild (1968)
Eric Clapton - Cocaine (1977)
ZZ Top - La Grange (1973)
Blondie - Call Me (1980)
The Hollies - Long Cool Woman in a Black Dress (1972)
Ram Jam - Black Betty (1977)
Bad Company - Bad Company (1974)
Black Crowes - Hard to Handle (1990)
Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers - Mary Jane's Last Dance (1993)
Red Rider - Lunatic Fringe (1981)
The Stone Roses - Love Spreads (1994)
Joe Walsh - Rocky Mountain Way (1973)
Canned Heat - On the Road Again (1968)
Norman Greenbaum - Spirit in the Sky (1969)
Ted Nugent - Stranglehold (1975)
AC/DC - Highway to Hell (1979)
The Allman Brothers Band - Midnight Rider (1970)
Lynyrd Skynyrd - Call Me The Breeze (1974)

Muffler FM, broadcasted from somewhere in Kubrick County, is a "biker rock" radio station. The station plays songs that are (for lack of a better term) related to the biker culture, and is DJ'd by Murphy "Sixgun" Fonda, a man that has close connections to several biker gangs in the state.

The station plays in several locations in the game, notably in a few bars.

Radio New Gaspard

Genre: Dance, Electropop, Trip Hop, Electronica
Station HQ: New Gaspard
DJ: Poe

Republica - Ready to Go
Goldfrapp - Strict Machine
Ladytron - Destroy Everything You Touch
Culture Kultur - Toxic Pulse
Massive Attack - Black Milk
Android Lust - Saint Over
Garbage - Subhuman
Ting Tings - Soul Killing
Portishead - Pedestal
Dirty Vegas - Days Go By
Everything But The Girl - Missing (Todd Terry Mix)
Lords of Acid - Crablouse
Poe - Hello
Britney Spears - Toxic
Peaches - Operate
Nelly Furtado - Glow
Tricky - Black Steel
Splashdown - Asia At Odd Hours
Madonna - Ray of Light (after some thinking (about 20 seconds) I've completely forgotten about that other song I had chosen)
Sneaker Pimps - Six Underground
Sonique - It Feels So Good
Madison Avenue - Don't Call Me Baby
Estelle featuring Kanye West - American Boy
(apparently this song was supposed to be in GTA V. Seems like we both liked the American theme. Let's hope it isn't one of the added songs in the enhanced version, it's much more suited for Tool!) September - Cry For You

New Gaspard FM is the go-to pop station of the city of New Gaspard. This is A GODDAMN AMAZING POP STATION AND IT'S BETTER THAN YOUR'S. And choosing the songs for this station is so fun!

Black Hills Broadcasting

Genre: Country
Station HQ: Rumme County (Black Hills)
DJ: Greg Almond, an 82-year-old white man with a habit of forgetting things.

Michael Parks - Long Lonesome Highway (Theme from Then Came Bronson) (1969)
Doris Day - The Black Hills of Dakota (1953)
Roy Rogers - Ride Concrete Cowboy, Ride (1980)
Boxcar Willie - Freightliner Fever
Bobby Bare - 500 Miles Away From Home (1963)
David Allan Coe - You Never Even Called Me By My Name (1975)
Kris Kristofferson - Help Me Make It Through the Night (1970)
Willie Nelson - On the Road Again (1980)
Marty Robins - El Paso (1959) (No I did not fucking choose this song because of that show about meth.)
Billy Joe Shaver - Good Ol USA (1993)
Wayne Hancock - Big City Good Time Gal (1995)
Flatt & Scruggs - Petticoat Junction (1964)
Justin Townes Earle - Halfway to Jackson (2009)

Acropolis Radio

Genre: Skate rock, hardcore punk, action rock
Station HQ: Fisher County (New Gaspard)
DJ: Matt Slumdog

Suicidal Tendencies - Possessed (1983)
Circle Jerks - Wild in the Streets (1982)
Agent Orange - Bloodstains (1981)
Sonic Youth - Kool Thing (1990)
Squirtgun - Social (1995)
Gang Green - Death of the Party (1997)
Beastie Boys - Sabotage (1994)
D.R.I. - Thrashard (1989)
Descendents - Myage (1982)
Black Flag - Rise Above (1981)
Rage Against the Machine - Testify (1999)
Misfits - All Hell Breaks Loose (1982)
7 Seconds - Young til I Die (1984)
Tad - Flame Tavern (1991)
Smut Peddlers - Freeway Psycho (1995)
Nirvana - Lounge Act (1992)
Wasted Youth - Blind Nuns (1986)
Butthole Surfers - Who Was In My Room Last Night? (1993)

Acropolis Radio is a skater rock/punk station, broadcast from the middle-class neighborhoods of New Gaspard. The station is hosted/DJ'd by Matt Slumdog, a young white man that detests the city government and supports the rebellion. The setlist is mostly comprised of hardcore punk/skate punk songs, however high-energy alternative songs are also in the mix that give a similar vibe to the punk tracks.

The station is played in the indoor skate park.

"Acropolis" is a Greek term that literally means "city on the extremity". In other words, "Extreme City Radio".

Summit Records

Genre: Yodeling
Station HQ: Rumme County (Black Hills)
DJ: Hank Hankovich

Mary Schneider - Clarinet Polka Yodel

Summit Records is a secluded radio station that broadcasts from a high mountain in the Black Hills. DJ'd by Hank Hankovich, the station is comprised of yodeling songs.


Genre: Hip Hop, Alternative Hip Hop
Station HQ: Fisher County (New Gaspard)
DJ: MC Squid

Cypress Hill - The Phunky Pheel One (1991)
Poor Righteous Teachers - Holy Intellect (1990)
Yo-Yo - Ain't Nobody Better (1991)
Naughty by Nature - Hip Hop Hooray(1993)
Aesop Rock - Coffee (2007)
House of Pain - Put Your Head Out (1992)
The Brand New Heavies - Jump N' Move (1992)
Eric B. and Rakim - Don't Sweat the Technique (1992)
Fun Lovin' Criminals - The Fun Lovin' Criminal (1996)
A Tribe Called Quest - Same Ol' Thing (1997)
Gang Starr - Full Clip (1999)
Busdriver - Casting Agents and Cowgirls (2007)
YZ - Thinking of a Master Plan (1990)
Pete Rock & CL Smooth - They Reminisce Over You (1992)
Wu-Tang Clan - Method Man (1993)
Jurassic 5 - In the Flesh (1998)
Souls of Mischief - Bump Shit (1995)
EPMD - So Wat Cha Sayin' (1989)
Nas - It Ain't Hard to Tell (after listening to some more Nas tracks, I've realized this was a pretty random choice to choose from this amazing artist. I'll be trying to decide which Nas song to use while this song will remain as a filler)

The station plays in some of the basketball courts in the city, as well as one of the indoor skate parks.

