Watersports is a side-mission in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories unlocked after the mission "Say Cheese".


This side mission is triggered by entering the Jetski located behind the film studio on Prawn Island. The player must complete 8 course and each course must be completed under a certain time. Upon completion of each course, the next course is unlocked. The player is rewarded with $2500 and the Wetsuit outfit is unlocked after all the courses are passed.


Course Laps Time to beat
Course 1 3 2:45
Course 2 3 3:30
Course 3 3 3:20
Course 4 3 2:45
Course 5 3 3:45
Course 6 3 6:30
Course 7 3 5:00
Course 8 3 6:30


The name of the side mission is a sexual reference. "Watersports" is an alternate terminology for urolagnia, a sexual fetish for urination.