Wrong is Right

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Wrong is Right

United Liberty Paper talking to Niko Bellic.
For United Liberty Paper
Target Oleg Minkov
Location Easton, Hove Beach, East Hook & Fishmarket South

Reward $6750
Unlocks Portrait of a Killer
Unlocked by The Snow Storm & Photo Shoot

Wrong is Right is a mission in Grand Theft Auto IV.

Initial cutscene

Niko meets his former lover, Michelle, outside an office building. She reveals that her name is actually Karen and she works for the government. Karen introduces Niko to her boss, a government agent addressed as "United Liberty Paper". He has a job for Niko: gather information on a man named Oleg Minkov.


Take a taxi or drive to Minkov's apartment in Hove Beach, Broker. Walk into the yellow marker at Oleg's door. Niko breaks into Oleg's house. Log on and read his e-mail. Open the top message from a guy named Vasily. Read about their meeting in the jewelery shop in Hove.

As per United Liberty Paper's orders, find a relatively fast car and go around the block to the shop. Vasily and Minkov spot Niko's car (they are speaking Russian). Vasily flees the car and leaves Oleg to give Niko the slip. Don't let him do so - chase Oleg's car and when the two cars are close together, open fire on Oleg's car.

If Minkov survives across the highway to Algonquin, continue the chase across Algonquin and try hard to blow him or his car up. At first, he tries to lose you in various side roads near the Broker Bridge. Try your best to avoid these and stick to the main streets. Eventually, he will crash in western Middle Park, which will knock him out. If you can, pin his car against the wall and take him out with a hand grenade. Niko calls United Liberty Paper to inform them that Minkov is dead.

If you don't have patience, try hard to tailgate Oleg so there's a good chance of gunfire to hit his car. Once the car is on fire, he will dive out of the side door of the car and attempt to escape on foot. He can't run with his injuries so just drive him over or get out and shoot him.


  • When Oleg Minkov speaks to Vasily in Russian, he does not complete his sentence saying that Niko is after him and that he has to go. However, in the subtitles, the sentence is shown as completed.
  • If you just destroy Oleg's car, he will eject of the car and survives, but the mission will be complete.
  • It's difficult to kill Oleg himself while he is in the car, so it's a better idea to shoot at his car, particularly the engine.
  • Oleg is knocked out in Middle Park West, however he still talks to Niko in Russian that he will quit the crime business.
  • In Oleg's apartment if you look above his fireplace there is a portrait of Mr. McReary and Maureen McReary identical to the one in the McReary house.
  • On the computer it will say, "Welcome Oleg, to Eyefind.info" instead of the normal "Welcome Niko" it is because it is Oleg's computer.
  • You will find Niko's profile when you're searching for a love on the male section on Oleg's computer.

oleg has laptop instead of a computer.