Fluorescence FM

Genre: Electronic, Trance, Big beat
Station HQ: New Gaspard
DJ: Sampson (voiced by Keith Flint)

The Crystal Method - Trip Like I Do
Bag Raiders - Golden Wings
Specimen A - Flying Saucer
Paul Oakenfold - Ready Steady Go
Alice Deejay - Better Off Alone
The Prodigy - Omen
The Prodigy - Breathe
Zombie Nation - Kernkraft 400
Massive Attack - Risingson (1997)
Darude - Sandstorm (1999)
Darius - Maliblue (2012)
Plankton Man - Elemento N
deadmau5 - Maths
Lamb - Little Things (Klute Mix)
Digicult, DNA - Rite of Passage
Chemical Brothers - Block Rockin' Beats (1997)
Moby - Bodyrock (1999)

Fluorescence Radio is an electronic radio station broadcast from the New Gaspard underbelly. You will notice that some songs were originally from Radio Looper, however were moved here since those songs are not industrial tracks, and as I came to that realization I toyed with the idea of making a separate station for them yet was afraid to make another electronic station. But hey I've got 3 rock stations so why the hell not.

The Mirror Ball

Genre: Funk, Soul, Disco
DJ: Nile Rodgers

Parliament - Rumpofsteelskin (1978)
KC & the Sunshine Band - Keep it Comin' Love (1977)
Brick - Dazz (1976)
Rene & Angela - I'll Be Good (1985)
Earth, Wind & Fire - Let's Groove (1981)
Chic - Soup for One (1982)
The S.O.S. Band - Take Your Time (Do It Right) (1980)
Bee Gees - Love You Inside Out (1979)
Kool & the Gang - Get Down On It (1981)
Sly and the Family Stone - Family Affair (1971)
The Isley Brothers - Fight the Power (1975)
Jean-Jacques Perrey - E.V.A. (1970)
Gil Scott-Heron - The Needle's Eye (1971)
Rufus and Chaka Khan - Tell Me Something Good (1974)
Ohio Players - Sweet Sticky Thing (1975)
Mary Jane Girls - All Night Long (1983)
Wild Cherry - What in the Funk Do You See (1976)
Toby Lightman - Slippin' (1987)
Shannon - Let the Music Play (1983)
D-Train - Keep On (1982)
Edwin Starr - War (1970)

The Mirror Ball is a funk and disco station. What else is there to say.

And yes this station was worked on in secrecy.

Inferno FM

Genre: Heavy metal
Station HQ: Andrew County (Badlands)
DJ: Siouxsee Q

Pantera - Cowboys from Hell
Motley Crue - Dr. Feelgood
Iron Maiden - Run to the Hills
Motorhead - Ace of Spades
Anthrax - Indians
Slayer - Angel of Death
Megadeth - Tornado of Souls
Metallica - Battery
Yngwie Malmsteen - Rising Force
Judas Priest - Painkiller
White Zombie - Black Sunshine
Testament - Practice What You Preach
Twisted Sister - Burn in Hell
Quiet Riot - Run for Cover
Joe Satriani - Surfing with the Alien
Van Halen - On Fire
Tesla - Modern Day Cowboy
Overkill - Elimination

Inferno FM is a heavy metal station DJ'd by a woman calling herself Siouxsee Q, a Native American that discovered the heavy metal records and fell in love with the way the tracks made her feel energetic and violent. She is very defensive and proud of her race, as heard when the tracks "Indians" and "Run to the Hills" are played. Her name is a combination of the words Sioux (as in Sioux tribe of Native Americans) and Susie (female name) which was used as a stage name by real-world musicians, notably the lead singer of Siouxsie and the Banshees and the guitarist of Dead Sara. The name is also a reference to the song "Susie Q".

It is the favorite station of Izzy. The station is played inside the Javelin bar, in Andrew County.

Its inclusion in the game is to accompany the old western/post-apocalyptic style of chaos and wanton destruction present throughout the wilderness. Imagine a gang of cannibals chasing someone as they ride across the plains past herds of buffalo to this station.

Untitled Reggae station that I'm Too Impatient to Add With a Name First

Genre: Reggae, Dancehall, Reggae Fusion
Station HQ: New Gaspard
DJ: Banshee

Clint Eastwood - Matty Gunga Walk
Red Dragon - Yu Body Good
Lady Saw - Find a Good Man
Tenor Saw - Stalag Y2K
Slightly Stoopid - Killing Me Deep Inside
Shabba Ranks - Telephone Love (Deh Pon Mi Mind)
Rita Marley - One Draw
Black Uhuru - Sensemilla
Sean Paul, Mr Vegas - Hot Gal Today
U-Roy - Chalice In The Palace

Radio Looper

Genre: Industrial, EBM
Station HQ: Fisher County (New Gaspard)
DJ: Rhys Fulber and Bill Leeb

Wumpscut - Christfuck
Front 242 - Rerun Time
KMFDM - Anarchy (Not putting this song would be a crime)
KMFDM - Ave Maria
Skinny Puppy - Paragun
Headscan - Lolife
Combichrist - This S'it Will Fcuk You Up
Test Dept - New World Order
Front Line Assembly - Maniacal
Haujobb - Subsonic
Angelspit - A La Mode A La Morte
Suicide Commando - My Blasphemy
Suicide Commando - Attention Whore
Unit:187 - Rolling Vengeance
Leæther Strip - Evil Speaks
Cubanate - Hinterland
Psychopomps - Godshit
Virtual Embrace - Virtual Embrace
Die Krupps - Dr. Mabuse
The Retrosic - The Storm
Velvet Acid Christ - Evoked

Radio Looper is an industrial/electronic body music station DJ'd by Rhys Fulber and Bill Leeb. The station plays industrial and electronic body music, a style of music that is popularly associated with the cyberpunk genre.

It is the favorite station of Grigori Poboisk, being the station that is played in his apartment during his pre-mission cutscenes and in his Vixen (car). It is also the station played inside The Wires cyber club.

Sand Sounds

Genre: Arabic classical/traditional
Station HQ: Jayne County
DJ: Raviv Shajid

Sand Sounds is a station specializing in traditional Arabic music, whether vocal or instrumental. The songs evoke the feeling of being in an Arabic setting, and the station was started and DJ'd by Raviv Shajid.

FOS (Freedom of Speech)

Genre: Talk show
Station HQ: Unknown
DJs: Beehive Nebbsy, a man that speaks in a faux accent to hide his identity on the air.

Tool: The Unwritten Hitlist

The Unwritten Hitlist is an expanded story. This is basically a DLC expansion similar to TLAD and TBOGT. In this substory, the main character is Malcolm Styles, the black gangster Gavin met upon his escapades in New Gaspard, who will go through hell on earth as he tries to do right to the wrongs his gang had done to the Russo Mob family. These events will see the dichotomy between "hood" and "mafia" gangsters and the themes seen within the two crime lifestyles, and will show whether or not the term "organized" has any meaning within the world of crime.

The timeframe of these events is set after Gavin kills Lex Palinski in New Gaspard, leaving Malcolm to do business while Gavin is elsewhere. The story ends roughly before Gavin returns to New Gaspard. Meeting Gavin Wright has had a big impact on Malcolm's outlook on life, and, combined with Rakim's newly-changed lifestyle, prompts him to decide on leaving the gang life.

Darnell/Rakim (DR)

Darnell is still shaken up a bit after losing his parents. Not wanting Malcolm to go down the same path he had went through, he attempts to share his wisdom to the troubled youth.

