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[[File:WeaponsWheel-GTAV-Gameplaytrailer.jpg|thumb|The weapons selection wheel in GTA V.]]
The '''Weapons Wheel''' is a feature in [[Grand Theft Auto V]] and [[Grand Theft Auto Online]].
In previous GTA games, the player had to scroll through each weapons category to select a weapon, although [[Grand Theft Auto IV]] introduced a quick-select feature for certain weapons. Unlike previous games, the player can hold more than one weapon for each weapons category. Except for thrown weapons and heavy weapons, weapons in each category share the same pool of ammunition. To bring up the weapon selection wheel, hold {{key|LB}}/{{key|L1}} and use the right analog stick to select a weapons class. Left and right on the d-pad scrolls through available weapons within that class. When selecting a weapon, information on which attachments are equipped are displayed within the wheel itself, while its attributes (damage, rate of fire, accuracy and range) are given in the upper right corner of the screen. The player can quickly draw or holster the last weapon used by tapping {{key|LB}}/{{key|L1}}.
== Wheel configuration ==
Each direction on the Weapons Wheel represents a weapons class.
* North: Pistols
* Northeast: Machine Guns (includes both Submachine Guns and Light Machine Guns)
* East: Assault Rifles
* Southeast: Sniper Rifles
* South: Melee Weapons
* Southwest: Shotguns
* West: Heavy Weapons
* Northwest: Thrown Weapons
== See also ==
* [[Weapons in GTA V]]
[[Category:Features in GTA V]]

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