Weapons in GTA V

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Weapons have always been known throughout the series and it is most likely that weapons are used in GTA V due to the trailer revealing several, here are some weapons that are seen throughout the first trailer.

Weapons in GTA V


Fists have always been in GTA, so its possible GTA V will be no different. Fists are the unarmed resort to fighting, which can be very helpful in early missions. It is unknown what type of fighting capabilities you will have, but it is likely that the fighting capabilities from GTA IV could return.

Golf Club

A man holding a golf club in a game of golf.

A golf club is first seen at the 0:17 second mark in the first GTA V trailer. It is possible it will come back as a weapon since GTA San Andreas, which is also in Los Santos, have had golf clubs as weapons before.


An armed man holding a variant of an AK-47.

What appears to be a variant of an AK-47 appears in the trailer at 0:48, it has several accessories on it. Which could indicate that more weapon customization will be introduced in the next installment of GTA.