Name Objectives Significance Unlocks

Doing Time

Go to the gang headquarters with Rakim. Lead the shadowing gang members to the Slush Pipe ice snack shop. Knock out the gangsters in a fist fight. Dump the unconscious bodies in the shop freezer. Malcolm is considered the second-in-command of his gang, which is lead by the philosophical-yet-short-fused and violent Calvin Devereux. Malcolm tells Calvin that he's leaving the gang, however instead of bursting into a violent fit at the realization that Malcolm is serious (similar to a previous instance Malcolm had witnessed), Calvin attempts to make Malcolm realize that he's needed in their current situations and discusses the New Gaspard mafia, and says that their own numbers have somewhat grown since the "episode" that took place earlier in the year (where the lives of 18 gang members were taken by the hands of one of the mafia families) and that Malcolm leaving would be the nail in the coffin for their gang. Rakim was once the leader of the gang, when Calvin was barely rising through the ranks, and surprises Calvin and other veteran gang members at his new-found revelation. Despite a slight feeling of hostility during a group congregation, Calvin decides to let the two go. One gang member is enraged by Calvin's decision, who had killed his friend after announcing he was going to leave the gang, and secretly sends two low-ranking members to kill Malcolm and Rakim. While going back to Rakim's, Rakim notices the two members tailing them, and in spite of Malcolm wanting to finish them off, Rakim states that killing them will sour their current neutrality with the gang, and suggests trying to lose them. The two stop for a shaved ice snack and Malcolm knocks them out in a fistfight, dumping their unconscious bodies in a freezer. Calvin will attempt to coax Malcolm back into the gang. (I just want to state that although both the surnames "Styles" and "Devereaux" appear in the classic hood-film "Boyz n the Hood", their usage as the surnames of Malcolm and Calvin are completely coincidental.) Something

Georgette (G)

Georgette is Malcolm's lady friend from his childhood. Rakim informs Malcolm that he had met up with her recently and that she's been wanting to see Malcolm for a while.

Name Objectives Significance Unlocks


Take Georgette to the park Introduces the character Georgette. Georgette was a close friend and a romantic interest of Malcolm's, however had grown apart since Malcolm had joined the gang. Rakim's recent release had prompted her to contact Rakim and Malcolm as well. At her apartment, Malcolm reveals that he has left the gang, which is great news to her ears, and Malcolm, stating that he has some free time and getting the hint that G has gotten a renewed interest, suggests the two doing something that night. Something

Calvin (C)

Calvin Devereux is a gangmember and an old friend of Malcolm's, who questions Malcolm of his decision to leave the gang life. He tries to coax Malcolm back into the gang in order to get revenge on the Italian mafia that they have been getting into conflicts with. He sees the world as Gray and Gray, and has a hatred towards all of the mafia families, despite the fact that only one of the families had wronged the gang.

Name Objectives Significance Unlocks



Dino (D)

Dino Viscotti is an underling of Aldo Russo, and a close acquaintance of Malcolm's. He is the only member of the Russo families he makes contact with.

Name Objectives Significance Unlocks

Sicilian Things

Do Sicilian things... or somethin'... Introduces Sicilian things. More Sicilian Things

Stevie (S)

Stevie del Monte is a tattoo and graffiti artist who doesn't know the meaning of water nor soap.

Name Objectives Significance Unlocks

Subsidy Slicker

Tag up a house with Stevie. Stevie's brother-in-law is considering buying a house in the upper-class neighborhoods, and asks Stevie to tag up one of the houses to lower the property value. Aerosol of Mischief

Aerosol of Mischief

More spray can shit More spray can shiiiiiiit Stevie 3(der)

  • Malcolm becomes involved with the NG skate punks, which are not very associated with the west-central gangs. Calvin sees Malcolm's involvement in a negative light.


Vehicle database

Motorcycles and similar vehicles

Rodger-Hellis (Harley-Davidson) (Biker gangs)
Bully (chopper) (unaffiliated bikers and misc.)
Nitrojan (futuristic motorbike) (New Gaspard citizens)
Hydra (futuristic motorbike, multiple exhaust) (New Gaspard citizens)
Nimbus (generic motorbike) (misc. and Gavin's beginning vehicle)
Energy (sports motorbike) (New Gaspard citizens)
Compton (dirt bike) (misc.)
XTM (sports bicycle) (misc.) (Rufus' shop)
Todd (bicycle) (misc.) (Rufus' shop)
Vertica (New Gaspard hoverbike)
Wasp (NGPF flying bike) (not accessible only until the final mission)
Scout (wasteland hoverbike)

4 Door Cars

Vixen (car)
Croasian (car)
Coltrane (car)
Druid (car)
Haddel (car)
Dontav (hummer)
Zenith (sports car)

2 Door Cars

Sunset (sports car) (New Gaspard citizens and Pauer family)
Humpty (volkswagen) (misc wastelanders)

Commercial Vehicles

Yello (School bus) (bus drivers and outside schools)

Small Vehicles

Skateboard (skateboard) (skaters)
Hoverboard (hovering skateboard) (high-class teens)
Scooter (scooter)

Air Vehicles

Vulture (tiltrotor VTOL helicopter) (NGPF, Zeke, found randomly on helipads)
Whirlygig (flying bicycle) (Native American villages)

Weaponized vehicles

Mastodon (APC tank) (NGPF and rebels)
WAV-300 (minigun jeep) (NGPF and rebels)


  • Shoes - hundreds of shoes hanging from power lines and telephone wires are scattered throughout the world. Shooting the pair of shoes will "collect" them, and shooting one will help the player in finding any nearby shoes (somehow...).
  • Mutant buffalo - dozens of genetically-altered buffalo are roaming the plains, and killing them is quite the challenge.
  • Stunt Ramps - Slow-motion-inducing ramps similar to ones found in GTA games.

Film Influences and References

Movie Title Year Info/Inspirations
Badlands 1973
  • The general idea of a biker in South Dakota
Blade Runner 1982
  • The city of New Gaspard is partially inspired by the dystopian cyberpunk rendition of Los Angeles seen in the film.
Book of Eli 2010
  • The film was an inspiration to the post-apocalyptic setting.
  • Jake taking over the town of Landon was inspired by Carnegie doing the same to the town in the film.
Easy Rider 1969
  • The biggest inspiration of the game, the idea of riding through a vast landscape on motorbikes.
  • Much of the imagery is taken from this film.
From Dusk till Dawn 1996
  • The desert landscape.
  • The Titty Twister bar (and its surrounding area) is an inspiration for the Javelin bar in Andrew County.
  • The gunfight in the latter quarter of the film.
Lawrence of Arabia 1962
  • Although Gavin was created well before I had seen this film, Lawrence seems to be the type of character that Gavin is evoking within the series.
  • Jayne County
Mad Max 2 1981
  • The idea of riding through a post-apocalyptic desert setting.
  • The modding of cars and the uses of oil.
  • Really, what post-ap work isn't inspired by this.
Mallrats 1995
  • Izzy and his friends and their actions have many parallels to the film.
  • Jason Lee, the voice of Jake Tipton, played the role of Brodie in the film.
  • The song "Social" by punk band Squirtgun, which was used in the film, is featured in the Acropolis Radio setlist.
Nam's Angels 1970
  • The motorcycle action
Natural Born Killers 1994
  • Stuff
  • Woody Harrelson, the voice of Charlie Borland, played the role of Mickey in the film.
  • The mission Natural Born Killer is a reference to the film.
North by Northwest 1959
  • Seeing as Mt. Rushmore is present in the game (as Mt. Borglum), it can be expected that some similarities to the Hitchcock classic will present as well.
  • The mission South by Southwest is based on the ambiguous title, and takes place in and around Mt. Borglum (and is not named after the music festival held in Austin, Texas (which is in turn thought be a reference to the film)).
Pulp Fiction 1994
  • The mission It's Not a Motorcycle, Gavin is a reference to the famous "It's not a motorcycle" line from the film.
Renegade (Television show) 1992-97
  • Much of the imagery and the settings seen in the television show are inspirations to the settings of the game.
  • Reno Raines is one inspiration of the character Gavin.
Sons of Anarchy (Television show) 2008-Present
  • Similar to the Renegade entry above, much of the imagery, settings and events of the show serve as inspirations to the game.
Starship Troopers 1997
  • The first two missions given by Vincent Doolittle in Andrew County are inspired by the military battles against the bugs in the film.
  • The mission The Only Good Worm (given by Doolittle) is a reference to a line in the film.
Stone 1974
  • Stuff
White Men Can't Jump 1992
  • The mission White Hawk Can't Jump is a reference to the film's title. The name Gavin can be translated to "White Hawk". And yes, the decision to name the protagonist "Gavin" was purely coincidental, I just chose it cause it sounded just as fake and pretentious as lots of other male video game character names (Desmond, Delsin, Cole, Nathan, Joel, Booker, Connor, Gordon, Marcus, the list goes on (that means I can't think of any more names). Does it fit in? I thought so).
  • Gavin and Malcolm's relationship can be seen as a parallel to Billy and Sidney's relationship in the film.
28 Days Later 2002
  • Stuff

