Zebra Cab

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File:Zebra Cab (GTAVC) (front).jpg
The Zebra Cab in GTA Vice City.

The Zebra Cab is a special taxi featured in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City.


Like the Kaufman Cab, the Zebra Cab is essentially a Cabbie with a modified paintwork: As a yellow-and-black scheme created to the likeness of a zebra skin, and darken metal trims and bumpers. As a bonus car, the Zebra Cab, predictably, has superior performance, with slightly improved top speed, acceleration and handling to the standard Cabbie and Kaufman Cab. The Zebra Cab also emits the sound of a high performance engine similar to the Kaufman Cab, but the taxi's main feature is that the passengers will never complain how long a trip takes.

The Zebra Cab first appears in the final Kaufman Cab mission, "Cabmaggedon", where it is driven by the owner of Vice City Cabs, is used by him as moving weapon against the player, and is intended to be destroyed. The Zebra Cab is then available to the player to be driven, spawning within the Kaufman Cab depot.

See also

  • Borgnine, a similar bonus taxi in GTA III.