Amethyst Street

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Amethyst Street
Amethyst Street is a 4 block street in Downtown Algonquin, it is Algonquin's most southerly street. It is a one way street with strictly west - east traffic flow.

The street is positioned entirely within the The Exchange district starting from Denver Avenue and travelling east. It intersects with Columbus Avenue, Amsterdam Lane, Bismarck Avenue and terminates at Albany Avenue.

Services on this street include one of the two Perseus high-end clothier stores, between Amsterdam and Bismarck. The main entrance to the Goldberg, Ligner and Shyster offices visited in the mission Final Interview are also located along Amethyst Street, at the intersection with Bismarck.

The street is positioned in the heart of Algonquin's financial hub, as a result the local area around Amethyst street houses large corporation buildings and is frequented by business people.