Reference Videos/Images

This section is for me to post images and videos that will let you understand how the game's setting will look like.

That son is a member of Jake's gang: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rAi2mTr2gsk

I found it difficult imagining what a skateboard slam/fall/crash might look like, so here's some videos for reference.


So apparently Rockstar San Diego made these games:


I had no idea these existed. Maybe this is a good sign that Tool should be a Rockstar game.


So I just discovered this movie called Thrashin' (1986), it's a movie heavily featuring skateboarding. Here's a clip from the film, and it's featuring a song I had chosen for Acropolis Radio. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xoECn8asxdA

Biking in SD

Just a reference for bike-riding in South Dakota. Music is "Come Original" by 311! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nu8FEEVXkMI

Ride to Hell: Retribution

So apparently... this game was made.


Released this past June.

Today (14th of September) is the day I found out of its existence, and reading the info about it reveals that it was intended to be a "Grand Theft Auto-styled game set during the late 1960s". So essentially an open-world outlaw biker game. Wow, half of me is upset that it was incredibly lame. On the bright side, the other half of me is glad that I have a chance to make the first good open-world biker game. But yeah, just look at how incredibly lame it is, wasted potential...

The Crew

An upcoming video game titled "The Crew" by Ubisoft will feature a scaled-down (obviously) version of the United States of America, and will include portions of the Black Hills and South Dakota in general. The region is shown in a few pre-release videos.


So yeah....

This is awkward.


So... this means that in the GTA universe, their version of South Dakota would be "South Yankton".


This is either a really big coincidence, or.... Rockstar games just shoehorned that opening mission after discovering and reading this page. I mean, of all states, why North Dakota? And why would they call it "North YANKTON", of all names!?

This is interesting.

So (My Opinions/Rants/Comments on GTA V's Soundtrack Selections)

So I guess we can all agree that GTA V has one of the worst licensed soundtracks of the series (if not the worst).

Edit: I'm not saying that it's bad, there are some good tracks. I'm saying that it is the worst of the series, and it could've been much better.

The punk station is alright, an improvement over the one from IV. But honestly, you hear those 12, 2-minute tracks over and over again, it gets a bit stale. And seriously, they could've gotten a better Black Flag song than "My War". I guess they just went for the title track. I love how they got Keith Morris to DJ.

The "rock" station, ugh. Half of those songs I don't consider "rock". This is disappointing considering how amazing LRR from IV was. Listen Rockstar, "Edge of Seventeen" (from IV) by Stevie Nicks is, in my opinion, the perfect song ever used in a GTA game, however "I Can't Wait" is... what... is... it... it's not rock. I would've been content with any Fleetwood Mac song, or even Stand Back would've been okay. "Hollywood Nights", in the vein of "New York Groove" used in IV... of course this song had to be put in here. I don't like it. And of course another Bob Seger song is in the mix. I mean at least "Her Strut" (from IV) was awesome. "Baker Street".... okay. "Big Log"... okay, and I'm surprised R* was able to get a Robert Plant song for the game. "Dirty White Boy"... I remember seeing this song in a list of "best motorcycle riding songs" (when I was looking for Muffler FM tracks). It's an alright song. "Heartbeat"... no. "Higher Love"... meh. "I Don't Care Anymore"... strange addition, not too bad, for some reason this song was played on the local rock station today. I would've liked a Genesis song instead, though. Like I'm talking Peter Gabriel Genesis, you know what I'm sayin'. "I Wouldn't Want to Be Like You"... no. "If You Leave Me Now"... I have mixed feelings for this song, it's a nice song to have, honestly a better Chicago song (and an actual rock song by the band) could've been used, but meh. Probably should've been on the pop station... maybe. "I'm Free (Heaven Helps the Man)"... holy mother, we're talking about Kenny friggin' Loggins, here, you know... "Danger Zone" and "Footloose" Kenny Loggins. What the hell, Rockstar. "Lonely is the Night"... one of the better songs in the mix, good choice. Would've chosen "The Stroke" (too bad Eminem mutilated that song). "Ogden's Nut Gone Flake"... the song was used in the trailer, so of course it has to be in the station. But shiiiiit it's less than 2 minutes long, and Kenny's opening and closing speeches are within 20 seconds of each other! "Photograph"... I'm fed up with Def Leppard, especially this song. At least it wasn't "Love Bites" (which isn't actual rock), but if they were gonna put this band in here, then I would've liked a different one. "Radio Ga Ga"... I didn't like this song the first (and only) time I heard it. It's alright, but honestly................ "Rain" by The Cult.... when I first saw the list, I swear I had read "Fire Woman" by The Cult. Now obviously this meant that I wish "Fire Woman" was used instead, a much better song. "Rock'n Me"... I hate that opening riff. That's my only gripe. "Saturday Night's Alright".... I don't care for this song (honestly it's better than "Street Kids" from IV). "The Breakup Song"... meh. "Too Late For Goodbyes"...by Julian Lennon... what? It's all on our minds, everyone's thinking it. The only reason it's on here is cause of his daddy. "What a Fool Believes"... good.

