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A wardrobe is an accessible room in a safehouse in both GTA San Andreas and GTA IV that allows the player to change the protagonist's clothes.

GTA San Andreas

In GTA San Andreas, wardrobes are contained only within safehouses, and appear as a separate room with a yellow entrance icon (the same showing up on the exterior doors of accessible buildings). Upon entering the room, the player must walk into the red destination icon, which causes Carl Johnson to enter a walk-in closet. Once inside, clothing options will become available, including adding and removing items. The only clothing options available are the clothes Carl is wearing at the beginning of the game, any items the player purchases from clothing retailers, and special outfits the player unlocks as the story progresses. Changing clothes allows the player to evade a 1- or 2-star wanted level. Clothes can be changed back immediately afterward without reinstating the wanted level.


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