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Vincent parked in San Andreas

The Vincent is a 4-door car available in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas and Grand Theft Auto IV. In San Andreas, it is usually found in San Fierro, mostly around the business centers. In GTA IV, the Vincent fetches at $2,000 if sold to Stevie, upon completion of his 30 vehicle theft requests.


The Vincent resembles a BMW E34 5-Series in San Andreas, even though the 5-Series is much curvier and narrower than the Vincent, which is unbelievably boxy.

In GTA IV, it more closely resembles a 1999-2003 Mitsubishi Galant, with the LX2007 model possibly being based on the VR-4 Galant since the Vincent is four-wheel drive. It is manufactured by Maibatsu.

GTA IV features two versions of the Vincent. The LX2007 version occurs frequently and sometimes more often than the normal version. The LX2007 has a hood scoop, a small spoiler and side skirts. There is no performance difference between the two.


Acceleration and speed are competent, but unimpressive. The throaty engine sounds like a V6 and delivers sufficient torque, but this is unfortunately wasted on the front-wheel drivetrain. Handling is mushy, and the car suffers from understeer, but the brakes are quite good. The overall performance of the car is inferior to that of the Sentinel, which is also based off of another BMW model. However, the Vincent is relatively well-constructed, enabling it to withstand a fair amount of damage.