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(The real name of the band is Kino)
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* [[wp:Ruslana|Ruslana]] - "[[wp:Wild Dances (song)|Wild Dances]]" (Ukranian FM Version)  
* [[wp:Ruslana|Ruslana]] - "[[wp:Wild Dances (song)|Wild Dances]]" (Ukranian FM Version)  
* [[wp:Kino (band)|Gruppa Kino]] - "Gruppa Krovi"  
* [[wp:Kino (band)|Kino]] - "Gruppa Krovi"  
* Marakesh - "Jdat"  
* Marakesh - "Jdat"  
* Zvery - "Kvartira"  
* Zvery - "Kvartira"  

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Vladivostok FM is a radio station featured in Grand Theft Auto IV. It is named after the Russian city Vladivostok. The station can be heard playing inside Perestroika and Comrades Bar in Hove Beach. In Grand Theft Auto: Episodes From Liberty City, the new playlist can be heard inside the Bahama Mamas Club. In The Ballad of Gay Tony, the stations shifted from playing a variety of Eastern European music to dance music (mostly European).

DJ: Ruslana Lyzhychko | DJ Paul (The Ballad of Gay Tony)

Genre: Eastern European | Electronic dance (The Ballad of Gay Tony)


  • Ruslana - "Wild Dances" (Ukranian FM Version)
  • Kino - "Gruppa Krovi"
  • Marakesh - "Jdat"
  • Zvery - "Kvartira"
  • Seryoga - "King Ring"
  • Seryoga - "Liberty City: The Invasion"
  • Splin - "Liniya Zhizni"
  • Basta - "Mama"
  • Leningrad - "Nikogo ne Zhalko"
  • Ranetki - "O Tebe"
  • Dolphin - "RAP"
  • Glukoza - "Schweine"
  • Oleg Kvasha - "Zelenoglazoe Taksi" (Club remix)

Exclusive to The Ballad of Gay Tony