Pop station: First of all, Rockstar claims they've never had a pop station before. Oh yeah, cause Lips from GTA3, CSR from SA, The Vibe and Vice City FM and to some extent The Beat from IV, and um what else... oh yeah the entirety of Vice City weren't pop stations at all. Alright, onto the selections... "Adult Education"... meh, for some reason Hall and Oates feels so out of place in here. I would've liked "Maneater", however it was already used in BOGT. "The New Anthem"... nothing special. "Don't Wanna Fall in Love"... nothing special. "Everything She Wants"... nothing special. "Gimme More"... to me, it's an alright song. To this station, it's a perfect addition. "Glamorous"... the most perfectly-used song in the game, in other words the best song that was chosen for this game, I shit you not. "Lady (Hear Me Tonight)"... RETROSPECT pretty good generic dance tune. "Music Sounds Better with You"... same as the last one. "1 Thing"... if I remember how it goes, then it's an alright song RETROSPECT HOLY FUCKING SHIT I have been obsessed with this song in the past few months and I had no idea/forgot that it was used in the game holy fuckin' shit....... I have named it the best song of the 2000s. "Only Girl in the World"... I do not like Rihanna's post-2009 works, however this is one of the exceptions. I'm glad they used this one instead of any of her other modern crap. "Pure Shores"... I keep mentally blocking out this song when listening to it. "The Rhythm of the Night"... nothing special. "Scandalous"... good. "West End Girls"... the second greatest song put in the game. This honestly wouldn't be out of place on the rock station, though, which shows how pop-oriented Los Santos Rock Radio really is. "With Every Heartbeat"... forgot how it goes. "Work"... I love Kelly Rowland. Good choice, or is this just bias?

Radio Los Santos... wow, this station was amazing in San Andreas (I think it's cool to see the evolution it went through). I am, however, not a fan of this modern rap fad. I hate the modern style of rapping, and how it seems like every single modern rapper has to rap that way. So I'm just gonna leave this station alone. I do like the chorus of "Hood Gone Love It".

East Los FM: Oh my gosh, I live near the border with Mexico and I gotta say, when I first turned to this station I was laughing my ass off... because this station EXISTS IN REAL LIFE. To me (and probably other people that know where I'm comin' from) this is a big joke station. I'm only referring to the traditional Mexican songs on the station, as the electronic and rock songs on this station do not show up in real life (since, you know, they're actually good).

FlyLo FM: I really do not understand the appeal of Flying Lotus, and I have no idea why he got his own station. Seems like typical electronica to me.

Radio Mirror Park: When I found out there was going to be a chillout/electronica station, I was excited. This isn't what I had in mind. A decent setlist.

Soulwax FM: I'm going to say that this station is very similar to the above two. I hate to say that. I guess this station is actually electronic/house music. Maybe I haven't been listening to it very much. I should try it out some more and then come back.

Rebel Radio: I'm not as knowledgeable about country as I should be, however the setlist is very good, no complaints on this station. Oh another thing, I had thought about putting "Convoy" by CM McCall in Tool's soundtrack, but I didn't cause I thought the chorus was awful.

The Blue Ark: I haven't really checked this station out, but from what I've heard it doesn't seem like there should be any complaints to it.

The Low Down: No complaints, although I'm not as knowledgeable about funk as I should be.

Space 103: Same as the Low Down. I love that they got Bootsy Collins to DJ, man is an over-used adjective for "funny".

Vinewood Boulevard Radio: Honestly..... and I don't use "honestly" too often... generic modern garage rock all bundled into one station. Could've been a modern rock station, but no, they went with this buzzy-guitar-laced swampy mess. If this is Los Santos' answer to Radio Broker, then it's a failure. Damn this station makes Radio Broker sound as good as Radio X from SA. I only listen to this station when I want to hear some actiony rock music and I've gotten tired of Channel X.

West Coast Classics: Like I said, Radio Los Santos was amazing in GTASA. This is pretty much its spiritual successor. My only complaint is that there is no Cypress Hill song in this station. Oh well. Oh well I do have some other complaints, mainly on the choices of songs. Some of the songs I feel weren't really good choices for the station. Oh and I really have no idea what the Geto Boys are doing on this station when they are from Texas and not California.

Worldwide FM: Yet ANOTHER electronica station, well it does play some world music, but damn all this electronica and no artists that I actually know of? Damn.

Songs I would've liked to be added:

A Dead Sara song, I love Dead Sara. Actually replace VBR with a modern rock station that plays modern bands (CTE, Chevelle, yadda yadda)
A The Doors song
A The Who song
Honestly, if they were going to put common rock songs in GTA V, then I would've appreciated "Carry on Wayward Son" by Kansas. Yes, as much as it's played in real life, I would've welcomed it with open arms in GTA V.
"Sultans of Swing" by Dire Straits (LSRR)
A Cheap Trick song (maybe Dream Police or Surrender... maybe...)
"Space Truckin'" by Deep Purple (LSRR)
A Cream song (Sunshine or White Room) (LSRR)
A Hendrix Experience song (any song, really) (LSRR)
"Destroyer" by the Kinks (LSRR)
Fuck this section, I give up.

Crazy Horse monument

Expect a Crazy Horse statue spoof in South Yankton (Buffalo Loon).








Random Info on the Game

Here's where random bits of trivia about the game will go.

  • Tool is set in 2091. World War 3 arrived around half a century ago (2051) and set the world back about 200 years (1851), so everything is pretty much like the American old-west.
  • For some reason gas is still infinite.
  • The war happened during October, so there's a crapload of Halloween decorations throughout the game world.
    • I've had this idea for a while, although I think originally it was going to be Christmas decorations. It probably stemmed from my gripe with San Andreas: there's enough evidence to suggest that the game takes place in December 1992, yet there's not a single Christmas decoration anywhere.
  • Gavin Wright was born in a small town in the east coast in 2067.
  • Gavin is left-handed. Just cause. The Magnet Glove is on his right hand.
  • I will be drawing each major character in the Rockstar Games art style. Soon...
  • In regards to the overall design of New Gaspard, I really (really really) want the city to have a 90s (as in the 1990s) atmosphere/vibe, you know, that sort of electronic ambientish darkish style that is just oh-so 90s (damn I wish I had a better way of explaining it). Just think of the second half of the 90s and a lot of the imagery of television shows and music of those 5 years.
  • Each mission in Tool was written and conceived as if it were an episode of a serialized television show. And just like television episodes, the best ones are the most memorable.
  • Please do not suggest any songs to use in the soundtrack, as I will most likely ignore your suggestion and end up hurting your feelings.
  • Gavin is 1/4 black. By pure coincidence, this makes him a reverse Malcolm X.
  • New Gaspard is not going to be influenced by any established city that exists in the real world. The people that made NG are not from NY or LA or HK, they're from this relatively-unknown part of the U.S., who develop their own architecture upon NG's development. Now of course as NG's popularity increases, then it begins to see immigrants of other parts of the world, however their vision of architecture has little-to-no influence over the Great Plains majority's construction.
  • It's no longer acceptable to use the n-word in the black youth culture, as it's seen as a sort of archaic slang (i.e., uncool). The word "mate" has been adopted in a similar context, although it's still seen as unacceptable when used by other ethnicities.
  • The original surname chosen for Gavin, Miller, would coincidentally be the same surname of George Miller, the creator of the Mad Max franchise. By pure coincidence. The name that was chosen for Gavin later on, Wright, coincidentally means "fixer" or "mender". Again, pure coincidence.

GTA Gripes

These are all of my gripes that I have with GTA games (mostly GTA V) and how they'll be fixed/addressed in Tool. Not including my thoughts on the radio stations, which can be seen in a section above.


