The Womb is a brand of minivan manufactured by the Maibatsu Corporation, featured prominently on radio stations in Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories.


While minivans are stereotypically associated with "soccer moms", the Womb is supposedly designed to cater to the sensibilities of a married man, although the nature of the Womb suggests it offers the same comforts in a mother's womb, which the minivan bases its name on. The Womb is advertised as having a cooler for beers, plush recliner seats, a television on the dashboard and a 800-watt sound system (so as to be able to watch sporting events while driving, or, for one spokesperson, masturbate and watch pornography while driving), and an airhorn with a pull chain.

Typical to Maibatsu vehicles prior to Grand Theft Auto IV, the Womb is only featured in advertising, mainly on radio stations, and is not seen on the road.

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