Cop Land

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Cop Land

Tommy entering the cafe dressed as a cop
Game GTA Vice City
For Tommy Vercetti
Target Tarbrush Café in North Point Mall
Location North Point Mall
Reward $10,000 and the Vercetti Estate generates up to $5,000 a day
Unlocked by Bar Brawl

Cop Land is a mission in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City which the protagonist Tommy Vercetti does independently in the Vercetti Estate in Starfish Island, Vice City. It is unlocked by the mission Bar Brawl.


Mike screwed up the wiring to blow up Tarbrush Cafe and the police are now all over the place. Lance yells at him for this and sees no way of fixing this problem. Lance wants to bail out but Tommy doesn't like this idea. He thinks about pretending to be a cop to get pass the heavy police presence to detonate the bomb themselves. Over at Vice Point, Tommy and Lance lure two cops into a garage and beat them up to grab their uniforms. They dresses up in them and heads to the Tarbrush Cafe in North Point Mall. Tommy detonates the bomb and the place blows up. This explosion causes Tommy to be wanted by the FBI but Tommy manages to evade them and heads back to his mansion with Lance.


Lance: You moron! What were you thinking?! Do you realize what this means?! We could all be sunk!

Mike: The timer must have got screwed. That place was wired to go up like a firework factory. Then somebody tipped off the cops...

Tommy: What's the problem, fellas?

Lance: Mike was supposed to torch some place in the mall, but he screwed the fuses and now the cops are crawling all over it. We gotta get our stuff and get out of here!

Tommy: Relax, both of you, let me think for a second! Tommy Vercetti just doesn't cut and run. The cops are gonna be going over that building with a fine toothed comb, right? But that takes time. We gotta go in and torch that place ourselves.

Mike: Yeah, but...

Lance: No one but a cop could get within a mile of that place!

Tommy: So we go as cops. We gotta get uniforms - and we're gonna need a squad car. All thanks to you Mike.

Mike: I'm sorry.

Lance: I got it. What we got to do is lure the cops in with the finger, put them in a lock-up and jump 'em.

Tommy: Good plan. Let's go!

Mike: Alright.


The rewards for completing this mission is $10,000 and Tarbrush Café is permanently destroyed. The protection missions are completed and the Vercetti Estate generates up to $5,000 a day.

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