  • The physics have been severely toned down since IV, which is annoying as fuck. The funnest thing to do in IV was either run people over or bail out of vehicles, both of which are no longer fun in V due to the physics being nerfed. Characters just have their ass dragged across the ground in a very unsatisfying and hideous fashion. I don't give a damn if this was to appease all those whiny individuals that complained about the physics being too overwhelming, it was realistic as fuck (in a good way).
  • Related to above is my favorite pastime of launching Niko out of the front windshield or out of a bike after driving into a wall at top speed, which is no longer fun in V. This also goes to NPCs, damn it's just no longer fun crashing into motorcyclists from behind. This also made vehicles less fun to crash, as V made impacts feel less fun and more crunchy (as in that crunch sound heard when colliding vehicles in V).
    • Just look at this. These are videos from real life. Does it look more like GTA 4 or GTA 5? Exactly, I thought GTA 4 had fuckin' amazing physics and that this was the start of something really revolutionary, I had the biggest expectations for GTA V... but... they were toned down? No!!! Are we trying to go backwards??? UGH.
  • The open world: Oh god.. fuck... Let's go at this one problem at a time.
    • Let me start off with this copy-paste from GTA V's Wikipedia page: "They [the development team] wanted to a create a large world without open, empty spaces. The team focused on condensing the countryside of Southern California into a diverse and detailed playing space." While they had partially succeeded, I was beyond shocked to see the dozen mountains in the game to be completely devoid of anything save a shrub or two a couple hundred feet apart. Mt. Josiah and Mt. Chiliad in particular are completely devoid of anything interesting at all, not even interesting natural scenery which I would love. Ironically the canyon that is formed by these two shit piles is beyond beautiful, it almost makes it seem like a level in a linear video game and that the mountains are just low-resolution scenery that were never meant to be accessed by the player. Mt. Gordo and the rest of the eastern mountains, along with a few parts of the central mountains dividing the counties and the southern part of the Tongva Hills are also not innocent of this crime.
    • The wilderness in general was just plain awful, barren, mostly flat, and very grid-like (normally in an open world game the game world transitions from one area to another in a very smooth fashion, but no, hardly in this game) as well as not making sense most of the time (especially the desert, damn it felt so artificial).
    • There were hardly any goddamn trees in the wilderness, shit! Red Dead Redemption did a perfect job in creating a life-like foresty region with the Tall Trees area in West Elizabeth. But GTA V along with its boring-ass mountains also has hardly any pine trees to at least make them seem not shitty. Plus I was hoping for at least one area with Redwood Trees to see, but noooooo. GTA:SA had them, and the map size was smaller. They've even got a [Redwood Cigarettes|cigarette brand named after them].
    • Now we go into the city... What makes me choose IV over V is that in V the streets are wider, which makes it have A) less roads and B) streets too wide to have fun running around on foot through. This also made the streets uninteresting and unappealing and made me simply zoom from one destination to the next without even stopping to looking at the city scenery (if there was any). I guess the wide streets made driving easier to do (ironically since the wide streets made there no reason to look around at the city).
    • Concerning the decision to have the entire map available to the player from the get go... has many problems. First off, any sense of achievement that you would have gotten had the game world needed to be unlocked a piece at a time is nonexistent ("Hey, I just went through all this crap and being able to explore this new territory is a huge part of my reward"), not to mention the fact that having the whole game world to roam around is a tad bit overwhelming that I A) didn't know where to start and B) possibly missed out on a lot of little areas due to going back and forth across the map without taking time to stop and look around (it's like working on a huge puzzle only you find yourself trying to make as many "chunks" as possible without even considering building on chunks you've already started). It was simply a lack of interest in it since it was just handed to me on a silver platter, especially considering it was so massive. RDR and IV did a great job on easing us into each territory, and they did a good job at creating barriers to prevent us from venturing too far from the initial playing field, I'm sure Rockstar could've done it again somehow with this world. Plus it really destroyed the narrative seeing that you could make Michael drive up to Trevor's trailer and just assume they would be oblivious of each other. And as to why Franklin would even drive into the open countryside is also boggling.
    • It may have been larger than previous Rockstar games (LA Noire does not count, as I don't consider it an open world game), however all of the above statements simply made it feel like the smallest.
  • And now for the 3 protagonists
    • Michael, while his story is very interesting, just wears way too many suits (that hardly look good) and has an awkward build. I guess they're trying to show how he's declined since his heyday (boring monochromatic suits and out-of-shape body are a good representation of this). His voice is perfect and always a pleasure to hear.
    • Franklin has got to be the worst of the bunch. No disrespect to his mocap actor, but he's just not that interesting visually, I don't know what's worse: his face or his build. What's odd is that he's the most typical Rockstar protagonist (completely sane yet aggressive while surrounded by insane and overconfident friends and acquaintances, who rises through the ranks of the criminal underworld). Something I found strange/interesting is that we never get to really know his aunt that he lives with in the first quarter of the game, something I have mixed feelings about as she feels very sentimental about him leaving despite us never really getting to care about her much, yet it also serves as a way of us empathizing with Franklin since he sees her as just taking up space and someone that's just there, someone that's obligated to have him live with her and someone he does not get along/bond with/care about much.
    • Trevor... I'm so fuckin' tired right now so I'll just say what I have to say in a nutshell: Trevor is a typical GTA antagonist/NPC that was promoted to playable character halfway through development, and I can't determine whether it was before or after the promotion but they just decided to make him incredibly obnoxious that they ended up trying way too hard with the character. He could have been done so well however his personality was drowned out by over-saturation that he just became a caricature of what he could have been. Simply an ersatz Jack Torrance.
    • Rockstar decided to have 3 protagonists after the huge reception critics had to the 3 protagonists of the Liberty City era (GTA IV), however what they failed to realize (it's just mind-boggling, really) is that what made GTA IV/LAD/BoGT work is that the protagonists rarely interact with and hardly know each other, their actions hardly seem to be affecting other stories happening throughout the game, and the player feels more in tune with their current character due to the long loading time it would take to switch characters, preventing them from doing so and playing as Niko or Johnny or Luis for longer periods of time, actually associating with them more and actually feeling like you're playing an entirely different game. GTA V got rid of many of those "a-ha" moments that came from playing IV fully and then learning more about the story by playing the expansions.
  • The Heists, while welcome, were made while completely missing the point. Let me state that differently... after saying something: The Casino Heist mission strand from GTA San Andreas was the perfect strand of missions of any GTA game, ever. What sucked was that it wasn't even a essential mission. You can completely skip that entire portion of the game, and I didn't discover it until way after completing the main story. It was fuckin' perfect and it wasn't even deemed important enough to force someone to play through it... Each of the preparation missions were just perfect; they made sense, they were fun, they were lengthy while making sense and being fun, their significance was very clear and apparent. And the entire thing felt very satisfying. Now back to the V heists... the preparation missions were very short and boring, most of them were just "go find a vehicle for the heist". C'mon, at least getting the military chopper to steal the armored car was challenging and worthy of a mission (and don't give me all that "a firetruck is easier to get" bs). Also the scouting the dock mission with Trevor, while fun/lengthy/significant-worthy, I don't ever remember having to go to that location to ever do anything during the heist. Was it for the other Heist option (obvious or stealthy)? If it was, then why was it available to play? Was it just to get the submarine? I only remember going on a ship on the other side of the docks, away from where I was as Trevor. Fuck it, I'm tired of writing about this lost cause. Also I just wanna say that Three-Leaf Clover from GTA IV was a shitty mission (with great acting and drama) that had no prior buildup, just a "hey we're gonna rob a bank, you wanna join in?" Nothing worthy of an Oscar there.
  • The number of missions... seriously, only 69 story missions? Despite having the biggest map and being the "biggest" GTA game overall, that's about 2 thirds of the previous major installments' (SA, IV) number of missions. Although really when I played the entire thing (after refusing to play it last year, I finally got around to completing it a few days ago), I've realized that the story itself did not give reason to have any more missions than it had without there being any filler. But seriously, they could have thought something up. I've already counted 130+ missions in Tool at this current point (September 12, '14), and please do your best to point out which missions are complete filler. If you find any then please tell me and explain. Also, since there were 3 protagonists, it felt even shorter, as each character had roughy 23 missions spread across them, and most of them were with each other, which meant there were hardly any missions involving their closest friends and acquaintances, which never gave us a chance to see where they come from or how they relate to others and got rid of any dramatic storylines. I was expecting an entire young gangster epic from Franklin, but no, sadly there were only 3 or 4 missions with anything resembling that.

