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** [[Pump Action Shotgun]]
** [[Pump Action Shotgun]]
** Stubby Shotgun
** Stubby Shotgun
** SPAS 12
** [[SPAS 12]]
* '''Slot 5: Submachine guns'''
* '''Slot 5: Submachine guns'''
** [[MAC-10]]
** [[MAC-10]]

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The new 9mm handgun model resembling a Glock 17
File:Minigun big.jpg
LC Stories new smaller minigun, this time with 3 barrels

In Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories there are many type of weapons the player can obtain while playing the game. Most the weapons in the game have been taken from Vice City; however there is some new weapons to choose from. Unlike Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas you cannot duel-weild weapons at the same time, however there has been an increase of weapons for that matter. Some new guns that appear in the game are: the hockey stick, a chisel, a Glock 17, and the classic fire axe. Some weapons have been slightly remodeled from the Vice City arsenal such as the Chrome Shotgun now has a longer under-tube, the AK-47 being totally remodeled, and on a higher scale the MP5 has now changed to a MP5K. A great returning weapon is the SPAS 12, and as in Vice City, can fire in fully automatic mode, with a noticeable slower rate of fire. It is also the hardest weapon to find on the game. The sounds from the weapons have not been changed and are all from Vice City. On this game a lot of the guns are harder to get then just a stop at a local Ammu-Nation shop because most of them are not stocked there. A new addidtion to Liberty City Stories is a new Phil's Place store where the player can purchase heavy weaponry, with the same convenience as an Ammu-Nation store.

  • Slot 1: Hand
  • Slot 2: Melee
    • Baseball Bat
    • Police Baton (PR-24)
    • Chisel
    • Knife
    • Hockey Stick
    • Fire Axe
    • Katana
    • Chainsaw
  • Slot 3: Pistols
  • Slot 4: Shotguns
  • Slot 5: Submachine guns
  • Slot 6: Assault Rifles
  • Slot 7: Heavy Weaponry
    • M-60 LMG
    • Flamethrower
    • Minigun
    • RPG-7
  • Slot 7: Sniper Rifles
    • Bolt Action Sniper
    • PSG-1
  • Slot 8: Explosives
    • Grenades
    • Molotov Cocktail
    • Grenades (Remotly Detonated)
  • Slot 10: Camera
    • Camera (mission use only)