San Andreas in GTA V

For the 3D Universe counterpart, see San Andreas in GTA III Era. For the title in that universe, see Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas.
Southern San Andreas
Appearance(s): Grand Theft Auto V
Grand Theft Auto Online
Name: Southern San Andreas

The State of San Andreas is a fictional West Coast state in the United States. The state is based on California and Nevada. Only the southern half of the state is present in the events of Grand Theft Auto V.



The only area of San Andreas that is playable in GTA V is Los Santos and Blaine County. However, this area is obviously not representative of all the state. Though the map in GTA V is an island, the map is simply designed that way in order to keep the feeling of freedom for the player. In theory, Los Santos and Blaine County may very well be connected with other fictional areas of the state, but simply do not appear.

The small portion of San Andreas in GTA V features a number of mountain ranges, farms, deserts, woodlands, lakes, parks, towns, and a major city (Los Santos). The capital of San Andreas is unknown, but it may be based on Sacramento.

List of Cities, Towns, and Counties

Southern San Andreas

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  • The state flag of San Andreas is identical to that of California, with the exception of a beaver replacing a bear and the flag being colored blue rather than red.
  • It is possible that Las Venturas and San Fierro will be the main featured areas in Northern San Andreas.

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