More to come. I don't know whether to hope more does or doesn't come.

Every one of these gripes will be fixed/addressed in Tool, I'll write how later (or just use your imagination to figure out how).


One thing I loved about GTA V was the removal of the "come back here between yada and yada" notice when you tried triggering a mission and it wasn't the right "time" for that to take place. The time lapse effect was warmly appreciated, getting rid of any confusion if the time of day was suddenly shifted hours ahead. Although there are some times when the long time-span makes no sense as characters seem to stay in one place for that long as opposed to doing something else, which will be addressed in Tool, and the entire concept of the time-skipping will be played with to an even bigger extent in Tool.


About Me

My name is Jesse. I'm an age 20 male from the United States of America, and the sole creator of Tool. I am currently not enrolled into any higher education program, although I was for the 2012-2013 fall/spring semesters, and let me just say that it felt like a huge waste of time. I plan on attending a university as soon as possible, and will pursue a major in computer animation (as well as a film studies minor).

Update: I am now enrolled in a university (the same one of last year), and I plan on transferring to a better university in the near future.

Update: Due to my uninspiring grades, I am no longer attending that university.

If I don't edit this page in a month then it means that I'm dead and anyone with the resources to make this game a reality can have first dibs on it. And by "a month" I mean "a month since my most recent edit".

Actually, if anyone has the resources to make this thing a reality then please do something and show me your progress.

Tool Development

The idea for Tool came about in the winter (January) of 2011, stemming from an idea about making a game similar to Banjo-Kazooie: Nuts and Bolts, only having it set in a post-apocalyptic setting, and having the vehicle-building be very realistic and organic, as opposed to the gridlocked vehicle-building of BK.

The original idea for the game focused on a young man named Gavin Miller, who would go to a large post-apocalyptic-yet-civilized city far from home and compete in the glamourous races held there. The game was essentially a vehicle-building sim and racer. The idea was soon modified to include an open-world element to gameplay, which took inspiration from Red Dead Redemption's "open world wasteland on horseback" gameplay, and motorcycles were introduced as the player's main mode of transportation, as a contrast to the horses of RDR. Another motivator for this addition was the fact that despite the plethora of post-apocalyptic games, I had never seen one that let the player ride a motorcycle in an open-world setting. Gavin's surname was changed to Wright, and Miller was retconned as his mother's maiden name.

The setting of South Dakota was chosen solely on the idea of having an open-world game that let you visit and drive around Mt. Rushmore. I had no prior knowledge of South Dakota, and did not even know what state Mt. Rushmore was in. Over years of research, I eventually realized that South Dakota (or at least a world based on the state) was a perfect location for this type of game. Originally intended to be a scaled-down rendition of South Dakota, the game world was modified to be based mostly on South Dakota, in order to wipe out any sense of boredom that may come from playing in a game world that tried to accurately mimic the real world (yes I'm looking at you, LA Noire). The game world would see areas based on central South Dakota, the Badlands and the Black Hills, as well as areas taking inspiration from California, the Middle-East, and Australia.

Having never played a Grand Theft Auto game at the time of conception (my first exposure was of GTA IV in August, 2011), the style and tone of Tool was very different from its modern iteration, most of the details having been forgotten. Around December 2011, the style and tone of Tool was changed to match that of a Rockstar game, complete with guns, killing and drama, and my vision of Tool was also modified to include the Euphoria physics engine present in RDR and GTAIV-V. Grand Theft Auto's tradition of using alternate names for the cities and states the games are set in also saw its way to being used in Tool, one example being the state of South Dakota was renamed as South Yankton, in order to give reason as to why it is not a scaled rendition mentioned earlier.

The idea of having Tool be a biker gang drama/epic didn't come around until the summer of 2012, when a sudden spike of interest in the biker genre flowed into me. In order to keep a sense of diversity in the locations, characters, and the story, I had kept the original idea of having Gavin be a "country-boy moving to the big city" type of character, as well as the large city where the races were held. Gavin's character development would then see him changing from a naive and non-violent young man from a small town in the east coast, to the bloody-clothed biker gang member of the wasteland.

The city of New Gaspard (as well as Gaspard) was originally named New Pierre, as an offshoot of the desolate ruins of Pierre, South Dakota. The name was chosen in order to stick with the city's French origin. Originally the city was a brown and rust-pipe-infested crapsack city, however was changed to match the cyberpunk look of the cities seen in films such as Blade Runner and The 5th Element, in order to break away from generic post-apocalyptica, as well as to make it seem as if racing in the city truly was glamourous and elite. Poorer sections of the city took cultural inspiration from hood gangs of the 80s and 90s, as well as 50s and 60s mafia stories. Visual inspiration for the poor sections stood true to the crowded streets of the cyberpunk cities.

I am a man with a diverse taste in music, and every song chosen for the game's soundtrack was/is chosen by me, personally. In the early years of development, I had absolutely no musical knowledge past what is commonly known (songs everyone knows and pretends to like/listen to), and originally the track list had some pretty shit and generic songs all bundled into one station. Eventually I became more musically aware, and heavily modified the tracks and the format of the stations. The only two songs that were never removed and have been here since the beginning are "Dr. Feelgood" by Motley Crue and "Born to Be Wild" by Steppenwolf (naturally). Regarding the song "Highway to Hell", I'm still not very sure if putting that song would be in the best interest of the game.

In regards to the voice acting, I want to get unknown voice talents, yet ones that have very unique voices and can really give life to the characters I have crafted. If I could only get one well-known actor to voice a character, it would be Jason Lee, to provide the voice of Jake Tipton. It's a role that was made with him in mind from the beginning. If I could get one more famous voice, it would be Woody Harrelson to voice Charlie Borland. Not only would he provide the voice, but the motion capture and likeness for Charlie. I mean I shit you not, if this were a live-action film, Woody Harrelson would play this character. Another voice I have in consideration would be Bobby Ellsworth (lead singer of Overkill) to provide the voice of Kevin.


