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Removed Images

Hi, could you please discuss before you start removing images from this wiki. You wouldn't like it if we went over and deleting stuff from WikiGTA just because we thought we had a legitimate claim to it. User:Lantyz from WikiGTA managed to talk to us without having to go round deleting things, so I must ask that you do the same. We will seek permission for any copyrighted images if directly requested. However, referring to our Copyrights policy: "some content, such as logos, screenshots, names or short text extracts (eg quotes) may be placed if used fairly" and from a discussion: "We believe it is fair to use screenshots of games to represent those games and the characters, vehicles and locations in those games" "Even if we did remove them, all we would do is go into the game and take the same screenshots... that is a pointless exercise." - Xenon (?) 16:49, 8 May 2007 (BST)

I am inclined to agree with Xenon on this point. I believe diplomacy is the best way or option to at least produce a meaningful results... which is exactly what discussion is for. I am a firm believer in compromise and diplomacy as a solution to any disputes unless those two options are throughly exhausted here. This is not the case where either options has been exhausted. As my boss ;) stated above, User: Lantyz already had talked to us (although I was not here until slightly after that event.. so I was not the party to the discussion that went on) without deleting first. That is the finest example of diplomacy. Deleting them without discussion is akin to "Shoot first, ask later" thing without having a reasonable and probable cause to do so which is not a good thing, frankly.
To prevent such future confusion, I recommend that all images have their page linking to the discussion in question, which is the discussion between User:Lantyz and us.
On final, but somewhat unrelated, note, I apologize for my government/legal talk. Under no circumstance am I a legal representative for Grand Theft Wiki (Corporation? Kidding, of course, but we can always dreams. :P). ;) --Legion 17:17, 8 May 2007 (BST)
Thanks for the support. Grand Theft Wiki is not a democracy, but diplomacy is the key to making things run smoothly. If there is a problem, let us know and we can do something about it. If anybody just goes round "shooting", they will find themselves banned very quickly. We also don't need to have ALL images leading to that discussion, although certainly if there are any specific images that WikiGTA want removed we can discuss those and link the images to that discussion (I'll make a copyright-disputed template). That is the Copyright holder, as in WikiGTA itself or whoever uploaded the images - not just a random vigilante member from WikiGTA. Following on the point of legal representation, although I have full and final say in anything that happens here, I run this community through discussion and the aforementioned diplomacy. We discuss things and come to an agreement (although I can of course veto anything), and this discussion is how we expect other members to conduct themselves. Xenon (?) 18:06, 8 May 2007 (BST)