Armando Torres

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Armando Torres
[[Image::File:Bogt Armando.jpg| ]]
Appearances [[Appearance::The Lost and Damned]]
Full Name Armando Torres
Gender Gender::Male
Place of Birth Northwood, Algonquin
Nationality [[Hispanic|Hispanic]][[Nationality::Hispanic| ]]
Home Northwood
Main Affiliations Luis Fernando Lopez, Henrique Bardas

Armando Torres is a character in the GTA IV era, appearing in Grand Theft Auto IV: The Ballad of Gay Tony.

Armando and his constant companion Henrique Bardas, are two of Luis' oldest friends, the trio are said to have grown up together, gone to school together, and got in a lot of trouble together. While Luis has left Northwood for the success he found working with Anthony "Gay Tony" Prince, Armando and Henrique remained in the barrio where they are still often found hustling on the streets if Northwood. With Luis not around as often, the trio has become a duo in which Armando fills the role of brains to Henrique's muscle. Although Armando can be seen to be slightly resentful of Luis' decision to focus more on his newly found success downtown, he is still very loyal to his old friend, providing him with access to a weapons van as well as backup on certain missions.