  • An overlaying theme of Tool is American patriotism. There are thousands that legitimately believe that the United States of America is this great (even the greatest) country in the world, and this notion has persisted into the time frame of the Tool narrative, being prevalent in the general consciousness. Yet in reality America is just as flawed as it is interesting and great, and Tool shows us how this way of thinking will affect the country if this sort of post-apocalyptic scenario were to come into existence.
  • The theme of the biker being a modern cowboy. Motorcycles replaced horses in the 20th century, with there being no difference in the people that rode them, or the landscapes that were ridden on.
  • How a lone man can, through narrative, eventually lead a history-changing event.
  • How real life is not black and white (morally), and how things make sense when seen from someone else's point of view.
  • How one must sacrifice their insecurities and mature in order to help another do the same. In this case, Gavin must conquer his timidness and inferiority in order to provide Izzy Tipton with a good role model he can look up to. Izzy's presence and his discontent with life is a great factor in Gavin's evolving personality throughout the story. Gavin sees parts of himself in Izzy, which makes Gavin sympathize with the kid and gives him a reason to change.

Other Projects

If you enjoy Tool, here are some other projects I'm also developing.

  • Retreat - Retreat is my other child, my firstborn. Conceived in 2010, Retreat was my first ever idea that I truly wanted to develop further and make into a reality. All the info of Retreat (well, most of it, really) can be read at https://retreatrome.jottit.com/

  • Star of Africa (working title) - Another game that has a GTA state-of-mind. Set in a fictional South African city (based on Durban, Johannesburg and Cape Town) and its surrounding jungles, savannahs, deserts and mountains, in the year 1967, this game follows the story of a South African black male that travels back to his home country from Washington D.C. in the wake of the success of the Civil Rights movement, and attempts to aid in the fight against South African apartheid. He develops earth-manipulating powers and shit and becomes a SUPERHERO, and uses his new-found abilities to do whatever he wants and fuck shit up... er, I mean... save the day from assholes. I have a great interest in the alternative-superhero genre (superhero stories that don't follow comic-cliches and/or don't wear costumes, you know, something generally atypical of your average superhero tale or a somewhat analysis of the concept of superpowers; basically a superpower work of fiction that isn't adapted from a comic), and this is my first project in the genre. I imagine the game to use high-voxel based mechanics to manipulate the ground/earth and make it seem very realistic.

  • Coat of Arms - A multiplayer war game featuring animals shooting each other with guns and other weapons, styled after World War II western Europe. With 2 sides and 15 character classes to choose from, this game is essentially a spiritual successor to Conker: Live and Reloaded.

  • Sunny Days - A drug game that takes place in a mental institute. After experiencing the effects of a mysterious drug, 37-year-old Shelly Westfall-Bentley is committed to Sunny Days Psychiatric Institute in an unnamed Pennsylvania city by her eldest 19-year-old son and her younger sister. Shelly's head is shaved before being thrust into the white walls of the ward, where she constantly experiences lingering after-effects, which make her prone to hallucinations and vivid daydream scenarios, making her an anomaly among the hospital doctors. The hospital staff subject her to inhumane tests and sedative pills that also neutralize the hallucinations. After discovering the dark secret of the hospital, Shelly plans on escaping from the institute, however the hallucinations become both a blessing and a curse as they blur the lines between imagination and reality, making the escape more challenging as she must find and ration the neutralizing pills. Go watch the film One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest to get a feel of what this game involves. This is a third-person over-the-shoulder game with stylized visuals and stylized exaggerated humans. Butterflies are a visual motif of this game, their presence indicating the prevalence of any hallucination. The entire concept of this game came to me when I first heard this song.

  • Bugology (working title) - A race of minuscule aliens sends a team of anthropologists to planet Earth in the distant future where humans have long gone and bugs have become the dominant presence (and have evolved to humanoid-similarity and most have become intelligent). Players control one member of the anthro team, a skilled cultural anthropologist (though the least-skilled among the group), who's initial mission is to research the different insect and bug species, however tensions between the different bug "tribes" as well as among the team members eventually turns the entire operation around as war begins to brew in the backyard of an abandoned household. On his quest, the player-character comes across the ability to transform into a bug, complete with that specific bug's abilities, eventually gaining the ability to morph into other bugs and changing into any bug at will. This is a very old idea of mine that came into fruition from my love of bugs and my fascination with scale (like how we see these small distances as not very epic, yet to a bug's mind... 20 feet is a very long distance that could house several dangers and adventures, so this game will really play around with this theme). This is a first-person RPG.

  • Beyond the Forest - In a fictional world, a travelling man finds himself in a strange country, a country in the very heart of a continent, landlocked and overlooked by the masses. However this country, being in the geographical center, has attracted citizens of the surrounding countries and is little more than a trading hub for the distinct peoples. The tall, green-skinned bio-luminescent Steiners; The furred and canine-looking Lupols; The winged and sound-sensitive Pires; The amphibious swamp-dwelling Berics; And the human-looking Magyen. The forested region seems rather quaint, and our hero Krisztian Gellert finds himself involved in an ongoing struggle affecting the entire country, as a secretive cult of 11 Magyen have gained supernatural abilities, and have come under command of an army of feral Pires (among other strange creatures) that have been reported to suck blood from victims, and these 11 Magyen have purportedly gained the ability to turn into winged monsters, terrorizing many. Krisztian becomes a trained demon-hunter and must use every trick in the book to ward off and kill every oddity that plagues the country's inhabitants, coming across dozens of troubled souls and interesting scenarios and hidden secrets, eventually coming face to face with each of the 11 super-beings.
    This game is inspired by and is a part homage/part send-up of classic monster movies, with each of the races representing one of the "big 4" classic monsters (Frankenstein's monster, Wolfman, Dracula, and the Gill-Man). The setting is mostly inspired by Eastern-European culture, and the Magyen are based mostly on Hungarian and Romanian peoples, with the setting being based on the respective region of Europe (colloquially known as "Transylvania"). Players will basically be playing as a Van Helsing-inspired vampire/demon hunter, having to deal with all sorts of monster-movie scenarios and enemies, and using every cliche from stakes and crossbows to holy water and crucifixes. The 11 demon-commanders have the ability to transform into gigantic bats, which resemble and could be mistaken for Wyvern dragons. Expect a crap-load of Buffy references. This is a non-linear first-person RPG. This idea has been in my head since fall 2011. Expect Cthulhu to show up in the quest involving the lake cavern.

Tool 2

Taking place a month after Tool, this sequel is set in the central Kabinxa (Texas) area. The game world extends from the city of San Fernando (San Antonio) in the southwest to Phelps (Austin) in the northeast, with shitloads of locales in between. After the war, large dome networks were constructed around the majority of the cities (similar to the one around New Gaspard), which allowed people to continue living in both cities, and technical and cyberpunky advancements were made within the cities over the years (which means that the lower areas of the cities will be based on the modern buildings of the cities). The game protagonist lives in the small town of San Leon (San Marcos, Texas), situated halfway between both cities. The story unfolds as an alleged attack on San Fernando by Phelps destroys the dome protecting the city, causing the city to succumb to the outside atmosphere and sending the city into turmoil. San Fernando begins blaming Phelps for the attack and begins retaliating, sending troops towards the city. War broke out in 2086, with the small San Leon caught in the middle. Set 6 years after the break out, our protagonist ends up moving to the ever-increasing crowded city of Phelps to escape the shit going on outside, but obviously even more shit happens within the walls. I've toyed with this idea since probably a month after conceiving Tool.

General Area Covered

This game is more Akira inspired, with an emphasis on futuristic bike-riding than the biker gang-influenced style of the first game. While visiting the city of San Antonio, I fell in love with the River Walk canal system of the downtown area and always imagined what would happen if it were frozen over, thus creating the plot point of the dome being destroyed.