Westdyke Autos

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Westdyke Autos is a motorbike dealership located on Lemhi St & Sacramento Ave. in Westdyke, Alderney. Inside, there are numerous NRG 900 variants; the RR and the F. The player can enter the building during the day and steal a motorbike. It is also popularly called the bike shop. Although the dealership is closed at night, the player can still enter it by breaking the windows. Stealing any of the bikes will earn the player a 1-star wanted level. It is one of the four dealerships in GTA IV, the others being Grotti in Algonquin, Liberty City, along with Auto Eroticar and Big Paulie's Used Cars in Alderney. If you drive a vehicle into the shop, you will make all of the bikes inside disappear.

The two NRG 900 variants spawn here, the RR and the F. Often pedestrians will be seen floating in mid air here, as if they were siting in a chair.Sadly online there are no Bikes here.